1. I've invented a new game, called "Make the shelves look empty", where you move things all the way to the back, and make them stand as concentrated as possible, to maximise the empty shelf space as possible. That makes the shelf look empty, and raisesimproves peoples panic levels! 😈

  2. Nice to see one of these videos where people are not all freaking out. It’s important that people know the shortages are occurring and growing, but it can be dealt with in a rational intelligent manner.

  3. "im going to go to Costco, Target and Walmart to get infected to buy products to prevent me from getting infected"………

  4. But, you're already exposed WITH EACH OTHER, YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO KEEP YOUR BODIES AT A DISTANCE. Now, you will share with your family. Not very smart.

  5. Meanwhile, feral failed state banana republic illegal aliens mariachi dance to and fro in your 'sanctuary city' courtesy of Chuck Schumer, Bil DeBlasio and Andrew Cuomo.

  6. You should be demanding your Democrat leaders ( Ah ha ha haaaaa ) Andrew Cuomo, Bil DeBlasio, Chuck Schumer to take the Wuhanvirus test.

  7. You people are nuts and are doing nothing to help the situation. I'm a truck driver there will be more deliveries tomorrow and no shortages stop panicking. Seeing you all Panic buying makes me lose faith in humanity stop watching the news

  8. i knew grocery stores,target, walmart were a no go for me.. i just went to the dollar store and i got everything i needed

  9. People are moronic, the doctors isolation and limit your exposure to other people. So what does every fool do rush to the stores and pack them out, arm to arm.

  10. Lady, get yourself some Clorox bottles and rehusable wipes. There is no need to buy all of that Bounty paper towels. Plus let me tell you one thing, keep away from people!! You already exposed yourself out there with all those people. This virus is no joke! Take care. Greetings from Bologna (North Italy)

  11. ..even the news anchors haven't been paying enough attention to be prepared.. 😖😫😔
    Stay safe everyone! ✌❤

  12. This whole shopping craze for "doomsday" is soooo dumb. This just helps spread the disease more with how many people are doing this.

  13. This is no big deal.I have traveled overseas and seen much worse. We have been insulated too long in this county to the realities out there. Deal with it people.

  14. Thank you for not being greedy and buying all of everything. A lot of these youtubers are bragging that they got the last 10 packs of toilet paper.

  15. Good thing the U.S doesnt have to deal with Ebola and lassa fever like they do in Africa. I could only imagine the panic

  16. Everywhere me and my family go, it is slim pickings shopping! The coronavirus is really affecting shopping life.

  17. Soon they are going to put a limit as to how many lbs of 💩we can deposit, so much toilet paper? I see that isolation can become another problem…a huge one🤣🤣

  18. I just got enough bottled water. Can't stand brushing my teeth with tap water they always feel dirty afterwards with tap water, call me weird but don't be GREEDY at the store!

  19. In the Philippines we use tabo, cleans better than toilet paper and save the earth. I made a video about it.

  20. In the Philippines we use tabo, cleans better than toilet paper and save the earth. I made a video about it.

  21. I bet all the vitamin supplements sections are fully stocked … toilet paper will not make things better . Unless you have a bad case of diarrhea. 💩💩💩💩💩💩

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