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We are a community that has established the
rights we have already achieved. We have a lot of experience to share and impart
& that can form the basis for future campaigns. Celebrate the culture. Our culture is difficult to describe but when
we meet we know what its about. Opening Doors London offers social activities,
advice, advocacy a befriending service and also, as much as possible, a sense that older
LGBT people have a voice that’s going to be heard. I don’t feel like a pensioner. I don’t feel 72 I feel 28 at times. I have been using Opening Doors for 3 or 4
years I think, I always like to look on the website and see what events are coming up. Each and every month we offer some 40 events
& activities. Those events range from walking groups, lunch
clubs, outings in art groups, all sorts of groups. Opening Doors is very good at becoming the
agent for reconnecting a lot of us. It gives me a bit of a social life that I
wouldn’t otherwise have. I think its having an effect that I look better,
and younger – so it can’t be bad… This is about being active, proactive, engaged,
not hiding and promoting the very active role played by LGBT people. Opening Doors has acquired a reputation for
well delivered training and we have a number of people who give training. I would like to encourage people of all ages,all ethnicities, from all parts of the LGBT communities to become involved in Opening Doors. I take people to museums and existing venues
and I make sure that people stay together and have a good time I help run a monthly women’s film night and then I do the befriending scheme. I don’t think people realise how happy I
am to have befriender. Its really good. We might go to the cinema or we might stay
indoors. I hadn’t been to Pride for years and I mean
years. And Harriet got everything arranged for me
it was absolutely fantastic that day, absolutely brilliant. Eleanor Roosevelt said beautiful young people
are a miracle of nature, beautiful old people are a miracle of art.

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