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what up YouTube Jmel 316 you don’t know it it just got back in from City
watching the Knicks game versus the 76ers game started today at noon and ended about 3 something it was a disaster it’s a good game all the way to the end
where we lost 105 to 98 but all along through it I took a little pictures to
the little videos met some guys that was sitting behind me with a little Iverson
shirt pretty cool dudes they won thumbs up to
you buddy if you are here if you’re watching like
comment subscribe put your name down whatever it is I’ll give you a shout out
just because it was a good sport and next time I see you at the Garden I
will buy you some beer, just remember you know where I see it cuz just my seats, so
whenever you’re there come check me out that’s my section those are my seats
that’s where I hang out at. all I have to say is enjoy the show subscribe, like,
comment and share your boy Jmel 316 and this is sponsored by www.inspiredbyjmel.com get it boys Knicks Madison Square Garden Knicks game December 25 2017, were going to do this today, we are going to have some fun Wearing My Brandon Jennings shirt even tho hes no longer playing in the NBA and is playing overseas I’m still supporting him He has fans here These are my neighbor, right here these guys even though we’re gonna win maybe some chicken tender it’s staged in taking a video bring it holiday classics your Knicks City Dancers you ready to sing a little too No we going to take this win yeah New York that’s all she wrote, hope you liked this little clips
hope you like what I got for you, just keep in mind I have a little subscriber
thing going on I probably got about one hundred seven hundred eight 95 96 97 I’m
gonna do like a 200 subscriber thing where I’m just gonna give away a shirt
from my website look at the link below there’s a couple of things in there I am
upgrading updated all that’s updating all the time while I’m gonna be updating
all the time I actually I’m not sure don’t quote me on this “DON’T QUOTE ME ON THIS” I may want to give out two tickets whenever I hit a thousand subscribers to
the Knicks game that’s it Madison Square Garden to world
number one arena that’s where you’re gonna be sitting I’m not sure don’t
quote me on this is something I’m thinking about
don’t know but once again hope you enjoyed the show like, comment, subscribe HIT! that notification bell, that way when things are coming up we are growing
people I had a lot of things coming up t-shirts giveaways you name it
freebies videos collabos you might end up in one of my videos who knows!, but
what I have to say is love ya Your boy Jmel, let’s make it happen OUT!!!!!!


  1. I'm not a basketball fan, but I watched this video just because it's yours, Jmel316. I enjoyed it! You gave us a taste of what it's like to attend a Knicks NBA game. (I've never gone to an NBA game.) I really like the music you added. Maybe you could go to a Rangers NHL game and make a similar video for us, someday. Happy New Year!

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