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Look! Look at those scaries animals You gotta buy some weed it’s $20, we do this out here I just arrived It’s been almost 1 hour that I arrived at the airport of Frankfurt, in Germany And I’m now in front of my gate, waiting to board to go to New York Now, I’m going to the library of New York city I’m at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in New York On the Madison Avenue, with my team I’m at the hotel where they recorded “Gossip Girl” This building is Serena’s hotel in the serie Moreover we found it by chance Serena & Blair It’s almost between 7pm and 8pm And we arrived at the Brooklyn Bridge to see the sunset Maybe it’s a little bit too late, but there is enough daylight Heyyyy She is my second Vlogger -Hey -Hey I’m so happy It’s very beautiful there I can’t wait to do some Instagram’s pictures on it Look at him! He’s also vlogging Hey! Hey! Follow me on Youtube & Instagram Roy Van Esch I will write you his Instagram & his youtube Channel to follow him It will be in the description of my video And that’s all I’m now on the Brooklyn Bridge It’s so beautiful Look at the view just behind me, it’s wonderful Oh! This one! We are on the lake, I don’t remember wich one We really had a great idea to go there by night Because there is all the lights that are lighting Hou je mond We are yeah We met 2 Americans All the beautiful He wants to tell you something We’ve got the bags Gotta buy some weed. It’s $20. You do this out here. Everything is money. We get money on the region GJM money I’m gonna put the translate while the video (for French) Omg, what just happened I record a little video With those birds Hm, I have to go back to France in emergency So now, I spend my last night in New York I’m actually in Tarrytown, not Manhattan because I can’t go there I’ve got a health issue I’m gonna do a Youtube video about that Because, people told me this problem is in this campus since many months Moreover, I had to stay for 3 weeks, but I only spent 1 week and a half It’s horrible Knowing that the “half” part, I spent it at the Hospital Nevermind, everything will be explain So I’m gonna leave in less than 10 minutes And I’m with everybody I’m with Roy Constance Rosanne Carlos “Carlitos” Ludvina He was like my bestfriend overthere, He gave me mercy to cry when I left


  1. Oh my goddddd I lOVE THIS VIDEO!!!! Missss those times together with u so much! I want back when I see this! Good job girlll and I love it that I am a part of it! ♥️

  2. Tu mérites bcp de vue et d’abo mais je vois que malgré que tu n’ai pas bcp d’abo t’es vidéo sont de très bonne qualité bravo +1 abooooo 😋

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