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How are you guys doing? Now we need to focus! Of course, full focus, fast headshots. Oh, my brother (Pascal). We are about to play! Jérôme: What are we about to do? We are about to play against ENCE. Lulu! (Lucky) Lucky: No no it’s not me… Jérôme: How do you feel before the game? Lucky: I’m pretty busy I need to DM. (deathmatch) François! (AMANEK) How do you feel before the game? I feel pretty good, pretty chill. KennyS: I’m busy. Do I have to say anything?
Hello! I don’t know what to say. I panic when I’m on the camera, you know that? I’m afraid of cameras. Jérôme: Who are we about to play? KennyS: Hmmm, eUnited… No we are playing against ENCE! We play ENCE, the best team in the world… Nothing to lose! Jérôme: How do you feel? I’m not acting natural, your’re annoying me Jérôme… Jérôme: Am I annoying you? Jérôme: Wowowoo… François? What are we doing tonight? AMANEK: We have the G2 after-party! We will be sensible, very sensible. JaCkz: Look at how he’s acting on camera! Alright boys, it’s game day, and now we are going for lunch before heading to the Barclays Center to face.. To face who?! Evil Geniuses! (EG) So what do you think about this match? Normal, normal… Exactly, everything is fine. We are pretty confident about this match guys! Why are you laughing? No honestly, it’s going to be quite hard. Yeah it’s going to be hard, but we will play our game. But don’t worry we are pulling out the guns. You heard that lads, the problem is pulling out the guns. So we hope that all the french crowd will be helping us and we will try our best. And we give you big kisses! So now the final is on, it’s the 3rd map, between EG vs. Astralis. And they legit destroyed us yesterday. In case you don’t know, they destroyed us yesterday, and we got eliminated by EG. But they are very strong honestly. We gave all what we could, but
there was a feeling of helplessness that we could not adapt to their game style. And show our true face. Alright, show us, show us your true face. Is that it? I’m going to show you guys our view of the finals. Because we are at the Barclays Center, and we have the presidential lodge. Here’s Carlos, he’s pretty busy. He’s the boss. Here’s François; what happened during your clutch against ENCE? Yeah, I Alt+Tab’d, that’s it. Leave me alone! Come on say something!
To your fans, tell them something! Thank you for the support, and we will give everything we have at Malmö, don’t worry. So yeah, looks like EG is taking the gun round! Anyway, let’s go out, too much noise here. Hello! It’s the end for for us, of our New-York journey. We are quite sad, because we had an limited edition team, that we will probably never see again. We all love each other and we enjoyed this tournament, and thank you all for supporting us. We made it to the semis, it’s alright, but we were looking for the win… But it’s alright, you gotta take what’s given to you. But hey, they also destroyed Astralis so it’s alright. Thanks to Kioshima, to Lucky, the genius of CS! Hmm, François, Kio. Kio: My pleasure. JACKZ: It’s me, Audric, Audric… JaCkz as well, sometimes. JaCkz, it’s JaCkz! Yeah, there we go. Oh yeah, you lost the showmatch today right? Yes indeed, I lost today against kennyS, my brother. Oh, and also, behind the scene, Chris, the big Chris! Are you calling me fat? No no, big in terms of responsibility. And a bigger one, depends… depends, it’s Jérôme! Ssss.. Jérôme Sudries! Hey, he’s single, he’s single!


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