President Trump’s 2020 State of the Union address and the Democratic response (FULL LIVE STREAM)

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  1. For those on a tight schedule, here is the speech in short form:

    President Trump: Says something praising the U.S. and its awesomeness.

    Republicans: Enthusiastic clapping and cheering.

    Democrats: Childish disrespectful pouting and booing.

    Due to ideological differences, I could never call myself a Republican. But by thunder, without a massive reconstruction of the Democratic party, the Left will never get my vote again.

  2. Ridiculous, how am I going to take this corrupt and lawless president seriously. I didn't even watch the State of the Union address because I don't respect the president.

  3. Dems represent all the bad of this country. Our President gave a very courageous SOTU address. Thank you Mr President.

  4. When trump said he was going to drain the swamp it was an insult to swamps….dems in washington make a swamp look like a 5 star resort swimming pool. Seriously…..contrast them with the 100 yr old american hero.

  5. I, imho, knew Mr. Trump had some traces of ADD like behaviors but my lord, Nancy is wrecked as hell by ADD and it is clearly showing it up on TV so many times, I wonder what clinical psychologists and experts will think on this. BTW, more than half of children with ADD continue to experience symptoms as adults. Today, around 8 million adults live with ADHD. Many go on to lead healthy lives with successful careers. Some even become famous like Pelosi, for her behavior not for her performance.

  6. US companies added 291,000 jobs in January!! you'll have a hard time finding this report in the media, why is that???? ummmmm???

  7. The US under the Republicans has made tremendous growth all across the board & should be proud. Consider that Canada has taken a major step back under a Liberal govt. Don’t make that mistake in 2020. Vote wisely.

  8. Do we need any more proof that Satan was unable to corrupt Adam but easily corrupted Eve? Did you see the greasy stains in white suits?

  9. None of what Trump is saying is actually true about the economy, if it were then please tell me why Life expectancy in the US keeps going down? Could it be that the Most can barely afford home payments with standard jobs, let alone try to throw in a car payment and other high cost of living items. Taxes, Insurance, medicine and just overall living expenses are out of hand, and majority can not afford to keep up with it, while living a low stress, happy life. People are turning to drugs and alcohol as a way to combat the constant anxiety, stress, and burden the average American now faces from pay that hasn't increased with the market accordingly. This whole economy is a bubble being propped up by borrowing and raising the national debt to levels that has never been reached before. Just a matter of time before it burst.

  10. He’s insane. America is on the decline! Because of him and our political establishment. The people are not represented by government. Which if it continues for too long will lead to division and partisan revolution.

  11. we need you ms trump amazigh north afrik just contre le roit mokhamed sex i love you israeel but you not know the originale pepele and sahara gharbia amazighia oussi fuk m6

  12. Gretchen, Gretchen, Gretchen. The economy is made up of all of us so a strong economy necessarily means it's strong for EVERYONE. If it was just strong for one group of people, it wouldn't be a strong economy.

  13. Brilliant and beautiful speech by our great president. Making America great again! I’m proud to be an American! Getting things done..

  14. No surprise that Democrats won’t clap at people coming off food stamps and welfare… they want to keep people on it! Modern day slave owners they are

  15. Sad the reality that people are losing dignity in general apocalypse
    That oppose the proof that badly. And Trump is above the law of the people
    Open your eyes my people, Trump is a shame liar cow.
    Impeach now out Trump.

  16. Sad the reality that people are losing dignity in general apocalypse
    That oppose the proof that badly. And Trump is above the law of the people
    Open your eyes my people, Trump is a shame liar cow.
    Impeach now out Trump.

  17. This is why DEMS are going to lose!! Their speeches sound so canned and just fake. Time out for all of these sugar-coated, pompous, and pseudo-emotional generalizations in response to what Trump is being very specific about in terms of where he and the REPS stand. DEMS are too weak. Where is the fight?! You’re going to need it to win this next election. Dragging out the impeachment will be your undoing, unfortunately.

  18. and he didn't say prohibit heathcare to illegal aliens, just not FREE healthcare. damn it. he's right. get overrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr yourselves.

  19. 3:11:55 "listen to what they say and not what they do" . Soo we just suppose to ignore the fact nancy Pelosi started acting like a spoil brat that didn't get her way at a candy store??

  20. The Democratic Party is failing to produce any leadership. The temper tantrum of Nancy clearly shows a lack of self control and a lack of any shred of decency of being the better person. As I watched across the sea of faces I saw horror in ever democrats face. Some tried to hide it behind a painted smile, others hid behind there cell phones trying to escape what they were hearing. What was going on was a slamfest. They have nothing to combat the Orange Man. The Orange Man cometh and stomps your pathetic excuse of representing the people of this Nation. It is clear the Democratic Party is the Party of making people feel victimized instead of being strong. They inspire tantrums and youth to be activists with no sense of morality or decency. America is awake to it…they see it and this year Trump will destroy anyone who is trying to win over the hearts of all Americans. Most Americans are sick of the far left drivel coming out of the media and have tuned them out. Americans know the game being played they are sick of them and the Democrat Party.

