New York Film Academy Photography School in New York City

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Hi, my name is Mohmed Memon, I’m from
India. My name is Michala, I’m from the Czech Republic. My name is Ana Maria del Castillo. My name is Alfonso Valderrama. My name is Tatiana. My name is Dara Sepheri.
My name is Caroline. I’m from Honduras. And I came here to study photography. I went to
college for advertising and graphic design. And I thought it was time for me to get a
formal education in photography. As a career path, it’s very important to study it, to actually
know what you’re doing, how you’re doing it, and why you’re doing it. The New York Film
Academy was the only one that really provided intensive courses. And New York of course, New York
was the best. I thought it would be completely technical. I thought we’d stay in most of
the time and do mostly studio work. It’s totally the opposite. Since the beginning, like going
to galleries, studying other photographers. We went to many museums all over the city,
just photography exhibitions, art exhibitions, everything. All the classes in general, it
was very intensive. Classes like Shooting Lab, Photo I. We learned about equipment,
lenses, flashes. I learned a lot about light. It’s amazing what you can do with a photo,
how you can transform everything. And at the same time, a lot of different kind of softwares,
like Lightroom, Photoshop. The imaging classes were great. Everyone had something different
to teach me. One of the things that I really liked about the New York Film Academy is the
fact that you have people from all over the world. All of our classmates are from completely
different cultures, completely different countries. And getting to know them, it just opens your
mind to see what the world is really like. We had a lot of fun as a group. In all that
experience, everything come together. I definitely look at photography in a different way now.
Here I found I love more of the fine art part of my and exploring that side. I want to do
more fashion shooting. I really like photojournalism. I need to be myself. I need to show what I
know. I need to show what I want to say in my heart, in my photography. This experience
completely changed my life.


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