New York Vs. Washington D.C.: Who Has The Best Wings?

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  1. Lastly most places in the Roc don't bread the wings except for black restaurants.. I prefer breaded regardless lol it's familiar

  2. DMV.. You mean DC? Mumbo sauce originated in DC.. Maryland and Virginia always tryna latch on. If you from DC.. How you order your wings from the carryout? What you get on the side? I'll wait… They need to start getting real DC people…

  3. Im from buffalo and those buffalo wings should not be breaded and should have more sauce. Where are the duff wings and buffalo style blue cheese?!

  4. They did those buffalo wings dirty lol 😂. Buffalo wings should not be breaded and definitely are more sauced than that.

  5. Those buffalo wings look dry as hell. Even he admitted that they look dry xD
    Not because I'm from the DMV area, but I give my area the gold for aesthetic.

  6. Good buffalo wings should be super crispy. In STL there are double fried wings and super great sauce. They’re bomb af! A great buffalo wing cannot be beat.

  7. As someone born and raised in Buffalo those were not Buffalo wings,they should not have been breaded. And they should have got them from Duffs. Also! Obama went and ate wings at Duffs! So there’s that stamp of approval that she kept using

  8. C'mon now – those are NOT buffalo wings. What the hell is that breaded nonsense? And where's the f*cking sauce?

    If you're going to have a showdown, bring the real thing. I actually thought this was a cool idea but they definitely did Mambo chicken versus whatever the f*ck those "Buffalo" wings were.

  9. Team buffalo Mumbo wings taste like ketchup and sweet and sour sauce not bad but buffalo wings are just buttery goodness with that red hot spice!

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  11. Cny girl born and raised!! Buffalo wings for sure! But those were a hot mess! In the Utica/Syracuse area we don’t bread our wings and the sauce would be dripping off of the wings. I’ve trie mambo sauce actually wegmans in upstate ny has a mild and a spicy version and it’s good especially with some fries like she said. But buffalo will always have my heart!!

  12. BUFFALO NY BABY!! Blue cheese all day!! Buffalo wings how we made in our home was breaded and tossed with tons of sauce.

  13. * Walk into a Kenny's Carry Out *
    "Can I get a 3pc, fries and mambo sauce… Don't forget the sweet tea"
    Take's bite of wing and starts dancing to UCB Sexy Lady

  14. Dude, mumbo sauce is literally sweet n sour sauce from Chinese spots! And those buffalo wings should not be breaded at all and more sauce! THIS IS NONSENSE!

  15. This is so disrespectful to Buffalo, we never catch a break. Hes even saying “these ight” lol. Could of at least had duffs. Obama been to duffs too but 🤷🏾‍♀️
    At least he was on que with the blue cheese.

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  17. Chickens. Chickens have the best wings. (But honorable mentions should go to hawks, falcons, and butterflies, because their wings are nice, too)

  18. Whoever is ordering these food staples need to rethink where they are getting them from. They messed up the buffalo wings, they messed up the poutine, etc. How can this truly be a vs. when the food they are matching up isn't 100%?

  19. What were those?!??!!! Im from Buffalo! & those looked a hot mess! Like wtf they get them from? The grocery store frozen food section?? Nah B!!

  20. Country sweet sauce is the TRUTH for breaded wings!!! Oh and ranch dressing is for children. Blue cheese will have you singing " somebody I use to know" about ranch dressing.

  21. At my old school they used to hand out packets of Mumbo Sauce with the chicken nuggets at hot lunch. Truly a DMV staple

  22. Those are NOT buffalo wings. I couldn’t even watch the video out of disgust when he lifted the lid. Breaded with barely any sauce? GTFO with that garbage. The chef needs to be slapped for that travesty.

  23. AYYYYYEEEE DC, bout time we got some representation on Buzzfeed! Shout out to Eddy's, Yum's, Lenny's, Kenny's, every carryout with 'Golden _____' in the title and all the other carryout that serve up them 5 wings and French fries drenched in mumbo sauce with a big ass tea on the side lol 😂😂👍🏾👍🏾👌🏾👌🏾

  24. The main problem with mumbo sauce is there is no standard recipe. Literally every Chinese carryout joint in the DMV has their own recipe. They're all *similar*, granted, but almost no two spots are going to have the same stuff. It's generally fruit juice-based and sweet and sour, but the exact flavor, ratio of sweet to sour, and consistency varies quite wildly from place to place.

    You find a place you like and you keep going there; if you move, you try the places around you but ultimately you keep going back to your spot. It's your spot!

  25. I’m from Buffalo. Them wings were a joke. And just FYI, Rochester is like, mad different than buffalo. That’s why homeboy ain’t representing the real wing. Points for the blue cheese comment tho.

  26. Boo this man! BOOOOOOO! Who from Buffalo would call that KFC Breaded BS Buffalo Wings?? Do these actors even know that MAMBO sauce was what the black man who Anchor Bar ripped off called what he put on the original Chicken Wing?

  27. I've lived here in DC area for a little bit. I need to get mumbo sauce wings. When I get my adult DC job I'll celebrate with mumbo wings

  28. Ummm, I live in Buffalo and have no idea what that "buffalo" wing plate is. Never in my life seen a BREADED wing up in here… That's what happens when you get someone from Rochester to try and represent BUFFALO's signature wings. SMH. Ps speaking of Obama, he ate finger licking good wings when he visited buffalo at Duff's. Not my favorite wing joint but hits the spot when you're too lazy to drive far from UB campus.

  29. My issue with this series is that I’ve watched two episodes so far, and they have messed up two of the four dishes. It is a great concept, but I feel like the execution couple be a little better. I mean if you out the plate of “buffalo wings” that they had in front of me I wouldn’t have known they were buffalo wings.

  30. The mumbo sauce chicken got it all day she definitely represented the dmv buffalo chicken you can get at any wing place but mumbo sauce only at the carryout

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