Prosecutors: Video Shows Chicago Officer Meant To Murder Teenager | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

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  1. Take all there guns away those pigs think they are so tuff well now you can take your aggression out on all those inmates have a good time at the crow bar hotel bend and spread and open your mouth.

  2. Curious how the media a-hole ignored the clearly visible knife in the guy's right hand. Armed perp, ignores orders to drop weapon, shot dead, but a-hole media decides cop in the wrong.

  3. I don't think he shot him because he's black he just wanted to shot somebody. The cops don't care what color you are all they care about is the thin blue line gang that's all

  4. If you let the police investigate themselves and let them off because they say " he was advancing on me " or " I was in fear of my life " they will become corrupt and desensitized to killing people.

  5. How long have they been getting away with this behavior. About as long as they have been wearing White Sheets. They are just better at hiding the "white sheets" behind bureaucratic disguises like City Counsel members, District Attorneys, Judges, police officers, etc. yeah the "Invisible Empire" is strong and has been emboldened by a racist egotistical megalomaniac as Commander and Chief.

  6. You cannot take down a Teenager with Hand to Hand combatant or a Tazergun, then you should not be a Cop!!! Murderous Lies🤥.

  7. If it weren’t for the video, he would’ve gotten away with it. He could’ve easily just said his life was in danger and he had no choice but to shoot him 16 times. Did I hear correctly? He was sentenced to only 4 years in prison? Usually it’s 25 years to life for murder.

  8. Our young men are assumed guilty whenever they encounter the cops who are judge, jury and state sanctioned executioners. This has to stop!

  9. I've seen video after video of white cops yelling, begging, pleading with white people to drop knives for almost 30 min (more or less) & finally they get the person to drop the knife & that person is NICELY apprehended. But if they do have to shoot that white person it's one or two shots. So you have to ask yourself how long was these types of MURDERS going on BEFORE the bodycam gave us the evidence that black people have been saying for so long? & why do they KEEP getting off with such minor charges now that we have proof that these cops are CLEARLY murdering black people with NO real cause? What was the motive of putting on a police uniform?
    In this case that cops life was NOT in any immediate danger for him to shoot that many times. The knife wielding black man was WAY to far from that officer to do any harm. I didn't look like he was about to throw it. We as black people need REAL professional NON racial cops on the streets. I know they exist but they can't go against the force or they'll be a target too.

  10. Check his bloodline. His forefathers had slaves they were worked for hundreds of year's without pay physically and mentally punished. He's a devil's advocates white supremacist satanic terrorists

  11. Sick Lier Quick Draw Mcgraw.
    The tape doesn’t show the officer being threatened and he keeps shooting a man down whose not moving.

  12. Starting to change, cut to the end of 2019 and yup still no change. They put lies like this out so you see it and go [in Goofy’s voice]”{oh finely some justice, maybe things aren’t so bad after all. Well back to my slavery}”

  13. It's sooo tuff being a cop. Living in constant fear for ones being. Barely able to defend themselves against the violent public attacking them randomly, wantonly. And the poor cops are barely able to protect themselves:: 40 Glock with 14 rounds, shotgun, taser, club, mace, handcuffs. Think about it. 🤔🐷💩🔫🚽

  14. They do everything they can to get off without any consequences . Most of the time they do .
    Then they try for the least possible charge . Most of the time that happens .
    They hope and pray the union will step in and intimidate his dept. Heads .
    Most of the time that works.
    Having all that going for the and with qualified immunity no wonder police feel like they can do anything .

  15. I saw those big white eyes and big lips teeth staring though me sound familiar that how black people use to be depicted in advertisement and movies, the only thing missing in this testimony was the bone through nose and spear

  16. Satan using these police officers to murder blacks is definitely a spiritual issue. There's something behind the fact that some whites hate blacks and Jews.
    It is a spiritual issue and God will deal with them accordingly.
    In the meantime, let's pray for America to repent and pray for our enemies.

  17. Pig prison for life or just execute him. Pigs nationwide will continue murdering if serious justice doesn't happen. And never let a pigmouth chief just retire…prison time for the chiefs. Especially the bigmouth ones.

  18. Vandyke is a mental case listen and watch, he shot and killed a human being 16 time's that is murder obviously 😮 off to jail you go murderer 💩 thanks cameras 👍

  19. Every cop is told make sure anyone you shoot dies, then they cannot testify against you, that is why nearly every cop empties his magazine on a victim, this is just one case of police killing people when other options are available, because they are psychopaths, and they get off on it, there are millions more out there, so remember average American citizen, these murderous psychopath‘s are still out there, working as police, waiting for you to do something wrong so they can shoot you, this is your reality.

  20. This officer is a narcissistic sociopaths! He is the type of person that the police should be putting in jail not wearing the blue uniform. If there was no dash cam video where would this case be nowhere. We give our officers WAY to much authority and trust.

  21. That is why he's dropping elephant
    turds. Stretched hole from his
    Boyfriend in prison. He has many friends calling on him now😙😙😙

  22. If that was my son. I would be finding out where you live. And I'd be in prison. Cops are corrupt. You are seeing this alot now days.

  23. Without cameras thousands and thousands of murdering cops would still be on the job record the police put Dash cams in your car put cameras on your house it’s the only way you’ll get your justice in court

  24. They should throw the book at cops for abusing power he should also be charged with child abuse but instead they only want to show partial parts of what happened

  25. These police officers who commit murder must be stopped. Fresno police officer Ray Villalvazo shot 16 yr old Isiah Murrieta-golding in the back of the head while he was running away. See it on YouTube. He should be charged with murder as well!

  26. Trump is the cause of bring out all those police officers killing these black men all this got started when he was coming in to being president fighting broke out on live television at his rallies hitting people and telling is secret service to put them out

  27. I hope this cop gets prison time for the rest of his life! It doesn’t matter what the color of the skin is on the victim, murder is murder!

  28. Another example of a person growing up with inferiority complex, becoming a cop and taking out his insecurities on a poor guy. Cops need psychological exams before given guns

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