1. I’m not surprised with shitty company …. This happened to me back in summer 2005 I got dragged by a bus and got seriously injured. it’s been 15 years since the incident and it’s been 15 years since I took a bus but I still remember the hateful looks that driver gave me every morning I took his bus or how he would take off too quickly to make me fall before I take a seat…. Despite my complaints to NJ transit they did nothing about it. When I got injured they relocated him, fired him or whatever…I couldn’t sue for pain and suffering because of some NJ law that protects NJ transit against lawsuits unless the injured person has a permanent damage. This poor person and his loved ones all have a permanent damage- sorry this guy died but this is what happens when companies operate with no accountability and here’s a thing you can’t say anything to the driver. If you do, they’ll call the transit police on you assault which I’ve seen happened to a very nice young ladys

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