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was the last time you practiced kindness do you remember
how it made you feel or even better when was the last time somebody you weren’t
expecting was kind to you when we’re lucky enough to share such a
special moment with a friend or a stranger it can leave us beaming
with joy and bliss for the rest of our day yet we’re so
focused on ourselves that we sometimes forget to look around with the intention
of acting with kindness we all know and recognize
how wonderful kindness truly is when it’s shared
we don’t often get out of our way to practice it and so today we wanted to
reward someone who does just that spreading kindness
unconditionally on a regular basis without expecting anything in return our
goal is to find a stranger somewhere in los angeles who can refer us
to someone in their life who stands out to them as a true
giver we then find a way to surprise and reward them with a 24-hour
transformation of a part of their home that needs it
the most and so matamar and i walked out on the streets of los angeles to start
looking for that unconditionally kind stranger
thomas for some reason is so excited i read an
article that said excitement and nervousness actually similar parts
of the brain so if you’re nervous you can make yourself excited
ladies and gentlemen we’ve got brain hacker thomas bragg
he reads articles i read about it in a book
we’re gonna go and try and find a stranger today who is gonna help us lead
to another stranger who’s home we will renovate we’re back at it again
let’s do it some people have been wondering why
we’re not uh all three uh all the time in episodes and the
reality is we’ve decided to sometimes divide and
conquer so this year one of our goals is to make sure that we
film more all of us together wow hey man good question no no
okay this is off to a great start off to a great start where are the strangers at
oh guys okay we get it dude excitement is here it’s the same thing no i’m
nervous where are we going right now there’s
literally why is this how is this a good idea let’s go to the desert
something in my heart let me hear did you hear that no she said something
about someone being kind i’m not even joking what do you guys do how are you a man
what’s your name my name is coach irma i love your energy so much thank you
we’re doing a project around kindness and we’re going around asking people we
were doing videos and commenting on kindness and love and because we’re
literally here to do that when i walked past you and i was like wait hold on
guys i think her so the question is who’s someone in your life that gives
unconditionally and expects the least i would have to say i
have a young lady named brandy she is a student of ours she’s gone her
second uh 100 miler she finished in 39 hours and is she’s
selfless always gives gives gives kids she’s a
teacher she works with kids that are
underprivileged and she’s just a gem wow well
basically what we’re trying to do is to try and surprise a stranger by
remodeling their home in a way that could get them to a place
of just feeling like their home is is a sacred place we would love to pay
her a visit yes and propose the idea of letting us
go into her place and renovate it in 24 hours
let’s do it oh now it’s on can we invite you guys to my gym yeah
she comes every single morning she usually gets there at five or six am
okay i know so here we go oh my god what just happened hell yeah
this stuff just happened you can’t script it well mission accomplished in
30 minutes uh ammar you were right about the location early morning surprise it’s best way to
start the day i can’t think of anything better
oh yeah yeah so we’re just coming out hot just three
dudes fully dressed in the gym yep with a camera surprise hi everyone my name is amar we have a
youtube channel called yesterday so we went out on the street
asking strangers who’s the kindest person you know
one of the strangers that we went up to on the street was irma and she said
oh brandi and she proceeded to tell us a little bit about your story
and we were just blown away so the actual goal of this episode is for us to
challenge ourselves to upgrade a stranger’s home in just 24 hours we would love to come give you a visit
if it works with your schedule it will work my mom we are about to step into brandy’s home
her mom is apparently here as well get a lay of the land and get an idea of what
we’re going to help with hello that’s my mom sean hello i’m thomas
thanks great to meet you how long do you live
here my mom grew up here oh wow you live here with your mommy
why do you run long distances like that well i got started back in 91 from a
friend who asked if i wanted to do a marathon and i
wasn’t a runner and i finished over eight hours cramping
and then like oh i like this never look back
wow did you plan on ever doing another 100 miler oh yeah
really uh are you a full-time teacher or a full-time preschool teacher this is unbelievable oh you have a
backyard can we go yeah
back here yeah what was going through your head when we
were telling you what we wanted to do you know what
i had no idea and you guys came out like what’s going on
is there anything here in particular that you wouldn’t want us to touch on no
this has to still stay covered yeah of course
yeah yeah we’re building a second floor so we’re gonna focus on this outside
area we’ll keep you guys from looking for 24 hours
that’ll be interesting sweets randy thank all right let’s go home make a plan and
assemble the team it’s very dramatic i like it the 24 hours have officially begun it is
11 30 a.m and we’re giving ourselves a day
to pull this off luckily we’ve assembled the dream team ben that we met
in the easy you know for 24 hours episode who also helped us build a yes
house and stuff on every minute of swapping lives here to serve
lamar’s going to be telling us what to do all day and we’re fully trusting him
with this do you have a plan not really it’s i
mean just improvise let’s go let’s pump it
let’s change the world of gardens if you can see it you can achieve it if
you can dream it you can become it this This backyard is going to be massive okay man follow me can you change the vibe in the
edit to just this being like some magical
like just put it in slo-mo it’s perfect for her mom she loves
reading outside of the backyard this is what we need okay i’ll get it
okay you just carry your coffee get to work boys get to work thank you
i’ve never done this before this is literally the first time i ever drive
anything gentlemen you’ve each been hand selected
this mission which we now have to complete in five and a half hours
there’s a lot to do but you know we’ve done this before on a much bigger scale
the yes house team is here brandi is a very special woman with a
big heart so let’s just use every ounce of energy that we have today
do with love and just knock it out let’s make it happen
let’s do it let’s do it let’s do it on three freddy’s back out on three
one two three me give me something give me something i
don’t know what to do now you ruined my manual bro
you know what i’m the fucking star here i feel like i’ve only made things worse
don’t say so you can feel what you do but never who you know who you are
you are wonderful as you are come here take off the camera
the grandma is probably so confused you’re actually probably freaking out
there’s so much noise hi hi i just wanted to say hi because we
we’re doing some work in the back you can’t wait i heard all that music
dogs barking on both sides we’ll swing by one brandy’s back and uh
show you guys the back all right so this is what we call base layer this
is a base layer bar no no no this is years and years of
experience actually maybe a little better thanks dude i can’t believe i’m working
with you dude you’re welcome you’re welcome we can do this we can do this this is our attempt to create the
ultimate recovery station for brandy this is a sauna and we have an ice thousands guys this is first time building you
have to put the the screw in the hole yeah that hole
yeah that’s great what wait do i turn complete we did it we’re good to go it’s hard to get every
little nook and cranny but what do you think
i mean i don’t know any better so yeah thanks man i think it looks amazing and
he should be probably i’m so proud i feel like these are like universe lights
so this is brandy’s mother’s favorite actor i’m going to put it on so that
when she walks out she just sees it right away so this is
an incredible example of teamwork you know what i’m saying
you know what i’m saying to think that this is a space that brandi and her mom
can enjoy you know for her to have proper recovery
at her home and for her mom to feel like she has an amazing space to
hang out during the day it feels really good
always get to see the familiar faces back of people we met
through our episodes and here we are building together yeah now let’s go
knock on her door are you ready let’s do it
let’s do it so we’ll go all together and just cover your eyes oh oh my gosh so can you go try it where’s my champagne
we painted a little bit of here as well he means i i world thought because you are so active
and you run so many marathons we figured we needed a place for you to recover so
we got you an s bath and a sauna and a swedish boy this is a true ice bath 100
yes here he is very mason my man my attorney i love it oh my god look at this okay
thank you so much maybe i should pop some shit look at you you know how you know the the best part about doing
these adventures is being able to meet people like
people like you yeah i don’t know what to say
we’re so blessed to be able to have this this is great how long has your family
in total lived here this house was built in 1946
wow i was brought up in this house so this is a whole homestand thank you technically we’re all here
because of you the quality that brought us to
brandy’s kindness and i’m sure she got that through you give
give and give more that’s right thank you so much of course
you guys are awesome we love you we love you living with kindness on a daily basis
can have a much larger impact than you’ll ever
realize it grows as a ripple effect and will most likely inspire the person you
just helped to pass it forward in our case we just
wanted to make sure that an outstanding person and her mother got rewarded for
the kindness she spreads into the world and in fact we’ve been seeing more and
more of this happening in the yes fam community this weekend a group of people
from the yes fam flew out of stephanie and edgar to surprise xavier’s mother at
the restaurant as she manages and on the other side of the world
yes fam india and yes fam pakistan held a meet up together
despite political tension at the border to show unity and compassion
for each other as a community you guys are actively creating that positive
ripple effect spreading across the world and we feel
inspired by all of you every single day so to pass the spirit
forward we’re challenging you to go out into a random act of kindness to either
a family member or a stranger or a friend make sure you take a video
of you doing it then tag yes theory and seek.discomfort on instagram and we’ll
choose one of you to get a 400 gift card for seekdiscomfort.com get
started on that positive ripple effect and we will see you
next week


