Obama has not caused the Trump economy: Art Laffer

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  1. Are you unaware that the Federal Reserve is responsible for the boom of the stock market. And will be responsible for bring it down. Do some research.


  3. What I remember was1.9% the new normal 1.9% get used to it, when a golibal warming theorist look at you and says he's or she is for the economy there lyeing, we can have a good economy and work to save the earth, if mortal man can do such of a thing, save the earth that is, from what it does anyway, they lie, they probley have invested a lot of money in things like carbon collections and such, tax plans, you know regular money makeing stuff

  4. George Washington was responsible for Obama's economy. Obama spent all his time commiting war crimes all over the World with the help of Hillary and Kerry.

  5. Obama has not caused the Trump economy. Yet, the Trump economy is still the result of the Obama economy. Tariffs should be imposed on every country until they are willing to say that Trump is King of The Galaxy!

  6. How the f are they still calling this a recovery in the stock markets? What's going on in stocks is bad right now! There will be a very very dark day ahead that'll extinguish a lot of money for many people.

  7. LOL trump is an economist — hahaha

    when did Fox news become so funny with these parody pieces

    trump doesnt know anything
    he is completely incompetent
    he is a con man fraud
    and he is an economist? along with his crooked goldman sachs crony?

    and both of you MF’s didnt even say anything that Trump did to make the economy better — you two
    idiots said nothing. how stupid do you think the viewers are?
    good fake news

  8. First and for most presidents really have nothing to do with economical growth it’s if people are spending there money or holding on to it.. so for either president to claim that it’s ridiculous…

  9. Lets do the math Obama TWO terms in office no economic growth, president Trump ONE year and the economy is booming. FYI less is better

  10. WEll aside of this 2'd term thatDJTrump will serve may GOD allows it to happen and the USA may DJTrump may serve as PRESIDENT for another EIGHT MORE YEARS in JESUS Christ Mighty NAME Amen – Amen,,,

  11. I cannot imagine Obama could go this low to claim credit for the great current US economy. Didn't he say he had no "magic wand' to bring jobs back ? When you go high Obama goes even lower ! Lol

  12. Obama said you would need a magic wand .Well he had 8 years to make things better and he didn’t he lies like the rest of the Demorats.

  13. I have 1 question if the economy is doing so well why is he saying the economy is not doing well when he denied federal workers a raise? Which is it?

  14. Obama, Do The Math, You Can NOT Grow The U.S.A. Economy BY ALL Of The WASTEFUL SPENDING You & The Democrats & RINOS Did, PLUS BY RAISING Our U.S.A. NATIONAL DEBT BY TRILLIONS Of DOLLARS HIGHER THAN ALL Of The U.S.A. Presidents Combined Before You, Did! Obama, You Can FOOL Some of The People Some of The Time, BUT You CAN NOT FOOL ALL Of The PEOPLE ALL Of The TIME! Obama, You Did NOT FOOL The OVER 250 MILLION U.S.A. CITIZENS, Who NEVER VOTED FOR You, Out of The Over 300 MILLION U.S.A. CITIZENS! Obama, You ONLY FOOLED ABOUT 50 MILLION U.S.A. CITIZENS TO VOTE FOR You!


  16. Looks like Obama is suffering from the same disease as Biden! They both think they are the King of the hill when in fact they both do not understand the working class. Even at the end of Obamas term the job market was the worst. Everyone was looking for a job and there was none! Sorry Obama but your memory sure has faided I no because I was one over 50 who could not find work till Trump came in office.

  17. Obama's "recovery" brought us 5 years of median household income DECREASES Not to mention how he crippled healthcare by removing free market health insurance – thus tripling premiums for countless families.

  18. Thank God Obama is out of the picture. Though these days they can be photographed following Trump and Melania wherever they go. I guess he and big Mike do all they can to get into every trip the Trumps make so that they can be seen following. He will never accept that he sucked at the job, got booted out and that the new guy is doing a really, really fantastic job despite the mess Obama left him. Not to mention those cockroaches in the Oval Office that he left. It was utterly infested. Somewhere on YT there's a video about that. Worst POTUS in history cannot seem to get the point that he isn't POTUS and that he will never be cited as a great one. GET A LIFE, OBAMAS!

  19. When Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize for basically winning the '08 election while being black told me a lot about endemic corruption in DC back then. Now in 2020, we know with 90% certainty that his inaugural election was probably similarly manipulated by deep state. So he was illegally placed as president and then immediately given the NP prize for what?? His work as a Chicago community organizer?? He better get back there and finish the job because Chicago really needs his incredible skills more than ever.

