1. You idiot, testing does not stop the spread of the virus. It is declared as pandemic. USA will not be able to solve the problem alone. Criticizing the president or any country is unfair. It is time to be all hands on deck. You have to know there is not enough lab tech to analysis the swamps. So shut up and help. Encourage all people to do their share. China is all hands on deck. All citizens work together. There is no one solution. China has a large populations, therefore they can do more tests in numbers but may not be in ratio. Do not use statistics to fool people.

  2. Hearing Jake probounce “New Rochelle” is so weird. I grew up in a family of New Yorkers, and we all say “Nurashell” haha

  3. A test for strep, 2 tests for flu. We don't know what you have. Guess my ass will just stay home. What bullcrap

  4. he is such an idiot. Testing will not prevent spread of disease. stupid!!!! they've all known about this since mid January. Now. Now they are using this as a political bs tool. They will all be voted out after this epic failure of bureaucracy.

  5. fake fake news will not tell you Vitamin C cures the problem..No the Big pharma folks in bed with the WHO would loose billions if that got popular..

  6. I fill like if someone doesn't do something now where all done pray for the world and the people🙏😷🤒🤧👀 God fight with us

  7. Trump already said he dont want his numbers going up so more testing may mean more numbers. He is handling this like a mad man. It's all about his numbers, his ratings, and looking good for next election which is the illusion of having control with low numbers of infected.

  8. 9 billion people on Earth, and they're fear mongering over the common cold. Trying to stop people from getting sick or dying in an overpopulated world is like rebuilding your house on a beach after a hurricane. Guess what's likely to happen?

  9. The CDC had a test almost immediately for Corona Virus however, the test had a defect in it so the CDC had to recreate the test which takes time. People worry too damned much. It's like if we don't have something to worry and bitch about, we aren't truly happy. It's a virus folks and not nearly the most deadly one our species has encountered thus far. The Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918-1919 infected and killed millions people, MILLIONS. We aren't anywhere near that with this. You are listening to a New York politician who has a vested interest in this blame Trump game which is ridiculous because the President can only do so much and he has done what he can to get things done faster but it's a virus. There is a curve of infection that will eventually flatten out, probably in May and June. It will get worse before it gets better so just use common sense, stop buying into the hype and protect yourselves and your families, especially older members and members with compromised immune systems who are at higher risk. Your doctor will make the call but we have to be vigilant and look for the symptoms.

  10. Testing wont matter, it's silly to even think that stopping it is possible. Slowing it is the only goal, to keep the hospitals from flooding over. Get used to this, it will prob be something that comes back year after year like any other cold

  11. Wait till they test NYC. They are scared to test. Why? nothing Spreads a Virus like NYC Subways Governor. I Challenge you to test NYC. It's already in ALL 5 boroughs and you KNOW it.
    We have 10s of thousands in self Quarantine that wont stay in doors. So can i now where my N95 Respirator in a Bank you Moron. ( That's a law passed in 1845 look it up ).
    The N95 and P100 Mask and half mask Respirator work. Why do u think they wear them in hospitals dummy?

    mass quarantines in New York Subways in about 7-10 days tops. Our governor said walk to take a bike to work. Avoid Crowed Trains, THERE R
    P.S where is my hand sanitizer that won't work if im on the Subway ?

  12. Wait till they test NYC. They are scared to test. Why? nothing Spreads a Virus like NYC Subways Governor. I Challenge you to test NYC. It's already in ALL 5 boroughs and you KNOW it.
    We have 10s of thousands in self Quarantine that wont stay in doors. So can i now where my N95 Respirator in a Bank you Moron. ( That's a law passed in 1845 look it up ).
    The N95 and P100 Mask and half mask Respirator work. Why do u think they wear them in hospitals dummy?

    mass quarantines in New York Subways in about 7-10 days tops. Our governor said walk to take a bike to work. Avoid Crowed Trains, THERE R
    P.S where is my hand sanitizer that won't work if im on the Subway ?

  13. bu k cuomo and his politicizing bs. he needs to take care of NYC and the crime problem there. does he even know about the crime and corruption problem in nyc??? or the rapid exodus from his state because of outrageous taxes and sanctuary cities and sanctuary state?

    isn't this governor the brother of the Cnn host that stuck his hand down his pants and rubbed it some guys face and then threatened him physically after he already assaulted him with his stank hand?? if i'm wrong please correct me!

  14. "China take 5-10 thousand tests per day? That's violation of human rights and freedom! Wait, South Korea is doing the same thing? That's a huge effort. Let's applaud for them!' Gotta love American double standards lol.

