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“Accidents happen.” You’ve heard this saying your entire life. But when an accident happens and you’re injured, it’s just not that simple. You have medical bills that need to be paid. You’ve missed time from work or school. You experience pain and discomfort, and you can’t enjoy your everyday activities. When accidents happen because of someone else’s negligence, you have a right to file a lawsuit to compensate for your pain and suffering. Belushin Law Firm has focused on representing injured New Yorkers for over a decade. [BELUSHIN LAW FIRM] [HELPING INJURED NEW YORKERS] Whether you were hurt in a car accident, work accident, medical accident, or some other type of accident, our firm knows the law. When you’re injured, you have a limited period of time to file your claim. Belushin Law Firm knows how to make sure you meet your deadline. When you call the number on your screen, you can set up a free consultation with our firm to determine your legal options. Our firm is available twenty-four hours a day to answer your questions. [DON’T DELAY] [CALL BELUSHIN LAW FIRM TODAY] When you’re injured, you need evidence of your medical conditions. Belushin Law Firm knows how to gather and organize your medical records. Our firm has experienced attorneys and paralegals who work to make sure your medical bills and your incidental expenses are paid for. Do you need a rental vehicle? Prescription drugs? Our firm will arrange for the payment of your expenses to make sure you don’t have any surprise bills after your case has settled. At Belushin Law Firm, we want you to focus on getting better. We’ll focus on handling the billing departments and insurance adjusters. [MEDICAL EVIDENCE] [SETTLEMENTS FOR YOUR INJURIES] When you’re injured, the insurance company will try to talk you into accepting a low offer. Don’t let the insurance adjusters decide what your case is worth. Belushin Law Firm knows how to maximize your settlement. When you hire our firm, you have lawyers on your team who understand the injuries you’re suffering and understand the value of your case. We know how the accident affected your life, your finances, and your ability to work. [MAXIMIZE SETTLEMENTS] [STAND UP TO INSURANCE COMPANIES] We’ve successfully represented injured clients for over a decade. Our firm knows how to handle the insurance adjusters, how to gather medical records from doctors and hospitals, and how to negotiate a fair settlement for our clients. We know what your case is worth, and we’ll follow your claim through to the end. If you’ve been hurt in an accident, call the number on your screen today. We can help you file a claim for a personal injury settlement. If you’re looking for a New York law firm who will stand up to the insurance company, look no further. Because at Belushin Law Firm, we take your injuries personally. Belushin Law Firm P.C. 48 Wall Street, 11 Floor, New York NY 10005 (212) 359-1602

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