Nina Bo’nina Brown on Her Unique Drag & Flavor of Love’s Pumkin (S3 E6 Finale) | Brunch With Tiffany

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(upbeat music)
(phone vibrating) – (sighs) My God. Hello? Girl, I’m over here
waiting for New York. Always late and I
thought she would take me somewhere fancy,
like McDonald’s. (sighs) Anyway, she should
be here soon, I hope. (upbeat music) (screaming) – Woo, yes bitch! Yes honey, woo girl! – Hey bitch! – Am I coming to you or are you gonna kill
me and then slide– – Un-uh, come on fish. Bring it on, girl. – Oh my goodness.
– Bitch, you look fabulous. – No, you do. – [Both] Mwah, mwah. – No, for real girl, the braids. Give me pat your realness. – Honey, I gotta say your name. – Say it girl. – Miss Nina Bo’nina. – Banana. – Oh yes. Oh we giving the
full name right now? – Osama Bin Laden Brown. – Ooh Brown to the brown. – Girl, you look gorgeous, girl. – Honey, let me
tell you something. You shoulda been Black Chyna. – Oh God. – Because I see the resemblance
right (beep) now, okay? ‘Cause you are that bitch.
– You feel here? – You understand? The assets going on, the
thickness, the realness. – So I made sure to
order us some diet water. Is that good enough? – Diet water, bitch. I don’t want no diet water. I wanna drink. (hands clapping) (upbeat music) So Nina, baby girl,
you are such an artist. Even right now, you
are killing the game, and you’ll go from
a glamorous beat to something futuristic
and animalistic, to even a light everyday
grocery store beat. How do you it? Where do you find
your inspiration? – Can I be real with you, girl? – Do it. – Girl, that Black Chyna comment has worked my last
gay nerve, girl. – Ooh! Let us know. – I want people to realize that outside of the
Black Chyna fiasco, that I’m a artist. I’m somebody outside of that. So I hope they can
just understand that. – Girl, even Stevie Wonder
understand that (beep) because it is so apparent. – Oh thank you, sis. – Because just the way that
you come up with these looks. I mean, you are serving
the children their lives on a (beep) platter. – Thank you, girl. – How did you come up with
the way that you paint as an artist? – This look is something
just to go to Walmart, get some eggs and milk. – What? – Girl, look, hello. – [Tiffany] Oh child. – Bitch, I even turned
to a vagina one time and I know you love vagina, sis. – Depending on how
big the clit is now. (laughing) – It was swole, sis. No, but for real,
I used to draw, and I still do draw,
but now it’s on my face. – Oh nice. – So I kinda went from
paper to just my face. But I still, sister, incorporate
paper in my look, so. – That’s beautiful. – [Nina] Thank you. – So you’re a bonafide artist. – Yeah, I’m a all around artist. – That’s beautiful, and I love
when you use extra padding. – This is natural, sis. – Wait, no it’s, girl, okay. – Okay girl, I went to
the Rent-A-Center, girl, and got me a old couch
and cut it up, sis. – Listen, I had plenty of
ass made from couch foam. – Ooh! – I don’t discriminate. If it look good and you can
shave it down, I’m wearing it. – I’m not mad though. – Listen, y’all queens be coming
up with these names, honey. I gotta ask you, ’cause your whole
government queen name is– – Tell me, sis. – Can we say it together
’cause my tongue is too thick and I’m a (beep) it up. – Nina. – Nina. – Bo’nina.
– Bo’nina. – Banana.
– Banana. – Fofana. – Fofana. – Osama. – Osama. – Bin Laden. – Bin Laden. – Brown.
