NYC Man Who Swims to Work Every Day – Mini-Mocks

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– Most people who
have a long commute don’t also get to exercise. I figured out a way to do both. My name is Greg Washburn, and I swim across New
York City’s East River to get to work every day. I heard that they were
shutting down the L train, and I knew I had
to do something. I live in Williamsburg
and I love it. I’m not gonna leave
the neighborhood, I’d have to find
another coffee shop. I’m from San Francisco, I
used to swim in the bay, so this is no big deal. People ask if it’s
illegal, and I say, “Hey, when has that
ever stopped a white guy “who wants to get his way?” Plus, I get to wave
at all the hipsters cycling over the bridge. Yes, it’s a bit slower
than riding a bike, but it’s also a lot easier
to eat while swimming. And I get to pretend
that I’m an otter for a couple of
minutes every day. Working 60 hours a
week on Wall Street means I have to be incredibly
efficient with my time. So I squeeze in my morning
meditation podcasts while I’m swimming. Yes, I’m swimming in a
100 times the legal limit of fecal parts per million, but at least I’m not
touching an MTA subway pole. People think CrossFit is tough? I say, “Why don’t you try
Cross-the-East-River-Fit? “Then tell me who’s tougher.” I think the results
speak for themselves. And at the end of the day, I’ve
got the respect of my peers. Hey, sorry I’m late,
the current was crazy.


  1. I really wanted this to be real. Then I saw the guy eating in the middle of the water and was just like God damn it!

  2. Ew… Is the East river as dirty as the Hudson? Is it really illegal to swim? I thought it was just disgusting.

  3. Before I found out this wasn't real I'm like he swims every day soon he's going to get attacked by something big in them waters fuck that.

  4. If that was real he’d better watch out for a big Great White Shark. They will eat his little ass. But it’s not real.

  5. I have to walk 3 miles to get to work every day in 90°+ and was like "Wow guess I won't complain anymore" then realized it's a joke.

  6. “When has that ever stopped a white man from doing what he wants”
    That message went right over you alls heads. Straight from the horses mouth…
    They say there is no such thing as white privilege. 😆👌🏾

  7. Okay this video is a joke but it seemed like a plausible idea so i looked for a real life story

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