OMNY Update: March 2020

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Hello New York! The OMNY rollout
continues this month, bringing the new fare payment system to additional subway stations throughout the Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. First, OMNY will be
enabled at stations on the five line from Morris Park to the end of the line
at Eastchester Dyre Avenue. Next we will bring OMNY to stations on the two and
three lines. We will enable OMNY at stations uptown from Central Park North
110 Street to 135 Street on the two line, and Harlem 148
Street on the three line. We will also enable OMNY at Wall Street in Manhattan,
Clark Street and Hoyt Street in Brooklyn, providing you with a more complete
network of OMNY enabled stations along the two and three lines. After that, OMNY
will be enabled at stations on the A and C lines in Brooklyn, from Hoyt Schermerhorn to Euclid Avenue, providing you with connections to stations on the G, J, Z,
and L lines along the way. OMNY will be available along the entire C line once
this is complete. Then we’re bringing OMNY to two stations on the seven line
in Queens: Mets-Willets Point, and Flushing Main
Street. Finally, OMNY will be enabled on board all local buses in Manhattan. This means that you
will be able to tap and go on board bus routes beginning with the letter M
including Limited Bus Service. Select Bus Services are coming next month. By the
end of March, you’ll be able to use OMNY at almost thirty new subway stations,
and more than 30 new bus routes, providing you with many more transfer
points and round trips. Throughout the rollout you can continue to use your own
contactless card or smart device to pay your fare and enter the system. OMNY
continues to support a full fare pay-per- ride option for now with free transfers
at OMNY enabled subway stations and bus routes. If you use other fare options
like unlimited ride passes and reduced fares or if you transfer to stations and
routes that are not yet OMNY enabled, keep using MetroCard until OMNY is
right for you. For more information, and up-to-date list of all OMNY enabled
stations and bus routes Visit, and check out this OMNY
video playlist.


  1. Saw OMNY @Gun Hill Rd on the Dyre Av Branch earlier this week, gonna fully see it today, saw it on an Orion VLL Old Generation (the one of my profile pic) which was on the M5, you guys are doing good with OMNY

  2. A couple of comments:
    1) Can we get a video of a subway turnstile being updated with the OMNY reader? It would be really interesting to see the process.

    2) Can the MTA put some pressure on companies like WageWorks to at least allow their commuter benefit credit cards to be added to digital wallets like Apple Pay and others? I was using OMNY every day until my WageWorks card came…now I'm back to a MetroCard. 🙁

    3) While these monthly videos and updates are great, how about posting the planned dates for the rest of the system on the website? I'm sure that schedule is basically in place.

  3. Yet the BMT Broadway Line is not yet at 100%, including Midtown stations. At least the remainder of the (2) and (3) from north of Barclays Center is going to be taken care of.

  4. Hopefully they come to Brooklyn buses as well. This would be very beneficial to its drivers and the passengers.

  5. The MTA automatically charged my Citibank electronic credit card on my iPhone without my permission. Beware of the OMNY machines. They can charge your card w/o your permission.

  6. I don't have a credit card or a reader on my phone. but thank god they still will support cards you can buy at stations once the metro card is over.

  7. What type of technology does this device utilize?? How does it send its information that a customer paid??

  8. Why not bring OMNY to my west end D line to my 25th Ave line or my N line in brooklyn to my Ave U already MTA! ??????

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