NEW YORK ENGLISH VLOG 3| Skating in Central Park, Best Rooftop in NYC, Chinatown and SoHo

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so we made it to another skating rink and
today we are in Central Park and I’m so excited because this skating rink looks
just perfect and it costs $30 which is like in Bryant Park it’s rental and
again the entrance and as well we paid for the locker because I forgot mine and
here is a locker rental so you don’t have to buy it and you’ll get your money
back and we didn’t stay in a line for a long time it’s just five minutes and we
are inside and we are right to our new skating like time so I think it’s
going to be awesome I’m so happy I’m looking at the Plaza hotel and you
know it’s insane you cannot believe it it’s too good to be to the truth and I’m so happy and actually the skating rink is
really the best is better than Bryant Park 100% it costs the same it has
less people and it’s bigger and you know it’s the Central Park is all
around and you can see the Plaza Hotel in the buildings it’s amazing so I
recommend you better to go to The Central Park skating rink rather than
the Bryant Park or Rockefeller because it’s super small by the way it’s super awesome that’s
here you’re allowed to make pictures and videos wherever you want because in
Bryant Park you cannot do this and so even the staff they help you to make
photos pictures just ask them if you are with your friends or if you’re by yourself
don’t worry you’ll get amazing pictures from here and you know people are so nice
here it’s a lot of fun and I love it oh my god so we finished our skating and
now we’re walking in Central Park and this is really love I love Central Park
and I think I could walk here just forever and it feels like autumn right
now because there is no snow and a lot of you know green leaves and trees and
it’s warm and people are walking and you feel like it’s October or November and
only Christmas lights and Christmas tree remind you of the Christmas but I am
really so happy because the weather is now so fine it’s way much better than
the weather when I have arrived but be prepared for any weather because it
might be cold it might be warm today it was raining actually so you never
know by the way there’s a super cool place which is called Tavern on the Green in Central Park it’s super cute it’s
very cozy I’ve never been there but many friends recommended me this place and it
looks very nice we wanted to go there for the Christmas but we couldn’t
reserve any places because it was reserved or booked but I think it might
be a great option for lunch or something so check this place out definitely if one day I tell you that I find
something better than New York call the emergency I go crazy another cool thing to do in Central Park is of course riding a bicycle and there
are a lot of places for rental but I highly recommend you to go to those men
who are trying to sell you the rental bicycle and try to make the price lower
they will agree like pretend that you’re thinking that you’re not sure if you
want to take this bicycle for this price and most likely they will do discounts
for you like you will be able to rent three hours of bicycle for the price for
two hours or for one hour so don’t take the first price always ask for discount just don’t bother go to
the entrance of Central Park and look for the people with a green lists and
they will offer you a lot of bicycle rentals for good prices and yeah just
take a bicycle and go to Central Park it usually takes one hour to get a whole
circle around Central Park which is nice and which is a little bit hard there are
sometimes you know weak points where you have to climb up and then the perfect
moment when you go down it feels so good so just try it especially during the
summer or during an autumn so when it’s not cold take a bicycle and I’m actually
really want to take one because now it’s super warm and I saw a lot of people
taking it so why not right now I’m waiting for my another friend I have a
lot of friends in New York and we want to walk and we want to check out one
really nice place which is called Rolf it’s a Christmas restaurant you will see the crazy decorations inside it like all the Christmas walls
and lights I’m not sure if there are any free places in there without
reservation but we will go and try and I will take you guys with me of course and
show you one of the most popular Christmas cafes New York Good morning everyone today’s 2d of
January and it’s time for me to leave Downton and my friend’s apartment
and from today I’m going to live at couchsurfing I’m super excited because
I’ve never done that and this is my first time trying experiencing it if you
don’t know couchsurfing is a kind of website is a kind of community a culture
people in every country they offer you their home like they host you absolutely
for free in order to exchange experience culture to communicate so basically you
can find free accommodation in every city and find your couchsurfer for
basically two or three days because not many people are ready to offer you their
home for one week or more and it’s also the thing is that you cannot find it two
months in advance like it’s better if you search one week before
you want to stay because many people they are busy of course and they don’t
know their schedule so yeah in New York I found one and this couchsurfer has
really great reviews so I hope that everything will be fine
I’m right now about to go to Manhattan to meet the couchsurfer and to get the
keys because he’s working and then later in the evening I will go there because
it’s in Queens so I’m super excited again because I’ve never been to that
area and I will tell you more about this in my experience I think it would be
very very interesting to try this you live somewhere for free and to meet
local people and to communicate with them and to live with them so see
you later well it’s time for Soho and
Tribeca today at 2:00 p.m. I will have a free walking tour in Soho Little Italy and Chinatown I am super excited because I didn’t discover Soho that
much and right now I’m in Tribeca and you can see those pretty pretty houses
New York houses with stairs on the windows which is super cool I like it
yeah today’s very very warm the weather is great yay I’m so happy I was dreaming the whole year of coming back to New York
just to buy these amazing skincare pilling this is something unbelievable
and you can use this for one year yes it’s expensive but it’s like one amount
you pay for doing facial somewhere in beauty salon so it’s absolutely worth it and I love this place because they before to sell
you something they will do you some hand spa they will tell you about the
products you will try yourself and you will see that this cosmetics has
incredible effect especially for a face and it’s israelian you can also maybe
order it online checkout Ariana I really love it and they have now
discounts they gave me for free right the same peeling I am really so shocked because I didn’t expect that but this is really
cool and I have a few minutes left until the walking tour I want to go to
one nice place called matchfull I saw it in vlog of some Victoria
Secret’s model because I love matcha so I want to try it and then I will be ready
for my a walking tour and I’m really excited and I really really like the
area of Soho it’s so fashionable it’s so unique
everyone is so stylish here and you can see a lot of boutiques and vintage
stores so it’s amazing and a lot of restaurants and cafes and bakeries as
well I saw one bakery and it has a huge line to it today like the weekday on 12 – 1 p.m. still they have a line so quickly guys in the middle of the
tour I just want to say that Soho is a pure love I’ve never been to this area
I guess because I don’t remember these houses but it’s super nice and people
are here so stylish again as I have already said and I love the guide as
well so it’s very very interesting and I’m so happy I decided to attend the tour that’s just oh my god because today I’ve
seen the building where Heath Ledger died I’ve seen the building where the Demi Moore from the “Ghost” movie lived I’ve seen the apartment of Cher and Cindy Crawford in New York like Soho oh my god that’s super cold and now we are crossing
and going to Little Italy yay so we just finished our walking tour
and we’re right now in Chinatown it’s a Columbus Park and it’s so funny because
here Chinese people are playing some games some table games it’s so funny I
don’t know I really loved the tour we’ve seen so many interesting places like
apartments of celebrities apartments of movie heroes apart from that there were a lot of interesting history facts about those neighborhoods like Soho,
Chinatown, Little Italy and we walked in really nice and fancy streets in Soho
which I basically think that I forgot because I don’t remember that it was so
beautiful so guys I highly recommend you to take some tours if you don’t speak
English no of course you speak English I mean anyway just try to find a tour it’s
absolutely worth it because that way you will learn the history of the city you
will learn more about the city you will learn and you will experience from that
do that and right now I’m going to I think I want to take some matcha tea or
something because I will go to Rockefeller Center to meet my friend and
I will go through the Soho so maybe I will take some tea there and
then later on we will go to some taco place I’m super excited I’ve seen it
today this afternoon and it was so crowded and I think is going to
be delicious because I love Mexican food and if it’s delicious I will share with
you this place and you will definitely can go there this is super good

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