NYC’s BEST New PIZZA? New Golden Age of Pizza in New York: Manhattan Pizza (Ep 1)

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A very airy square slice. So light. Really
one of the best slices in New York City right now. We are in the Golden Age of
pizza right here folks in New York City Golden Age of New York City pizza
straight up Today’s pizza day. Pizza. Pizza. Pizza. New York City’s going through a pizza renaissance right now so we’re gonna show you in
this multi-part series some of the best new slice shops here in New York City.
Starting here in Manhattan we’re actually gonna start with a place that’s really
impressive It’s called Scarr’s and Scarr’s they
actually mill some of their own flour in the basement. That is truly next level
so they blend that in with some other flour they source from upstate New York.
And Scarr’s is named after the owner, Scarr Pimentel who’s a native New Yorker. He
wanted to take the old school slice shop and modernize it a little bit with higher
quality ingredients. First up we got regular and square slice. Start off with the classic
New York slice. Already got the nice New York fold. Look at it – no flop. It’s very
sturdy – let’s take a bite. The bite of the back of the crust by
itself too It’s crisp but has a nice chew to it. A
lot of oregano in the sauce which I personally really like. The mozzarella is
really nice and they also top it with a little Parmesan cheese for a little
extra funk to it. Try out their square slice. So this one looks really
nice they top it with basil, Parmesan and also drizzled some olive oil. This
one came fresh out of the oven so let’s take a bite it looks really good. Sauce is on top so you really get to
taste it. Very nice zesty tomato flavor. Let’s take a bite with the basil. A very airy
square slice. So light. This slice epitomizes new school New York pizza and this new
golden age. Classic New York right here. Absolutely. This area, Little Italy, in Manhattan has changed a lot over the years. It’s much smaller
than it once was and you wouldn’t normally come here for pizza, but there’s
actually a new school place that opened up late in 2019 called Manero’s. First slice we got from Manero’s is the margherita and the first thing that
stands out right away is how fluffy this cornicioine is. So that’s the edge of the
pizza for those who don’t know. It’s very fluffy look at that but it’s also really
dark brown it’s got a really nice bake to it. Kind of reminds you of say a
Neapolitan style the way it’s puffy on the edges but with the New York twist.
This really is a perfect fusion of the two. This looks delicious this margherita. So you have the fresh mozzarella. There’s actually thin slices of garlic so if you’re a
Goodfellas fan, it looks like they cut it with the razor. And then they got the big
slice of basil right here. Oh it’s a really nice…I can’t even talk about it anymore, I need
to take a bite. It’s just calling my name. So let’s fold it. That sliced garlic adds so much flavor to it. You don’t often see whole slices of garlic on margherita slice
like this. Wow now with this puffy cornicione, I wanna take a bite of the back
edge too. Excellent. It’s a perfect char on the bottom. Mmm what a great slice. We
also love burrata, so we saw you can add burrata to a slice, we figured
why not? So we got a regular slice that has the sauce on top and the fresh
burrata look at that. Looks so creamy and it looks so creamy – fold it
up and take a bite. That is ridiculously creamy and the burrata is so cool to
contrast the warm slice. We love burrata on pizza it’s so decadent. Kick of
garlic in there too – wow. Love that they don’t hold back on the garlic at this place.
Big fan of garlic. We’re outside Gotham West Market at Corner Slice. The reason why it’s called Corner Slice
because all they sell here are square slices. So you know they call it the
corner slice it’s the one at the edge of the pan that’s the one you want – it’s desired. Extra crust. And what’s awesome about this place they only sell square slices.