  21. The Democrats' actions during the State of the Union just provided Donald Trump with a second term; adults acting like spoiled brats who did not get their way (walking out, along with Pelosi's little tantrum), were childish actions that the entire nation saw and will remember come November. LOL!

  22. The democrats who hate our President Trump are horrible hypocrites because what they hate him for, democratic representatives and senators are 10 time, 100 times worse.

  23. What we should have had was Billary giving the state of the union &
    announcing all the new Commiecrat redistribution taxes that were on the
    way with Nance nodding approvingly in the background.

  24. What we should have had was Billary giving the state of the union &
    announcing all the new Commiecrat redistribution taxes that were on the
    way with Nance nodding approvingly in the background.

  25. What we should have had was Billary giving the state of the union &
    announcing all the new Commiecrat redistribution taxes that were on the
    way with Nance nodding approvingly in the background.

  26. What we should have had was Billary giving the state of the union &
    announcing all the new Commiecrat redistribution taxes that were on the
    way with Nance nodding approvingly in the background.

  27. With such a wonderful, Positive SOTU meeting…Why do the Democrat's need to bring the entire thing down in the gutter again…Is it Not posable for a Democrat to just Be Happy. I Guess I Just Don't Get It.

  28. North americans. The rest of the world needs you to be inspiring again. Your old strong Patriotism inspired many other countries. It goes beyond a goverment. With that gone, many others lost theirs. If the left is strong in the U.S.A. then it will be in the rest of the world. That means more goverment control policies and laws. If the right (the true right) is strong in the U.S.A. The values of freedom as an individual, private property, Keep what you earn, will return.

    You became the greatest country for a reason, the lead others and show them that the way of liberty is the right way.

  29. Nancy Pelosi and the Dems current attitudes and antics are pushing me farther and farther conservative. I like being open to any and all ideals but I WILL NOT support socialism, shenanigan impeachment trials and cry baby politicians. The country is doing well and so why do they hate it?

  30. What a disgrace! That woman owe the American People an apology. She can hate the guy for all she want but she must respect the office of the President, after all, he represents the American People.

  31. The best Speech by a President!
    I’m going back to write down everything he has done that he said he would do and share and inform !
    So many things that people need to be informed . God Bless Oyr President and God Bless America !
    One that stands out is he will not stand for socialism in health care . Go look at other countries it’s not what you think it is !!’

  32. Nancy looks like a mental patient up there, who is she talking to, Pence is acting oblivious to her. And she just keeps up there talking to her little imaginary friend I guess.

  33. Democrats, how petty and inconsequential you are. How juvenile your behavior. You mean to tell me that there was little about the current state of this country that you could stand in unison with the president on. TRUMP stated accomplishment after accomplishment that benefits this country…. and all you could do is ENVIOUSLY , BITTERLY SIT THERE. YOU call Trump divisive. IT IS YOU ALL WHO ARE DIVISIVE. As in all other cases, before hearing anything, you had already made up your minds and had all agreed to condemnation group think. You are all so negative. You have a "glass ha9lf empty " mindset. Trump has a "glass half full" mindset. TRUMP sees the seeds of potential and NURTURES THOSE SEEDS WITH FAITH , HOPE AND OPTIMISM. Your actions at the SOTU spoke volumes about your agenda to divide America. You all are the DIVIDERS…….NOT TRUMP!!!!!!!! How foolish you all looked in your silly white garb…. FOOLISH. How clever you thought you were. Yes, how clever you THOUGHT you were. Again, I say, how juvlenile , petty and foolish you looked. Pelosi, YOU of all people question Trump's actions. Woman, LOOK IN THE MIRROR! You are NO model of exemplary behavior. How unprofessional you were at the SOTU. What a fool and an embarrassment you are.

  34. I heard a number of commentators say that President Trump's 2020 SOTU Address last week was "Reaganesque," some saying even better, and I too thought it was very good. In fact, 90% plus was talking about values that Democrats claim to believe in, yet very few Dems stood during Mr. Trump's speech, and Nancy Pelosi very disrespectfully tore his speech up.
    So was it what he said that they disagreed with, or the fact of who was saying it? Perhaps their pride and deep-seated hatred for America's traditional values (which they are trying to change) and the man espousing them is why they refused to honor the words Trump spoke. Regardless, judge for yourself if what President Trump said was consistent with traditional American values or not by watching this video.

  35. “Donald Trump was the dumbest goddam student I ever had” ~ William T Kelly, former Professor at the University of Pennsylvania School of Wharton.

    Now he’s the “Dumbest” President we’ve “Ever” had. AND, his cult followers are thrilled, all while being sold a bill of goods!!

    Too the Republicans complicity to tRUMP’s psychopathic high-on-the-rector-scale Superbia; to keep the truth from the public, while promoting innocence as a shear sign of desperation merely to stay in power. Is despicably sad.

  36. I wont see the entire 3 hour video, can somebody tell me 4 proposals that trump made?, which supreme court attended?, who was sitting behind trump?, and what is the state of union base on trumps response??? I would appreciated 🙁

  37. The GDP growth under him is 2.3%. The reason people are of foodstamps because they were forced of by uping the poverty rate. His tariff disputes have slowed hiring. He lies way to much. All you have to do is look on the labor dept website.

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