Podróż po USA – San Francisco

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The old opera is on the right straight ahead, modern, new opera house from the left, public library on the other side a large Asian Museum San Francisco is located on 43 hills this is the whole city few people can afford a flat or a house but these are not tens of millions of dollars in the quake of 1906, they were not destroyed similarly they looked 100 years ago, all were wooden it immediately began to burn the fire brigade was not able to reach save people and homes they could only look until it expires only 3,000 people were killed most of the victims were Chinese everything is beautifully painted this style evolved only here in San Francisco sharply downhill, but a foretaste of we will experience in the center 1965-67 is the famous summer of love it’s the thing that started here these are the remains of 67-Th year they are second hand stores but specific clothing, colorful, sequins it is warm, you can in the bra this is the heart of the hippie quarter on the right, smiley faces there is no hurry, time is everything even the doggie’s walk shows it Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, flower children make love not war some survivors are still for many, year 67 is still going on we can not change much globally then let’s follow the conditions that the sun is shining, it is nice and warm Golden Gate city park here is botanical garden on the right is a science museum art museum, playing fields, tennis courts on the right is center of San Francisco we turn left onto the Golden Gate bridge what happens? there is no bridge a powerful tower that is in front of us can not see, all in the fog San Francisco can not be seen either but on the other side is nice I will remind the length of 2.7 km from one tower to another 1.9 km 27 width, 230 meters height on the left Pacific Ocean here is nice on the other side, in Marin one million dollars, Mustang Shelby, 500 horses these are the famous fogs over San Francisco you can not bathe here because the water is cold although there are sandy beaches no one goes into the water, 8-10 degrees now we go to the city center we will hang like these people outside because then it is the coolest ride please, do not stand in the door


  1. San Francisco to piękne miasto. Aczkolwiek dla nas to zupełnie inny świat.
    Film bardzo ładnie zrobiony. Montaż , ujęcia – super.
    A na tej trawie na początku filmu to nie leżeli nasi rodacy ?

  2. San Francisco lezy nad Pacyfikiem ale jest ok mozna sie przejezyczyc.szkoda ze nie poszliacie zobaczyc Lombard najbardziej kreta ulica swiata.znam to miasto bo corka tam mieszka a ja mam 150 km.wiec Jak mamy gosci z Europy to San Francisco chca zobaczyc pozdrawiam film super duzo zobaczyliscie

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