Gonna start off here with a tomato slice A very unique slice. It’s very thin
there’s no mozzarella, so it’s fresh tomato there’s a lot of herbs and
Parmesan. There’s also sliced garlic on top. So let’s take a bite. Mmm crunch right away. This is one of the airiest slices I’ve had in New York City
and being this thin it’s even more impressive. So you really taste the flavor of those herbs. The oregano is very strong that Parmesan cheese really comes in and gives it a nice a little bit of saltiness to it then you have that garlic but the
tomatoes are so nice and tangy it’s a really good slice. Now we got our corner
slice. This is the pepperoni. This has the fresh mozzarella, has a little bit of sauce on
top you see some basil but it has those extra special what we call “roni cups,”
that’s the pepperoni with the natural casing that crisps up when you cook it
like this so get those little puddles of oil inside. And this one also has some
oregano as well so let’s take a bite That crust is just so airy. That’s what
makes these spots like these specials is just the attention to detail on that
crust it’s so airy delicious and the pepperoni cup it’s so crispy on the
outside You can crunch this too. Can’t wait to eat mine. Mmm wow. Just want to nibble on these roni cups. They’re like pepperoni chips. Mmm wow. So airy! Alright so we are outside Upside Pizza and a cool story about Upside Pizza – we’re actually in like a dead zone for good food – we’re actually in a wasteland for good food right blocks away from Times Square. So the owners are Two Bros. They actually own this place. So Two Bros is a famous dollar slice joint here in
the city. So they opened up a place called Upside Pizza that has focus on
more high quality ingredients and it’s a little pricier for slice but they use
sourdough starter so no commercial yeast everything is much lighter, sits
well in your stomach. We got sausage and it also has two
types of peppers. They make the peppers in-house too. It’s spicy and sweet peppers. So it’s those ground sausage chunks that we love let’s take a bite The sauce on top of the cheese the sausage is
really meaty juicy but what really makes this slice stand out is those spicy and
sweet peppers. You get that spicy kick that takes this slice to another level. And look how thin and crisp this crust is. Gonna take a bite of the side. Along with Louie and Ernie’s in
the Bronx, this is one of the best sausage slices in the city. Wow!
And of course we had to get a square slice here and their square slices are
very special. So if you saw our Detroit style pizza video, we’ll put a card up
here, they do a similar style here. So it gets those caramelized cheese edges from
the special pans and they put the sauce on top like a racing stripe. So we’re gonna
take a bite. Mmm very light airy most importantly I take a bite of the crispy
cheese edge It’s very rare to get a Detroit
style cheese edge on a single slice here in the city so definitely check them out. We’re at our last stop, which is Mama’s Too. That’s right. Mama’s Too – it’s not the number two at
the end it’s actually t-o-o like “too” And that’s because this spot is owned by the son of the other Mama’s which is down the block it’s an old-school Upper West
Side pizzeria. So this is a new school twist Mama’s Too. They’re known as one of the best pizzerias in the city. One of the best new spots exactly why we wanted to
highlight it. They were actually written up in the New York Times. It got one star a couple of years ago which is a big deal for just a neighborhood slice joint. Our final
stop of the day and we got this beauty right out of the oven. This is the house
slice. The house slice is like the regular slice and the first thing you notice is
how puffy the cornicione is on the outside that it’s really fluffy kind of
like Manero’s, but look at that hole structure there. It’s very light crisp. It’s
covered in basil. So much basil. We love it. There’s sauce on top of the cheese
and you have the grated Parmesan there’s olive oil this is like a classic
slice just taken to another level Let’s take a bite. Looks so good and the
bottom is just perfectly cooked look at that Oh my god This is incredible. This is really a
classic New York slice taken to a whole other level. If you are a lover of basil
like we are and fresh parmesan and olive oil this is your slice right here. We also have
sopressata slice with hot honey and the vodka. Vodka slice. Ooh it’s hefty.
There’s a lot of basil on top, grated Parmesan vodka sauce Very rich this one. The sides of the
caramelized cheese kind of like Detroit style, but not as heavy, not as much of a rise as Detroit style, but we do have a nice little frico edge the crisp cheese.
Sopressata with hot honey look at that. So the sopressata is the big slices
they curve up like the Roni cup pepperoni that you saw at Corner Slice.
So you see there’s that oil that’s in there hot honey let’s take a bite. The sopressata’s so good. Sopressata’s
like pepperoni on steroids you know you got the big slices and it’s really crunchy
like that pepperoni from before. It’s salty and a little sweet from the honey
but you also get that spicy kick from the spicy honey this is good stuff too.
This was my pick Oh god sopressata with honey is my pick I need to fold this thing


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