  15. Just think if America had opened up its borders to every Tom Dick & Harry, like the Lunatic Left wanted to, America would be TOTALLY fucked right now

  16. the test is ready and very cheap, but who needs real statistics? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8hjK34QPnEU

  17. The worst part of the story is Obama and Biden left Americans a broken health care system in the hands of the private insurance companies. BO Care, more corporate welfare at the expense of American lives.

  18. China refussed tp tell their own people for almost 2 weeks!!!! They are to Blame!!!! Many provisions could have been fastly made had they npt had such media constrictions and threats!😖😖😖😡😡😡😖😖😖 #stopeatinganimals4$$$

  19. Covid-19 emerged at seafood and live animal market in the Chinese city Wuhan, the capital of Hubei province, at the end of last year. Chinese filthy and disgusting eating habits and lack of food regulations have contributed to the rapid spread in China. A video of a woman eating bat in 2016 recently went viral on Chinese social media, causing the public to condemn. She later apologized for her ignorance. According to a report by the China Academy of Science, the virus caused coronavirus outbreak is very similar to viruses found in bats.

    The food market at the centre of deadly coronavirus outbreak admits selling live koalas, snakes, rats and wolves.These are not human-friendly domesticated animals for food bred over 1000s of years . This is gross insanity .

    Bubonic Plague, which devastated Europe several times, came out of China. Chinese merchants were trapping sickly marmots, which should have been left alone. The fleas , which carried the plague, came along with the pelts. Millions of Europeans died in repeated outbreaks. In one outbreak alone about 35% of all Europeans died.

    Several people who’ve traveled to China say Beijing is one of the dirtiest cities on earth, where its residents engage in public defecation as a matter of regular city life..a city of street shitters running neck and neck with New Delhi for the top spot of most disgusting cities and residents on the earth.

    This could have been avoided back in 2002 if the filthy wet markets had been shut down then after SARS. The Chinese government ordered that it not be reported to W.H.O. Dr. Li who died, tried to sound the alarm in late Dec and was forced to sign a statement by the Chinese government that he had made "false statements" I read that the Chinese have shut down all their wet markets but who knows. RIP Dr. Li- thanks for trying. Fantastic job China! Your gift to the world.

    What went wrong in the early days in China: The 'People's Daily' – official newspaper ignored the announced outbreak on January 1st. In fact, there was no mention of the epidemic for 20 consecutive days through January 20th.Acording to chinese medical experts living outside China it was interpreted in a way that this is nothing serious so there was a lack of urgent effective response to the outbreak at the local level in China.

    Lesson #1 : Close the filthy live-animal markets as soon as possible, this was NOT done !.Too many Chinese city dwellers eat wild animals.The SARS epidemic was eventually traced directly to the consumption of a small raccoon-like creature called 'civet'. Now the number one suspect in this COVIC-19 epidemic is the Pangolin, an anteater like animal that is consumed because of its supposed 'healing qualities' ( a MYTH ) for many diseases.Most of the live animal markets are illegal so they're are NOT well regulated.This is a really dangerous combination if we're looking at disease, microbes,pathogens, jumping species.

    Lesson 2 : Propaganda does NOT equal public health like the one Chinese government did with all those strange vides showing an unknown smoke being spread around in the cities, this smoke did not have any impact on the virus.

    Lesson 3: The role of the W.H.O. should be revised.On January 28, the director of the WHO came to Beijing for a meeting with President Xi Jinping, at that time China had 4,537 cases of infection from COVID-19.There ware 75,800 cases in Wuhan alone !But the director of WHO bent over backward to praise China's handling of the outbreak beacuse his words were to ensure that the Chinese relations remained positive. At that meeting the Chinese government insisted that the WHO delay any proclamation of a GLOBAL HEALTH EMERGENCY so the director of WHO complied without regard to the worldwide risk involved in doing so., very irresponsible decision to satisfy the Chinese government.

    Lesson 4 : Don't trust the numbers.It turns out that Chinese authorities have six time changed the method used to tabulate infected people which have medical experts around the world now doubting the value of their official figures.The numbers looked like completely fabricated figures. Lesson 5 : Epidemics are more likely to grow from the initial outbreak in an authoritarian society or a very corrupt society.The entire Chinese bureaucracy and security apparatus seeks to please the head of the government.

    In China the SARS epidemic was covered up by the Communist Party.So, its creating a culture inside China of cover up, lying, hiding the truth very much like what was seen in the old Soviet Union, where everybody want to please the higher-ups.The outbreak 17 years ago the government was notoriously dishonest about every aspect of the SARS epidemic.The same thing is happening this time.

