New York Vlog 1 Manhattan| Feyzanur Sonmez

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Hello! I’m Feyza. Right now, I’m in New York at Times Square and I’m going to show you guys around. We are in Broadway now. one, two, three, four, maybe five, six and our sexy Asian guy If you guys think we can do it say yes! – Yeahh! Now, it’s time for honesty. – Honesty! -How many people just don’t care, say yeah. Yeah! (Pointing me because I didn’t say yes! cuz I care lol ) You’re sick! Now, before my partner takes this job, I know as far as you know that %85 of you guys gonna up and leave Why leave? Cuz this is so called street show. Why leave? Please leave it here! Now, keep in mind we have no insurance for you guys. No! We have no insurance for you guys! No! So you give us $10 Thank you we love you. If you give us $20, thank you we love you. If you give your lasr $30 -Thank you. I love you! If you give us a $50 to $100 We’ll go home with you Tonight man! We don’t do that anymore man! She like chocolate! Stop the show! I just got $20! From who? From England, make some noise everybody! Oh! Thank you darling! One step back! Over here. Now, Asian guy go to the end of the line. Come here. I said. Perfect Now everbody follow me okay? Go like this! Bend your knees just a little. Now touch your toes. Like this! Come on you used to this! 😀 Be sexy! See that’s why I love the Asians, they always listen. Go down! Wait! He needs help? You, stand up real quick. No, no down! You get comfortable cuz you are not in jail! Don’t worry! Get down! Touch your toes, down! Get down! I don’t like white meat. I like the sushi! Come on! Guys squeeze together, keep your head down! If they come up, they come off! I can’t replace a head. I only got two so… 😀 Okay now, together like a family Everybody clap your hands! Everybody clap! Yo, Yo, Yo!! You clap high, he’ll go high, you clap low, well you know.. Everybody clap your hands! Everybody, let’s go! Louder! Hello! Now, we are going to Sephora. It’s nice! Yea, it’s nice! Something purple.. Do you have a purple? Ahh, do I have it? No, I don’t. Do you? – No Uuuu! Look at that color! Omg! It’s very pigmentative right? Yea! The lipstick that I’m wearing right now is Stilla. How much are they? Currently $24. This one looks very nice as well! I like the Stilla brand a lot. It is a very good brand. And it lasts very long time. If don’t remember wrong, they last for 12 hours! And you can eat with it. I actually want a red lipstick. Let’s see how this one is. I’ve never tried their lipglosses. I guess, they don’t have testers. Tester. This is Stilla’s lipgloss Not bad. I like that red one. Red one? Yeah, I like it too. Very nice. These once are $23. I like it a lot too. (Grande caramel macchiato) Please step aside and let the customer get off the train first. Stand clear of the closing doors please!

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