OPI Asks Men to Get Their First Manicure LOS ANGELES

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– Yeah, I’m bungee jumping right now, I’ve jumped off the bridge. (pensive music) – I think I did it
without hitting the skin. – Vinny, why are you coloring your nails? – My name is Derrick, Derricks Bracks, I’m a commercial real estate broker. – My name is Tyler Hylland,
I’m a DJ, a bartender. – Hi, my name is Vinny Balbo,
I’m a professional dancer, I’m a social media marketer. – A very interesting
thing is happening today. I’m about to get my nails
painted for the very first time. – Well I used to paint my nails a lot when I was in middle school. – This is my first time having nail polish done in a long time. – I’m gonna go all out and
go with this glittery blue. – I think I really want to do this one. – I really like this silver color, it feels like the nails
are metal, and then the red is a little pop of color. – I’m kind of speechless right now. (customers chatter) Before this morning, this
was miles away from something I would ever, ever in my life think about. I got some mixed reactions. One lady say, “Not on a man, no.” But another lady said to me, “She doesn’t know what
she’s talking about.” “You look great in that blue.” – I love the color, I was thinking it would look good on my toes. – My wife, she’s cool, if I
decided to wear nail polish on any particular day, she’d be the one to paint it, because I’d
certainly have it all up my hands. – I might do it more often now that I’ve seen how my friends react. – To me, I love that he can do it. Whatever it is that you want to do with your own body is good with me. – [Vinny] Three stereotypes
of what a man should be. – Men should not cry. – [Vinny] A man should
not show his emotions, – You have to be strong. – Be really strong. – Strong and providing,
you have to be into sports. – And I’m gonna add this one,
men don’t wear nail polish! – Discussing with my friends
how it makes me feel more open. Free, it makes me feel
free, it makes me feel able to completely express
myself, like empowered. – I do feel empowered, I don’t know why. If you are comfortable with yourself, a man should be able to do
it, and not just a gay man or an artistic man, it’s just any man. – Things like this is our
step in the right direction of ending gender stereotypes. (happy music)


  1. Emasculing men is disgusting. Another company to boycott. Enjoy watching you your company go downhill. All the OPI I own is in the trash.

  2. +opiproducts Bernadette Banner is witness to the New York, NY, USA, fashion scene — evidence a reply to a comment by Arthur Yeon on her vid "2018 Sewing Projects: A Year In Review":
    "Men in skirts, men in make-up, men with nails, men in heels; they all do it so well here in New York, at least…." I favor a very narrow range of nudes and beiges for an Infinite Shine™ trial, as I'm primarily interested in how the formula performs in the medium-term in real-world conditions.

  3. My man let's me paint his toes, it's fun for all. Don't touch my OPIs without my permission though..lol.

  4. Love this video, people should be able to express themselves without being pressured into society's little black and white boxes. #showyourtruecolours #stopgenderstereotyping

  5. Why are they forcing big hard back man 2 put on nail polish? Why?? Nail polish should strictly stay 4 ppl that were born FEMALES!!

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