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This summer I had the chance to make a dream come true. I went to NEW YORK *Alicia Keys’s song* Because of american movies, it seems like the names of American cities are so fancy Boston, Seattle, Chicago, Pittsburgh I would like to one day tell someone, just for the style: Tomorrow, tomorrow? I can’t, I have something to do in Washington I love the name of the cities in France, but maybe the song “New York” by Alicia Keys and Jay Z, wouldn’t work so well with, for example…. Amiens… With its station, its Post Office and Auchan… You’re going to be fine… So thanks to these days, I speak less and less bad English, eh it is cool But, my English accent is horrible, and the American people never understand me True story, one day I asked a guy Thanks He heard restroom which sounds like when you have a horrible accent Besides I spent my stay thinking I was cool by saying to everyone: “Ciao, rest in peace” “Bye bye, rest in peace” And it was only at the end of my trip that I finally found out that “rest in peace” didn’t mean “bye” “Bye and rest in peace” Well at first I had a little trouble adapting myself, For example, when I saw the size of the pizza over there… I wanna tell them: “Can I have a fraction of a piece of pizza, please?” In New York, when it’s really hot, the air conditioning is so cold So your body never stops going: freaking hot- freaking cold- freaking hot And me my body was not ready for that … So it reacted, it spoke, and in a rather elegant way: *The diarrhea* In my head the air conditioning was not set to cold, it was set to the mode I went to a gym, the A / C was so strong, I swear it’s true I was running with my coat From the shower in my hotel room, I had a great view of NYC it was really beautiful However, at first there is a small detail that I found a little bit weird…no curtain on the window. So I figured, maybe in New York everyone does this People take their showers without a curtain, they do not care you know So I went with New York, I’m coming! And then I inquired And I found out that the guys at the hotel Had just forgotten to put a curtain for my shower Great, so I showed my cock to all New York City Times Square is an amazing neighborhood Where you find many eccentric people Who come to share their passions and their delusions Their convictions and there are even guys who advertise American-style, but for their religion So I respect that but it’s still a concept that surprised me a little There in New York it is the culture of “tips” Tipping, it’s required To give 15%, 20% of the total In addition when you pay. And taxis to increase their tip, they want to look nice by taking a little interest in you. But at the same time you feel that they are a little tired to have to do it with each customer, so it gives a weird mix Nice guy but tired. New Yorkers are pretty cool, at least those I met was frankly welcoming and funny. One time, in a restaurant, I asked the waiter the password for the WiFi He told me: Imagine you did this joke in a restaurant where the pizzas are disgusting How do you find your pizza? Disgusting You have the password; disgusting pizzas Why are we speaking French at this moment ? Very good question. I will.. I will go speak with my.. with my cock. I even met some of you over there in New York I’ve now got a lot of cool memories in my head, I really loved this trip. I hope you also get a chance to go to New York one day. I wanted to end this video with the song ”New York” of Jay-Z and Alicia Keys, But I don’t have the song rights for it… I will present you my version. Well I’ll try a completely dangerous snap. Eeeh is it going or not? Rest in peace.

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