    BTW, Ebola in Africa also originated in bats shitting all over persimmons which was consumed by gorillas and chimps and was transmitted to humans by Africans eating bushmeat at a wet market. Third World eating habits and sanitation practices are the cause of these epidemics.

    Can we joke about Chinese restaurants now or must we continue to pretend that all cultures are exactly the same? The jokes are based on the grain of truth that Chinese people really do eat weird filthy shit like bats, dogs,cats and guinea pigs. It is absurd to deny this. It is the mixture of species at these filthy wet markets that is the problem.

    In certain parts of Mexico armadillos are regularly eaten. They are a substitute for pork in general. Sometimes they are raised in armadillo farms. Armadillos carry the bacterium responsible for Hansen’s Disease aka leprosy.

  20. Some perspective…How many innocent little babies are going to be killed in the womb in his state during this virus?

    Hundreds???!!! Thousands???!!!

    This is the sane governor who got cheers from his Democratic lawmakers when he signed the late term abortion bill into law allowing killing a baby right up to the moment of birth!!!

    How F**king disgusting of them!!!

  21. No you are correct , as long as some of these fucking stupid assed people we have here in America keep getting on those damn cruise ships and planes for these "vacations" That they so desperately deserve to give themselves ,then bringing the shit back here , no it won't stop. CNN had on this morning a piece interviewing this lard assed woman who had left New York to Madrid for a vacation and she found out about the European travel ban . Her mother had told her to talk to her travel guide about coming back early. Use your fucking heads people , It is not the Presidents fault. If he closed all entry to the United States for a few weeks you would be screaming .OHHHHHH !!!! He is encroaching on my freedom trying to be a dictator!!!!! If he does not or something else you scream OHHHHHHH!!!!! He don't care , he is off playing golf , he don't know what to do. Some people are so fucking stupid they would bitch if their ice cream was cold.

  22. The Kits are made in China, the virus was created in China, The Democrats largest political foreign donor is China. Great job Democrats.

  23. Testing is not being done in Puerto Rico, they have to be sent to the mainland, we have labs here why can't we do the test here? The tests are being sent and the results are not arriving!


  25. Cuomo's not my favorite but I have to say that he's doing a better job than the feds. At least he's honest about the shortcomings we are facing here and that they are doing the best they can with what they have. I live in WNY and the virus hasn't gotten here yet and I think part of that is because of Cuomo's and his officials' handling of the situation.

  26. I am a New YOrk and I don't feel comfortable with cumo and debalso handling this virus. Dumb and dumber and CNN brings them on.

  27. This guy has politicized this virus as a weapon. Let's see him bail all the businesses out when they go under because the panic that he has caused

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  29. Dear Jake. I've been thinking "Why is Italy EXPLODING with this virus?" The Italians eat more pasta than anyone else in the world!! So, they grow their own tomatoes, olive oil & make their own pasta. My question is this "Do they import CHEAP garlic from china?" & if so, could the cheap garlic from China be carrying the virus??? I'm just an ordinary fella & no scientist!! Anyway, it was just a thought. Thank You. Eddie.

  30. Guys be safe but don’t buy the hype. This is NOTHING compared to H1N1, in 2009/10 when Obama/Biden did nothing to stop the spread. Look it up

    In the US alone per WIKIPEDIA; … ‘As of mid-March 2010, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimated that about 59 million Americans contracted the H1N1 virus, 265,000 were hospitalized as a result, and 12,000 died.’

    Take precautions but know that this is purely a politically motivated media hype job. Nothing more. This will be over by mid-May

  31. Why get tested if u have all the tests in the world will not help anybody if u feel sick stay the fuck home u don’t need a test u will just spread it to more people stay home no company you’re on your own good luck

  32. Trump should let Andrew take control! only one so far who jumped right on it!
    gotta tell yah he puts you at ease! like he did today! Trump looks like he has it!

  33. Here we go! The Marxist-Communist Mayors blames the Marxist-Communist Governor, which will blame: AMERICA-TRUMP-REPUBLICANS-INDEPENDENTS-WALMART-BILLIONAIRES-WHITE MEN-HOMELESS AND MANY MORE!

