New York City: Tour of the Hudson River Park

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hi everybody welcome to another exploring New York City with Karolina risotto that’s me right here today we’re gonna be exploring a different part of Manhattan basically everybody talks about Central Park right you’ve probably seen in a bunch of movies and you know everywhere in the world but what people don’t really know about is Hudson River Park Hudson River Park is from 59 she to Battery Park which is the southern area of Manhattan and it has some beautiful areas for you to hang out and it’s right next to Hudson River there are great sports activities it’s a great area to go for a run or you know just a romantic walk and it’s also great for boat excursions there are so many awesome areas for you to ride boats here they have like boats they go around the island they go under bridges like the Brooklyn Bridge which is extremely famous so this is where we’re gonna be hanging out today it is very sunny so I’m probably gonna be wearing my sunglasses for most of this video but hey let’s get started this is an entry for a restaurant and back there way over there there’s one of them and over here to the side so you can actually have dinner there and you can make reservations I’m gonna find the name of the restaurant and put the link down below right here on the description right now we’re going downtown so we’re going south to the direction of Battery Park check this out this huge take a splint oh you can actually go in here if I’m going in you’re going in with me there’s a homeless person in there over there you can see across the Hudson River is New Jersey New Jersey Carol Sophie I must did I pull it off that’s not good another cool thing about this part is that you can actually go skating there’s a skate park right here behind me you see oh look at the guy is he doing well I don’t know how to skate but let’s get in and I’m gonna show you a little bit money money money it is funny in a rich man’s world Chelsea Piers is an area with a lot of boots so you can actually go in on bird excursions there’s one that’s really popular the spirit of New York I’ve been to it three times through my University so a lot of the schools when it’s like beginning of the semester end of the semester do you do like this boat cruise around Manhattan that sometimes it goes like under the Brooklyn Bridge it goes right by the Statue of Liberty which is really exciting and get some really great pictures there’s actually dancing and dinner as well included on that boat ride that’s usually around three hours long this is an area also very popular between locals because it’s very relaxing and there’s a lot of sports gymnastics they have soccer volleyball golf and even ice skating so a lot of activities offered here I would show you more inside with their children prowling so I cannot build them at all otherwise you know I’ll get in trouble so I definitely recommend coming by Chelsea Piers even if it’s your first visit it’s a very interesting area and the boat excursion really worth the money you are very welcome we’re going around kind of like a construction area right now so I’m gonna tell you what there’s nearby until I left here there is the beginning of the Highland Park just a park that was built on a railroad area they noticed it would be so expensive to take it down they decided to make a public park out of it it’s all above Manhattan so it’s really nice it’s not you know higher than the skyscrapers the silk very very nice and over there is the One World Trade Center and that’s kind of like around where the park ends and then there’s like the Battery Park weird thing about New York is that you’re gonna find abandoned things all the time like here’s an abandoned bag a luggage in this case with clothing inside probably some food over there more clothing a college college notebook and these shoes so yeah don’t pick these things up it is pretty normal like finding a lot of furniture in New York if you follow me on snapchat you’re probably seen a lot of mattresses especially I always find mattresses but you know it’s normal and it’s kind of common for people to take like how is they find on the street I know that because I know someone who might be watching this video who has like a couch in their apartment they found on the street here’s an interesting thing about the Hudson River Park they actually tell you what street you’re at on the floor and I just realized this right now New Jersey again I scrape I think I’ll have myself some ice cream I love waffles this brand of waffles is amazing I definitely command you you don’t meet you oh sorry finally right here you got the tennis court we’re arriving very soon so to the khaki right out there by the tennis court rocky boy you can’t play tennis was doing for rands or your teammates or you’re an amazing hit them all their heads you can actually play tennis here for free I have to do is reserve the tennis court if you go to Hudson River Park calm you will get more information there are three tennis courts right here but there are more to the south around Tribeca area yes I can already see the kayaking from here oh is it closed there are also other places for you to go kayaking but this was just my favorite one because you get to see the One World Trade Center while you’re kayaking there are two other places I know of they can go kayaking around the Hudson River there’s one around 54th Street and there’s another one that’s around 68 70th Street but then that’s where you know above 59th Street it’s Riverside Park so it’s a different Park but it’s also right by the Hudson River which is you know where we’d be walking around right now just a fun fact right here they have two restaurants here one is that a rooftop so here you can actually get like happy hour drinks really nice environment I mean just look at this amazing view so usually people come here after work just to enjoy the view meet new people and have some nice drinks look at the other crucial waterfall I hope you enjoyed this video if you did give it a thumbs up right here also subscribe to my youtube channel the link is probably gonna be displayed right here or if you’re on youtube you can just click the button right down here I post a lot of videos about New York City also about studying abroad and mostly in Portuguese for my beautiful Brazilians on Wednesdays I post a new video here on my youtube channel so subscribe and check it out and send me any questions you might have any comments tell me down below what you thought of this part and what do you think this part through Central Park which one is better let me know down below that is it for today now I got a run for a workers I gotta be there in 30 minutes and I’ll see you guys next time bye you


  1. Hahahaha, seus vídeos são muito engraçados e interessantes, apesar da temática já bem conhecida no youtube que é nyc, você consegue trazer vídeos com uma visão diferente, bem humorada e realista do cotidiano dai. Continue assim 😉

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