– Brown. – There you go, bitch. – How the hell did he
get credited your name? Where’d you come up
with this (beep)? (laughing) Girl, I was ready
to slap your ass. – ‘Cause it rhymed to me. It was just like Nina
Bo’nina Banana Fofana Osama Bin Laden Brown,
just came out really fast. I do wanna ask you though. – Ask me, baby. – What do you prefer,
New York or Tiffany? – Either one is fine, but I’m trying to go a
little more government so I could find a good
man to crack my eggs and be motherly. So, you can call me Tiffany. – And also, I know that you
wanna be a actress as well– – Oh child, please, (beep) that. – I see that for you. No, I see that
for you, for real. – [Tiffany] Oh here we go. – And I understand just
wanting to kinda break away, not break away from what
made you who you are today, but just kinda like to be
known as, “Hey, I’m Tiffany.” – I love you. – “I’m not always New
York, I’m Tiffany.” – I love you baby. You know what, Nina, girl,
I just wanna earn coin, doing that, and I wanna be
more of a TV personality now. – Girl, you been that, sis. – And I’m rocking that, yeah. ‘Cause I act and stuff, it’s
hard to remember the lines and all of that. – I wanna act though. So I see it for you. You already have, for everybody
watching at home, honey, she is beautiful. No, you really are. I’ve always just seen you
on TV, but you are gorgeous. – Thank you so much. – [Nina] You are. (upbeat music) – I have to say, don’t those
salt and pepper shakers look like big– – [Both] Dicks. – They do. – Bitch, it is dicks. – Child, oh they are? Okay, ’cause I know
I’m not going crazy. – Old Caucasian dick. – ‘Cause that’s a real
Caucasian head, salt and pepper. How do you like it and
which end do you want it in? – Believe it or not,
girl, I’m a old top momma. – You read top. – Yes he is. – You read top. ♪ He’s on top ♪ – Top means you’re riding? – They’re riding me. – From the front? – And the back. – Okay, see I need to
watch more gay porn. – [Nina] No see, sis– – I’m a little
confused right now. – Sis, people think
because you’re, ’cause I have feminine
ways outside of this. They think because
you’re feminine that you’re supposed to be the
bottom and just be the woman. Now back in 1922,
I was a bottom. – You wasn’t even alive, what? – Oh I was there. – Oh you’ve lived twice already? – I was there bitch. – Okay, I gotta catch up to you. – After awhile, your
hole get worn out. I’m kidding. (laughs) Not for me, bitch, not
for me, girl. (laughs) Okay, now bitch, the top used
to always play with my penis. (laughing) And I’m like, “Why?” I’m like, “Aren’t you a top? “Why do you care
about my penis?” – Yeah, right. – I thought, but then I realized that she’s blessed
with 10 inches. So then, I say, “You know what,” and ever since I got my
first taste of ass, bitch, (coughing)
I ain’t been back. She’s not going back. – Whoa! – I know, girl. You gotta keep it real, sis. – See, this brunch, this
is the realest brunch ever. – You gotta have it. – Okay, so you are a top. – Yes, ma’am. – You read more as a
bottom, but you are a top. (laughing) (upbeat music) How has your life changed
since being on “Drag Race?” – I’m gonna answer that,
but I wanna answer it with a question for you. – Okay. – Has the fan base always
been nice to you or kinda bad? – Well, you’re gonna get both. – Okay. – And more so,
today I wanna say, you’re going to get more hate because they want a
comment out of you. – Right. – Because you’re gonna
skip 300 I love yous– – And read that one. – But, you’re going to
read the one that goes, “Bitch, who the (beep)
you think you is? “You look like blah,
blah, blah, X, Y, Z.” And then once you comment, “Oh my gosh, I can’t
believe he said that.” – Girl, you better,
how you know? Girl, how you know? – That’s how the story goes. – Girl, now for real, so the fans have kinda
ruined it for me. Like you said,
people say ignore it, but it’s hard when you’re
trying to make sure that you’re responding
to all your fans. I like liking all the comments,
making sure that they know that I appreciate
them being there. And I read those
negative comments and it just kinda gets
to me a little bit. – It gets to you. Do you see yourself appearing
on “Drag Race All Stars?” We really want you
on “All Stars.” Would you do “All Stars?” – For people like
you and my true fans, who really wanna see me
there, I see me doing it. I just want to be
mentally ready, ready to ignore the bull (beep). And, as you know girl, the fans judge
everything you wear. So I have to go there and make
sure no more Party City drag. (laughing) Spirit Halloween, bitch. – Oh, so we done
upgraded and (beep). – Uh-huh. – All right, ’cause
I love a freaky bitch that can do Party City. (upbeat music) Cheers darling. – Cheers. – Isn’t this brunch fabulous? – It is. – I wanna see how you
snap a breadstick. (Arabian music) Mm-hmm. – You gotta look
at it in the face. – Is that how you do? – You can’t demand
me, I demand you. – Oh. – Take a little bit. – Oh. – A little salty. – Okay. – And then (breadstick
crunching). – Woo! (laughs) Wow, so you just take
the head right off? – Girl, you have to, girl. – See girl, I thought you done
swallowed the whole thing. – He might be uncut. – We don’t do uncut. – Oh girl! – There is way too
much chitlin meat. (laughing) No. (laughs) – Not the turtleneck, sis. – (laughs) No. – Girl, it’s not winter time. – Mock neck or nothing. I could do a mock neck. Leave a little of
that skin on, Doctor. – So you don’t
wanna pull the bag? – Hell no, you know
what, I’ve never had one. So I am intrigued, a
little something something. Just a little something. – What about the dicks that
are like, the head is pink. – Okay. – And then the shaft is dark. – Hey, that means you got
the best of both worlds. I like strawberry and
chocolate ice cream. So there you go, I’m with it. – But you know,
I’m jealous of you. – For what? ‘Cause I (beep) Flav? – Not only that. – Oh girl, what? – You made it, girl. You know how? – How? – I have haters, but
