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In this video we’re going to cover all
the need to know stuff for agents that are completely new to The Division 2. And with our new expansion – Warlords of New York we’re heading back to the Big Apple.
So let’s make sure you’re ready to hit the ground running. Now if you’re anything like me
you’ll probably want to take a quick look at the options menu, find the
controls for your appropriate platform and refer back to it if you’re ever
stuck with knowing what to press to get the desired result. Found it? Nice. Let’s get
stuck in. At its core The Division 2 is a cover
based third-person shooter and knowing how to use cover and handle your weapons
are the first things on our list for today.
Here we’re going to take some cover where you can also move back and forth. Then if we aim we’ll be ready to fire on
our target. Once you stop aiming you’ll also pop back into cover, which is nice
for when you need to reload, apply an armor kit, deploy a skill or just to take
yourself out of the line of fire to plan your next action. Now from here we could
perform a cover to cover move by holding down the button that you’ll see pop up
as a prompt on your UI or you could leave the cover by pressing the button
that attached you to the cover in the first place. Just as a quick side note
it’s always nice to remember that grenades can be thrown from behind cover
so keep an eye out for the right opportunity. Next up let’s take a look at identifying
enemies. Of course if they’re shooting you, punching you, running at you with
bats, shooting flames at you and generally being not very nice and that’s
usually a good sign that they aren’t your friend. But what if you want to be
more tactical with your approach? Here the mini-map is going to be your friend.
Pay attention to the red indicators for the direction of potential threats and
start assessing the field for your next target. Enemies have different types of
health bars which will give you an indication of how difficult they’ll be
to take down. Red bar enemies don’t have any armor you’ll need to worry about, but
Elite enemies will pose a different challenge with an armor bar that you can see
here. This armor bar will need to be depleted before you can damage their
health pool and take them out. You could get through The Division 2 without
worrying about enemy weak points but you’d be making things way harder on
yourself, so here’s what you need to know. Usually enemies will have a weak point
that is simple to identify – gas tanks , ammo pouches things like that.
Now if you see this indication in your UI, congratulations you’ve found a weak
point. And doing enough damage to it will trigger a reaction that’ll make the
enemy way easier to take down. Combat in The Division 2 wouldn’t be complete
without some skills and as an agent you’ll be able to equip two skills,
provided that you’ve acquired them at the Base of Operations or at Haven by
spending the SHD tech that you’ve found out in the world.
If you’ve boosted your character straight to level 30 that’s not
something you’ll need to worry about though,
since all of the skills will automatically be unlocked. Each skill
acts a little differently depending on

the type of role that you want to play.
Are you a lone wolf looking for a bit of assurance maybe they’re revive hive is
for you. Do you want a robo friend to shoot things for you and keep you
company when the bullets start flying? Maybe the turret will be you go to.
Regardless of what you choose it’s always a good idea to play around with
your new skills before you reach an engagement so that you’re comfortable
with how to deploy them. Some skills will require targeting. Some can be dropped at
your feet with a double tap of the appropriate button and others will just
be super nice and follow you around. Remember you can switch skills at any
time, provided that you’re not in combat. You’re also going to need to know about
armor kits if you want to stay alive but the good news is that it’s pretty
simple. See this armor bar? If it gets depleted any
damage you take will start lowering your health and we don’t want that. So just
hold down the appropriate button until the armor ket is applied and you’ll be
good to go again. And as I mentioned before this is one of those things
you’ll probably want to do behind cover or somewhere you’re not actively taking
damage. Once you hit the level 30 which you may elect to do if you own
the Warlords of New York expansion as soon as you enter The Division 2 for the
first time, you’ll also have access to Specializations. You can choose or change
your Specialization at the Base of Operations in D.C. or at the Haven in New
York. I said before The Division 2 is a cover
based shooter, but we didn’t really talk

about the core thing that drives it – the
loot. In our new expansion it’s easier than ever before to identify items of
value. Just check the stats here and you’ll be able to see how close it is to
its maximum possible roll and if a particular stat is maxed out you’ll see
it highlighted. Congratulations, you might want to hold on to that one. Ok so before
we wrap up here it’s worth noting that if you’re having any trouble with a
mission or activity in the game then you’re almost certain to have the
ability to adjust the difficulty for that content. Just check on the map or
the mission selection for these types of options, and of course you can always
match make to group up with other agents to take on things as a team or you can
call for backup when you’re in need of a helping hand. The Division 2 is a deep tactical
experience that can’t be covered in just one video, but the good news is there’s a
huge community of awesome agents out there in D.C. and New York that’ll be just
as excited as we are to bring you in to the fault. Welcome and good luck out


  1. Fix bullet sponges please I dont know why enemy kills me so easy while they never dies like terminator?

  2. devs dont know how to play there own game so hit up content creators channels to let you know whats up lol

  3. Só faltou baixar a dificuldade do jogo e também poder jogar off line, pois essas missões não dá pra fazer sozinho nem a pau.

  4. Tip nr1 always have a reviver hive equipped
    Tip nr2 dont play until they made the some npc balance changes.
    In its current state it is rather frustrating to newbies.
    Even on normal for that matter.

    And why nerf the only good gun the negev?
    You should have brought the other guns to its level

  5. Guys!
    I have been waiting for this update for a year. Because I told myself. I'll start playing then. When the New York expansion comes out. And most importantly, the developers do not screw up. otherwise, I would forever put an end to both the Division and the UBi series. I have not played the game for a year. So you posted the video. I felt that everything will be fine. And you know what. Indeed, this update did not disappoint like the developers. Everything is very cool. The heroism mode in the game world is AWESOME! The idea with the renegades is simply GREAT. New York is beautiful (because the developers have finally chosen the right color for the background. And also the color palette of the overall picture. The idea with the Renegades is also great! So it’s very glad that you did your best and made high-quality content!

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  7. Please Ubisoft make an assassin's creed in babylon with Iltani. 🙏 Iam playng Origins right now and it's a masterpiece, just wow.

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