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  5. This was a wonderful and beautiful thing that Yes Theory did for this kind and wonderful family. This is part of what made me initially start watching your videos was all the love and kindness that you show when there is so much negativity around. Yes Theory has a wonderful platform of showing the best in people and bringing them together. Please continue to keep up the great work and videos that you so wonderfully share.

  6. You guys said you are going to "remodel her house"… you just brought a bunch of power consuming items and put them in her back yard.
    I would be highly disappointed…. and then the power bill comes in.

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  12. Hey guys. Greetings from cyprus. I have a real challenge for you. Come to cyprus , let me take you to a cypriot tavern where they serve real cypriot food , and try to make it until the end of the night.. the dishes are toooo many , too rich, too fattening, and the cypriot cusine is the richest and most ancient cusine in the world.
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    Please, ILY guys so much, you won't regret it.
    It doesn't offer skydiving, it doesn't have a luxury car rental, it isn't even that big of a city at all.
    But it holds a place in my heart and I love it so much, just as I'm sure you will too!
    I'm 16 yo btw

  14. I wish you guys got to know Brandy more in this video and her story. Just kind of thrown into it and it's sweet, but there is a disconnection because we as the viewers didn't get to know Brandy.

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  18. So I really like Yes Theory and I want to follow their path by meeting strangers and making friends. I have school and work friends, but I only hang out with them if I have to go to school or work. Outside of that I only hang out in my room watching netflix and working on school. I have decided I need to go out of my comfort zone by meeting strangers. So I was wondering if some of you wanted to meet up. I live in the Netherlands. We can have a fun time together and possibly make new friends.

  19. Some people in Asia and Africa live below poverty, children have to work for very little and in poor conditions. YES THEORY giving more staffs to people that already have. Fair enough.

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