Nick Offerman Explains How Ron Swanson Would Handle Coronavirus

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-You’ve known Poehler
for a long time. You met Amy Poehler
back in Chicago. What was your
first meeting like? -Well, one of my good friends
named Ragsdale lived with — -I’m so glad you have
a friend named Ragsdale. -Ragsdale. And he’s just what
you would think. Like, Ragsdale gave me my first
Neil Gaiman comic book. -Oh, there you go.
That’s a classic Ragsdale move. -Ragsdale is like, “You know, you can clean the resin
out of that thing.” And he had all the tips. -Yeah, yeah.
We all need a Ragsdale. You’re lucky.
You had a sensei and a Ragsdale. -Totally.
-Yeah. -Ragsdale lived in a house
with Matt Besser, one of the founders of
Upright Citizens Brigade. And, so, Amy and I met
at parties over there, making mischief. And we did — We recognized
one another in a sort of sibling way of like,
“Hey, you know, like, you’re a class clown,
I’m a class clown.” And she would always
just punch me. And I was like, “Yeah,
I’ve been friends with her for a long time. She punches me when I see her.” -And then, of course, you — As we’ve already mentioned, “Parks and Recreation,”
Ron Swanson. To finish up here,
how do you think Ron Swanson would be handling
the coronavirus panic? -I don’t think he would
necessarily notice. But if he did, I mean,
Leslie would probably send him a missive or
some sort of message. And he would just take his
family to one of his cabins in the woods,
where he was heading anyway, and they would just
enjoy, you know, some fishing and some items from his garden
until things blew over. -Yeah, I think we should
all be so lucky to have Ron Swanson’s
self-preservation. -Yeah, when the [bleep]
goes down, Ron is all set up. -Yeah, absolutely. Always a pleasure
to see you, my friend. Thank you so much
for being here. -Thank you so much.
-Nick Offerman.


  1. This guy is SUCH a great actor. His wife too! I love love loved how they were in Parks and Rec together, the episode with Ron's cornrows was too hilarious🤣🤣

  2. Ron Swanson: you mean I have an official reason now to avoid people? starts giggling as he runs out of the office

  3. I AM going to my trailer in the campground and waiting until it blows over. But, it doesn't open for another month for the season.

  4. If the coronavirus hit Pawnee, Ron Swanson would probably enjoy the validation of his life's work. KNope would have a love/hate relationship with everything. The planning , the leaping into action, that part she would love. Oh the binders she would assemble! But city hall being empty and all the event cancellations would devastate her.

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