guess what you have? – What do I have? (laughs) Oh lord. – You had somebody spit on you. – Oh! (laughs) – When will I get that? (hands clapping) – Listen, you don’t want that. That (beep) was so disgusting. – I bet it stank. – Listen, let me
tell you something. (laughing) If I ever had a chance for
lava to spit in my face, it was like volcanic lava. That’s how bad it stunk. – Spit smells so
bad, girl, I know. – Oh my gosh, and can
I just tell you, Nina, in that moment, I had
to stand there frozen ’cause I didn’t expect it. – Right. – That was some (beep),
throw me off, God, oh my goodness, so disgusting. I think that was 13 years ago and it’s like it just
happened yesterday. – Are you cool with her now? – I’ve never seen the bitch. Listen, God bless the
working woman and man. She’s a box boy at Lowe’s is it? (laughing) May I get up close
and personal with you? Because there’s
something about you that really, really,
really, give me your hand. If we’re gonna get this close, we’re gonna get engaged dammit. (laughing) I have to say, I
wanna commend you on being out in the open– – Thank you. – About your depression. – Thank you. – Because I want you to know
that you’re changing lives and you’re helping a
lotta people come to terms with the fact that they’re
battling depression too, which is very common in this
world and this day and age. Is this too weird and
kumbayaish as I’m holding you? – No, you have soft hands. – Okay, good. Have you been feeling the
outpour of love and support from your fans
for being so open? – The sad part is, once
again, going back to the fans, some of them kinda beat me up
for saying I was depressed. – Why would someone– – Because it’s negative to them. And you know people on
social media aren’t negative. They’re all perfect and
have positive lives. – Oh, I know. – [Nina] You know that, sis. – I know they live just
like their pictures. – Yes, girl. But, for people that
appreciated my story, depression, it’s been
there for awhile. I mean, it’s just something that you can’t just snap your
finger and it’s gone. You can maybe put on a song
and forget about that moment for a second, but then it
always kinda comes back, but you try to just deal
with it and live with it every day and just
try to get better. I just try to pray
to God and just– – That’s a beautiful thing,
and he’s always listening. And that’s always my
first thing to do, is coast off, give it to God. And you know another thing I do, I say a mantra when I’m
feeling weird or icky, like I’ve done something wrong. I go, “You’re fine, you’re
good, stop overthinking it.” – I need to do that. – “You’re fine, girl.” (upbeat music) So Miss Nina, girl. – Yes, ma’am. – I have to give
you (hands clapping) a round of applause, literally, because you stay so current. You really, really keep up
with the current pop culture. Whether you’re covering the
new “Child’s Play” movie, or the new black
“Little Mermaid,” or the new season
of “Drag Race.” Do you find it difficult with this new 24
hour news turnaround? How do you deal with that? – Things that really catch
my eye, I wanna speak about, I wanna talk about. And when I was on “Child’s
Play,” people were like, “Ugh, we gonna see
Drag Race stuff.” And I’m like, “Girl,
I love Chucky. “It is what I wanna do.” – I love him too. – Have you seen the movie? – The new one? – Yeah, the new one. – No, I haven’t. I was waiting for
it to come out– – [Nina] On DVD.
– On Blu-Ray. – Shady bitch. – Yeah, because, listen, I
like to sit there with my man and watch those types of things. – Okay, okay, okay. – ‘Cause I can’t do theater, ’cause I like for my feet to
be rubbed while I watch films. – Oh God, bougie fish. – I’m all for that, yep. – But “Child’s Play,”
“The Little Mermaid,” are you excited about that? – I’m excited about it. She is so pretty and
my spelling is so bad, I thought it was Holly
Berry the whole time. – Everybody did at first. They were like, “Holly Berry?” – I was like, “Bitch, you
need to go back to school.” (laughing) But then when they showed
it, she’s so beautiful. So I’m so excited. – But I try to stay
up on what’s going on, what’s current a little bit. I don’t like following trends, but just to kind
of having content. – Right. – I’ll talk about
what’s going on. – But you do such a great job, while serving fabulous looks. – Thank you. – I mean, you give us our life while you tell us
what’s going on. – Thank you. – Where do you see yourself
in 10 years from now? – Maybe a front
cashier at Popeye’s. You don’t see it for me? – Are you eating
chicken for free? (laughing) – I just, Tiffany, I really, it’s so hard ’cause
I’m not Miss Cleo, but bitch, I’m hoping
that I have my health. I’m hoping that I am
financially stable, even if it’s not being a
actor, which I would love. But if I’m just
financially stable, able to take care of myself,
my family, and be happy. – Oh those are beautiful
goals to live by. Well, we need to just
clink clink on that. – Thank you, thank you. (glasses clinking) – I’m with that. – How about you? If I can ask you that. – In 10 years, I see myself– – You’ll be 25. – Oh, I love you even more now. (Nina laughing) ‘Cause that would
make me 15, oh lord. (laughing) I’m good at math
all of a sudden. I see myself living
my best life, having my dude, maybe
having a baby or two, and definitely
financially stable, and praising God and
having my ministry. – One more thing to
kill it on, girl. If you do get married soon,
can I be a flower girl? – Yes, and you could also
throw flowers and rice. – And rice. – [Tiffany] Mm-hmm. – Uncle Ben rice? – No, it’s gonna be
that long grain (beep). So show people that
I’m doing (beep), yeah. – (laughs) Okay, okay bitch. Girl, don’t forget, bitch. – I won’t. – I’ll be there, sis. – I won’t, that wow rice. – Hey. – ‘Cause the H-B-I-C
done got married! (laughing) Okay? (upbeat music) Muck bang, mook bong. I don’t know exactly
how to say it, but for more videos
with me gossiping and having brunch
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