NEW YORK’S FOODIE HAVEN? ? (Queens Night Market)

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This is going to be New York Cities next big fad. Twister Cake I got you, you want to be in the shot with me ? No. What’s up amigos, it’s Jon coming to you from Corona, Queens, New York And today we’re doing a night time activity ! We’re going to the Queens International Night Market I only heard about this a week ago. And I saw a list of the food vendors here. So I just kind of had to come. You ready? I’m always ready for food. And I also brought Alan the twin. I’m ready to eat. And Evan whose been on a video in the past. I’m hungry ,i’m hungry. Let’s just do it. You know what you have to do ? In this huge place. What? You have to smell. And follow your nose. Very good, good seasoning on it. The pico de gallo topping i like to. What do we got? Alright, we got a little squid here. Some chicken here. And frankly anything with a skewer. No such thing as a bad thing on a skewer. So let’s just get at it. Here we go. That’s good right there. Very soft, I like the texture. I like the texture a lot. We put like avocado and Pebre. A special Chilean sauce. We don’t make ours to spicy because people around here don’t like it to much. And also they’re not completely authentic as we don’t slather them in Mayonaise. Okay. People around here also don’t like Mayonaise. The Chilean Flag, perfect, nice little touch. A hot dog with avocado Let’s have a taste. It’s got a little smoky kick to it. But it’s pretty good. I think I can handle it. Hi how are you ? Love your outfits by the way. Thank you. Very cool. I’m making a video for Youtube now actually. Oh really. Yeah I have a Youtube Channel That’s awesome. What’s your Youtube. It’s called ” Here Be Barr ” I’m going to ask what’s in that thing? Shredded chicken, cheese, guacamole. I think that’s just about everything. And this thing is huge for five bucks. So i’m looking for value out of my money. And most things here, in fact I haven’t seen anything over five dollars. This entire night market. So i’m going to dive in. Oh it’s delicious. What’s it like? The way like the shredded chicken is combined with the cheese. Best thing I’ve had today by far. Okay I got. I got spicy, medium spicy. Sweet potato noodles. And i’m going to try it. I asked for medium spicy. Wow this is spicy. But it’s good. And did you get anything special or did you just get the traditional? No I got the same But with ice cream. If we’re going to get fat. We’re going to do it well. So we roll the dough. Now we’re going to make it even. Okay. I got it yeah. I put oil. So I put the oil so I can stick sugar on it. The sugar. The rice there. And then after rice. We put it in the oven. And in the oven, we start at the bottom. The higher we go, the higher the temperature. The next big fad, twister cake. Let’s see. This part.. Is crunchy, yeah. At the beginning crunchy, then soft. And if you mix it with the cream. Delicious. She’s so angry you’re eating that. This is very common in Indonesia, or like your own version? In Java it’s very popular . This is very good. I could probably eat three of these right now. So I bumped into a vlogger that I know, Holly from Holly Dayz. Holly has a really cool New York channel also, check her out. I travel everywhere, but I focus on Queens. Queens and the boroughs. So that’s my home town. Right on. Follow the T-Rex This is what Boliiva. What’s happening in Bolivia right now. In La Paz Bolivia, what people used to do Is to go and get some anticucho Which means like the bite of the Andes Okay. He’s going to buy it, you sold him. You sold a customer. If people didn’t tell me it was Beef heart. I’d never have known. It’s like a cut of meat and I just ate it. The one thing that I like is that the sauce goes really well. With the heart. But like it doesn’t even taste like peanut. I feel like for that, it’s like a really unique type of taste. Like it goes really well. I really like it. Everybody here was super friendly. You learn a lot about people’s different cultures. So it’s more educational. And then of course delicious. Did you like it? Of course, I like markets, I like night events, and I love food. So it was like the perfect mix of everything. In the same place. So it was awesome. The cool thing about this market is that I don’t think we paid for anything that was more than $5.00 So by New York City standards, very affordable. The vendors were extremely friendly. And we had food from all over the world. From Indonesia to Bolivia. To Korea, Japan China, you name it They’ve got it here. Totally worth checking out on a Saturday. It’s open from Late April to Late October. Do check their website. I’m going to leave a link to it down below. And I’ve got a lot more New York City content coming out in the next couple of weeks. If you haven’t subscribed already, be sure to do so to Here Be Barr, thank you so much for watching. Until next time.


  1. Be sure to subscribe ( and tell me in the comments what your favorite food choice was !


  2. I love your video. My favorite ones were the Twister Cake and the Chicken Skewer. Yes i will definitely try this. I'm going to NYC in 2 weeks. ?

  3. only 500 carbs in the twister cake?
    no need to go to China to try weird foods; simply head to Queens!

  4. Great to see some food content from you! The market looked like it had a really good selection of different foods to try! Thomas

  5. Cool food market! I go to Smorgasburg in Prospect Park often but I'm going to have to try this one. By the way, that twister cake is Hungarian and it's called Kürtőskalács.

  6. Barr you always find the best food spots. You might have inspired me to do a cheap eats video in Vancouver!

  7. Ugh! Not fair!!! I'm trying to diet and everything looks AMAZING! Alan looks cranky when you Vlog him lol, you guys should film some more twin duet stuff that's cool. Say hi to Adriana and the crew ?

  8. Cool to see your twin again. that indonesian grilled chicken thing looks pretty good. that's cool that most things there are under $5. the 'hip' night markets in LA are such a rip. never heard of twister cake before, looks pretty interesting. that java cake look good too. cool that you bumped into Holly! beef heart….ew….

  9. Que bueno que no tengo problemas con el sobrepeso, siempre tus videos me antojan comer algo y voy a la cocina, y luego aparece, mi esposo, mi hijo, mi hija, mi mamá, y hasta mi suegra, y terminamos teniendo platicas y conviviendo de madrugada, saludos desde Cancún

  10. That looks like a mean arepa cone! I'd love to go to one of those international markets in NYC! Heck I need to just move to NYC lol. Good stuff bro!

  11. Sweet, didn't know Queens had a night market. Queens is the best borough in the city for eating different ethnic cuisines.

  12. Nice. Didn't even know queens has street foods like that. Subscribed for sure. And will go check it out on June 10 the next one

  13. Is it worth it? I've been to Smorgasbord and LIC flea but some foods aren't worth the price. Queens has much to offer. Definitely the best borough for ethnic food.

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