  20. You always want the credit, what a clown Mr. Obama. You should never have been elected to a position you were not allowed to run for. You are not a citizen of the U.S. Ask your family?

  21. Maybe you only “think” Trump understands the economy, because if he was so Economically savvy how do you explain this, out of the last ten presidents 6 have had a higher GDP than Trump ever has? So maybe he is not as good you think he is or as stable a genius as HE thinks he is.
    By some strange osmosis, maybe you should question your own common sense, because Somehow when Trumpers talk about Trump, they don’t bother with those pesky fact checks, and they just pour out accolades to their deity.
    Also, if you think back to when Obama lost the senate, that was when the era of Mitch McConnell started and he blocked every single thing Obama tried to do. Republicans can’t weaponize politics and then turn it around on the politician they are blocking, but that is exactly what the Republicans did with Obama and Still do to this day.
    All this blaming for Obama this and Obama for that,…God that makes you sound stupid.

  22. That’s exactly why President Trump refund those idiots greedy selfish individuals wanting to tell him their ideas and wanted him to do their barking……….go Trump people….

  23. Oh I got it now , since the recession and depression is no where near to be seen . Now it's Obama's economic growth.. hahaha

  24. "Trump will be bad for the economy."–Barry the Fairy Obama.
    "I will take full credit for the great economy for the past 3 years."–Barry the Fairy.

  25. It is beyond absurd to state that the momentum of 100 months of positive economic recovery under Barack Obama has nothing to do with the trajectory of Don the CON's blatant "crime syndicate" economy. Complete with COLOSSAL DEBT EXPLOSION and COLOSSAL FUNNELING OF 83% of ALL the MASSIVE Tax Cuts to the top 1%. ( estimated at 3 TRILLION ). And therefore this Laffer guy is just that – a "laugh". Absurdly non credible – just based on common sense alone. No economics degree required.

  26. Barack Obama inherited a National Deficit of $1.4 trillion and by the end of his 2nd term he reduced it to $587 billion.  Part way through Donald Trump’s 1st term, the National Deficit had ballooned back to over $1 Trillion.  Donald Trump’s government is losing money like his businesses do.

  27. obama 🤣🤣🤣God bless President Trump❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  28. Ask Obama how come we never got none of the Stimulus $787 Billion that Joe Biden had to keep track of 🙄🙄 besides the max 57 people they hired with all that money , what happened to the money ? It was never used in the US .. ah right they did find some of it in Hong Kong .. I wonder why Hong Kong got more than all Americans together 🧐🤨 as it was a transparent presidency can they show us, where the money went .. bet not

  29. The headline should be… "Media gets duped again by a former President by an off the cuff tweet." This is a Democratic idea thought up by someone in the party to try and deflate the Good Economy from the policies the Trump Administration has implemented. It's nasty politics again plain and simple. Nice try but the people that know the truth can see the truth and not some lie sent out by the party. They say the Russians interfered in 2016 but it's well timed political media hysteria like Obamas tweet that try and skew the people from seeing the real truth. Obama is yesterday's news and instead of talking about policies the fringe democrat candidates are talking about, the media runs this BS, a tweet trying to hide the laughable economic policies any of the Democrat candidates intend to set forth if elected. Come on it's smoke and mirrors and political fog.

  30. It's crazy how the sun never came up under obama. But Trump fixed all that. Wow that was so objective. Longest recovery ever but it's all trump? Ya

  31. For the most part the impeached president has managed to avoid de-railing the economic recovery initiated by the Obama administration.  What is new is the significant decline in well paying jobs. Middle class Republicans are fed up with Trump and are leaving the party.

  32. Obama is a joke compared to President Donald Trump no reason to try to explain I like Trump and that’s what we gonna keep, trash Obama it’s him in the garbage 🗑 can

  33. Laffer is as wrong now as he was in 2006 when he said the Bush economy was in great shape, and that there was no recession anywhere in sight, and denied there was a housing bubble.

  34. The "Laffer Curve", cut taxes to increase tax revenue, borrowed from Ayn Rand, pushed by Alan Greenspan, implemented by Reagan. It failed economically, in office Reagan (fact) raised taxes more times than he cut taxes because the Fed budget deficit increased rapidly.

  35. Hmmm, Did Obama "re-build" that exonomy" in his own and partners interests? Did a team work to crash the market just for that? Hmmm.

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