New Yorkers Share their Story for a Dollar – Part 1

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What’s up guys, its me Karim and this is “Are We Famous ” now. In today’s society we don’t have time for anyone Let alone, listen to someone. so I took it upon myself to go out in Union Square and post up a board telling people that I will give them one dollar for their story. and that I will listen. Their stories were quite interesting and I hope you enjoy them. Oh! And by the way, I’ve been playing this game called “Best Fiends” It’s a fun puzzle game with tons of levels. If you want to play this game go ahead and download it right now the link is in the description box down below. I actually really like it! I’m on level 30. If you think you can surpass me? Then do that! and you know what’s awesome, “Best Fiends” has officially sponsored me. Which means more great videos for you guys! They are kicking off the summer with a free gift to anyone who downloads the game before May 29th. and if you play and come back on May 29th, you’ll receive your free gift. -Your name is?
-My name is keim I’m Johnny B I can tell you hundred of stories -Whats your name?
-Paula Hi how are you nice to meet you
-Hi I am susan Manuel, my name is Karim Nice to meet you You can begin whenever you feel comfortable. (background music) So what’s your story? I’m a very naive person I’m not confident Why are you not confident? you’re really beautiful girl: really guy: yeah. girl: my ex boyfriend said I’m fat, I’m ugly He’s your ex boyfriend Why would you take whatever he says, it doesnt matter cause he’s your ex. (girl) I love him. I still love him and cry everyday for like 5 hours like I don’t eat or really wanna eat or maybe wanna go out He never wanted to kiss me So why did you love him? I Don’t know, maybe because he’s my first boyfriend in my life, I’m Thirty. It Doesn’t matter, Age is just a number. Guys like a skinny girls, like I’m fat. You’re not fat She thinks she is fat. You’re not fat at all. Even if you were fat, it doesn’t matter. I still think you’re beautiful and smart and you’re very well put together. Yeah! About 5 or 6 years ago I was at a mid life crisis period and I had a pretty good job for a big corporate company and was making big money I was about this close to a heart attack It was 70 hours a week and I was miserable and I hated it I hadn’t talked to my kids And I left it all to go back to music Which I hadn’t done in quite a while I would like to tell everybody that life can turn on a dime I’m positive about it and I also believe firmly, That your best days are definatly ahead of you Because I never would have thought that I would be so happy and obtain so much (pause) at such a later age. Well my best friend beat me up What? so how is she your best friend? (laughing) how can a best friend do that? it was in middle school, we were both kind of mean to eachother Guy: oh dam, so now you’re best friends? Girl: yeah That’s cool, That’s cool! Yeah, where is she? you wanna come? (Jokingly) She’s gonna beat you up after this I know your videos you know my videos? YEAH thats how i came over, I said like oh my god I seen you well it was nice to meet you My cousin that was on my lap in the picture when I was 5, I had a picture and she was sitting on my lap, it felt good but idk where she is YEAH, So she was smaller than me I’mma meet her today for the first time Really? yeah 🙂 thats awesome man! and i’mma show her around the city I made some mistakes Mistakes? what were they? if you don’t mind saying I know too many woman I cannot believe and trust a woman I once cared for that woman for 10 years and then she finds someone else I think that I know whats my goal what’s your goal? it’s to show people that it’s possible that it’s possible to make it, out of a horrible, out of a situation that where you kind of like kind of bind it up and are like struggling in the hood. but… it was crazy because I was like I didn’t have no money, I didn’t have no job I didn’t have nobody that was there to let me be there with them like live with them and I was homeless in the streets and I was begging and I was dirty and I was hurt and I was crying and praying every night that god would help me out of it, and now it’s like “because with the rap I’m doing good now” I’ve got like thousands and thousands of fans so you lost money here take the dollar you gave me and I didn’t have it before. I got like hundreds of sneakers and clothes and place to live and the
Lord and even if you’re not too too much famous like be on sale you don’t have any famous bro you’re
still touching a lot of people and helping people in your own little world
you know right yeah right. [Arabic Greeting] ( Nice to meet you. ) I was travelling alone and we stopped in Turkey to go back on to the America. Yeah. What happened was that… I lost my passport and I’ve forgotten in Turkey about to board That’s the worst damn… When I was… (Pause) … 19 years old, okay. I got pregnant. at a party with somebody I didn’t know. I… my first thought was I needed abortion. I didn’t want the baby. Yeah. I was too terrified to tell my mother, so I started praying Because.. (inaudible) and I started asking mom: “No I don’t need a baby, please! Get rid of this baby!” as their put me on a guardian rolling me into the delivery room… I looked at the doctor and said: “I don’t wanna see it.” because at this point I decided I was going to give it up for adoption Within a couple of hours I was signing paperwork that said: Susan, gives up all the rights to baby girl That was … 1990. She would be 26 this year. and you haven’t met her? (Shakes head) Oh wow! Yes, she’s out there somewhere. but my records are open and so maybe the story’s not like that I would love to meet her but I also feel like
it’s I made my choice. yeah. So now it’s up to her. If she wants it I mean then wonderful and if she doesn’t well… (Fade) Thank you so much! Let’s take a picture. I appreciate your story man! I’m gonna give this to someone who needs it. Can I take a picture? Of course! Thank you! I wish you the best. Thank you! Yes we’re
giving dollars for your stories. Appreciate it! Here you go before you go. No, no! Keep the dollar! No, that’s all good man. It’s for you! Thank you for your story. I said… (inaudible) Thank you for your dollar! Your welcome man! a dollar for your story! Aw, thank you! Here you go. I know it’s tough but… (inaudible) … yeah. and here’s a dollar before you go bro. have a good one man. that dollar for the
dream [Outro Song]

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