  34. I live in Seoul, South Korea so I know exactly how they made every effort to prevent the virus from spreading everywhere all at once without making people panic. Right from the start, they raised the threat level so that people were aware of the virus and to take things like sanitizing hands and wearing masks seriously. Buses and subways would have free masks and sanitizers for anyone who wanted to use them. Even now there are hand sanitizers in elevators for people to use before they go into their work or home after a commute. In the early days, you could count how many people weren’t wearing masks cuz the majority of the people did. Later on when the death count rose to 20s mostly in Daegu, pretty much everyone wore masks. Koreans normally wear masks whenever they have a cold or cough so others don’t catch it, but now we all wear it as a preventive measure. For the last three weeks, normal life came to a standstill. most people stopped commuting as much and stayed home. Restaurants and shops were pretty empty too cuz people just avoided crowds. Everyone knows the sacrifices they make now and the hardships they endure will keep the virus from spreading as much. Despite all that, you still see acts of kindness everywhere. Landlords are reducing rent or eliminating it for a few months so their tenants won’t have to feel so much stress and burden during this difficult time when they can’t work the usual amount. Generous people who manage to buy extra masks donate boxes to their local police or hospital knowing they can always put them to good use. Society seems to be acting as a whole to try to stem the tide instead of reacting individually. Maybe that kind of mindset and attitude is helping to keep the death rate as low as possible. Plus Korea has a very good health system in place.

  35. Don’t leave your loved ones lives up to lawmakers demand schools close we are the highest infected in the country. Call your representatives and if that doesn’t work pull your kids out . It will spread through the schools. And back to parents and grandparents. I called and emailed my representatives. God bless be smart be safe stand up for yourself and each other. We are NY

  36. The problem is our medical system isn't designed for pandemic. It's designed for making a systematic good profit with controlled and needed prevention. However; the US overall health is weak due to the US diet and jobs that don't require much exercise (desk/mind work). Not enough physical exercise and the mind is too fatigued after work other than wanting it's own rest.

  37. Maybe CNN should stop fear-mongering. Who needs a test? Assume everyone will get this disease, then mitigate. Old people are going to die anyways, so they can choose to get a hug or an extra few months of drugs. It's every man for himself,. the WHO director signaled this a month ago, the man was paid his whole life for this moment, and he refuses to speak in public. It boils down to who is more valuable to the future? 80- year olds who do not contribute to the economy ? Or babies in the womb that you idiots murder? Which would be an easier means of saving life, if it really is life you care about? You don't care. Everyone over age 50 who works with children needs to be retired and replaced with younger people. We can do that.

  38. Oh no this virus made in a lab is doung what we intended it to do what a shame we are sorry for all the people infected.


  40. Why did they reveal the lawyer's identity but haven't identified anyone else? I don't think they should be identified but wonder why some are and some aren't. ??

  41. So where was the outrage during the “Swine Flu” outbreak in 2009/2010 ? Do a simple online search to see how serious it was. I don’t remember there being around the clock coverage and criticism of President Obama. The only outrage I remember was directed at the pharmaceutical companies for not having enough flu vaccines, but no one blame d Obama for it. There wasn’t mass hysteria from the MSM and the left, despite the fact that Obama did very little if anything to try and contain the outbreak. Yes, this is something that needs to be taken seriously, but the left has made it purely political in an attempt to hurt President Trump. It will be interesting to see how little is said about this in a few months when the “outbreak” is over and it is shown that this was no worse than the common influenza virus. I suspect that very little if anything will be on CNN or MSNBC

  42. https://sunnybrook.ca/research/media/item.asp?c=2&i=2069&f=covid-19-isolated-2020&fbclid=IwAR2Tery2AJ6vzsx8Zn1dcrTcvkimTYRunol8VX3JAZXhK3eepZU5Bkq7Y2c

  43. Why are they saying keep windows closed? They claim it's not airborne and requires close contact or touching surfaces.

  44. Jake, is it possible for you to put your Country before your own partisanship? I know you think your the smartest guy in any room you enter, but take a hard look in the mirror.

  45. You're not going to stop a virus with any amount of testing. However data will tell you where it's been but not where it's going.

  46. To help out, I will refer to Fredos brother as Fredos Brother. So Fredos Brother, we sure hope you spend these funds your receiving in a right and appropriate manor. Eyes of the world are watching. Other than that, Happy Ides of March 3/15/20. What is the Ides of March. Those who think clearly know it is just a calender MARKER. Not what you wanted to hear right. And if you what to understand more it more than likely that it fell into the time frame of the Hebrews vs Egypt plague. Where it fell is based on when Passover falls yearly, it can come early or later in SPRING. Yes you only want to attach what you want to hear. See you soon Fredo

  47. The problem is the symptoms don’t show right the way so we shouldn’t feel comfortable until the virus appears suddenly

  48. nothing but political game once again. this is stupid, when it was swine flu that killed more people than coronavirus. was not treated like this, just putting fear in people. so stupid

  49. We get it in Europe. We are on a lock down and you will also be in a few days. Do it now, before you get the virus

  50. Together We Fight CO-VID 19! Video:(https://www.instagram.com/p/B9xIjInpSVa/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet) #NewRoStrong

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