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NEXT STOP: LOS ANGELES Look at this nail. I’ll put mine here. Mine will stay here. -Welcome to YouTube Space, Mr. Nunes.
-Welcome! -Follow me, please.
-Follow. Follow sim. Eu follow. What a big TV. Gotta respect it, right? Please have a sit. Yes, right now. -That’s for you.
-It’s for me? Thank you. Hey, Whindersson! Welcome to the US
and to LA, my hometown. LELE
GLOBAL ENTERTAINER There’s so many places
I want you to visit, but I want to do it myself. I wanna show you around
so you have the best time. Someone’s gonna hand you a map
to where I am, so hurry up ’cause I’m waiting. I’ll see you soon. -There’s a map.
-Wow, an exclusive message! -And it’s in English.
-That’s the real deal. Look: Orange Line express,
Brown, Red Line. I love visiting YouTube Space
with Whindersson, because at every YouTube Space
we’ve been to, we’re treated like kings. When we got in LA,
there was a video by Lele Pons waiting for us on the screen. If you don’t know her,
she is an Internet queen. She has 85 million followers on Instagram and 15 million on YouTube.
That’s who she is. She’s just prettier than Whindersson,
but they are in the same spot. Come on. Let’s go? Let’s go to Vine Station.
Let’s go, then. -Let’s go?
-Yeah, man. Yeah. Thank you. -Thank you.
-Bye! Let me know if you need anything.
I left the remote there. -Hello, how are you?
-Hello, how are you? Better now. Get out of the way. Thanks. -He’s still learning.
-Let’s take a walk? -Let’s go!
-Let’s go. Was it hard to find this place? Yes, a little, because… Los Angeles is very… -Is very similar…
-Yes, a lot. And everybody looks like an artist.
Everybody walking looks like an artist. -This guy looks like a rapper. Got it?
-Yeah! Everybody looks handsome,
so you keep looking… -They all look the same.
-Exactly. -Is it gum? What’s that?
-It’s gum. -Is this one still good?
-No, it’s not! -Can’t I…
-No! -Do you sing? A little?
-A little. Yeah. And you? -Over there?
-Yes, a little. Thank you? -Thank you.
-Bye. I can speak Spanish,
I learnt with Rebelde. I’ll call someone to help me
walk around here. It’s Werdum. -Hey, guy.
-Hello there. -How are you?
-How are you? I heard you’re in LA. Yes, baby. I heard you’ve been doing a lot. I’m trying to learn. I’m excited.
When you’re excited… I’ll take you to meet a guy
you won’t believe. He is a total idol. A big friend of mine.
You’ll love him. What, macho? Where are you? It’s a surprise.
Let’s meet now and I’ll take you there. Okay, send us the address. Let’s go! -It’s a surprise.
-Let’s go! Thank you, man. -See you.
-See you. WERDUM
MMA FIGHTER -Things here are quick. See?
-It’s the best breakfast in LA. Right? I have a friend here. -We can meet him now.
-Really? You won’t believe it.
He’s a master. He’s a true master. What do you think?
But he’s like us, he’s cool. -Is he the best?
-He’s on another level. -Another level.
-That’s cool. -You’ll like him. Let’s go?
-Of course. Let’s go. Coffee. Look at the dog. You’ll like him. The guy is very good. Very good at punching. He’s coming.
Let’s wait for him in that nice room. All right. Oh, my god, macho! I’m nervous, man. Great. Exactly. Werdum came to us and said,
“I’ll introduce you to someone special.” So I thought, “He’ll introduce us
to a trainer, a PE teacher, a cook, a friend of his, someone cool.”
Guess who it was? Mike Tyson. -Hello.
-Whindersson Nunes. MIKE TYSON
EX FIGHTER Nice to meet you. Give a hug. A hug. -Wow, he’s strong!
-Yes. His hand is strong. Tell him to come here. I want to show a video very quickly. You like the biggest… YouTuber in Brazil. -They just hit 35 million.
-What’s his name? -Whindersson. Yeah.
-Whindersson? Whindersson Nunes, yes. He’s very strong.
My arms got bruised by his fingers. It’s fine. Be my guest, Mr. Tyson. -When did you start?
-About ten years ago. He started ten years ago… Does he have a documentary on TV
or YouTube or something? -Yes. Okay.
-Put it on YouTube. -Yeah. Play it.
-He wants to see. Play him a funny one. He’ll put something for, like, a funny… This is inside his house, the upstairs. Man, Mike Tyson… -Today I’ll be punched!
-What’s he doing? Mike Tyson is watching me dancing. I took a punch from him. How many times you go to Brazil? -A lot of times.
-A lot of times. And you guys had good things there? -Right?
-Great. -Did you enjoy Brazil? It’s nice, right?
-Yeah. Where did you most like in Brazil? -São Paulo.
-São Paulo. -It was good.
-Caipirinha! Did you try caipirinha? Do you remember the drink?
Did you drink caipirinha? -I did, yes.
-Yes. He started training.
What would you say to him… Maybe one day he’ll fight, you know?
I don’t know. When they fight, gotta get your body
and mind in shape first. It’s important to have
body and mind in the same level. Connected, right? Watch your diet.
Build your muscles up. -You need to exercise your muscles.
-Have discipline. -Good body conditioning.
-Not too much… His body changed a lot. It’s good he’s married
’cause he don’t have to chase the girls. He has his wife so he can train. Did you get it? Get stronger and smarter. -Is it good enough?
-Yeah, look. Yes, it’s different, you see?
There he’s a little fat… -How old are you?
-I’m 24. I lost 66 pounds. 24 years old, that’s it. I lost 66 pounds. He lost 66 pounds. Oh, shit! Good? Yeah! Mike, from one to ten, zero to ten.
How much? Give him ten! Come on! -Thank you.
-Thank you. We have to travel. -Thank you.
-Mike, appreciate it. -I’ll get out before he punches me again.
-Yes. Stand up, Mike Tyson. That’s it, man. Thanks, Mr. Mike.
Great Mike. Thank you. Nice to meet you. I’m dizzy. Not sure it’s from the punches -or from…
-He punched you. Every time he got happy, he punched me. There’s another surprise. I’ll take you to a very good place
where we’ll be able to train. -Let’s go. Deal.
-It’s a deal? After you brought me Mike Tyson, I won’t refuse anything else you bring me. -Then let’s go.
-Let’s go? Okay. What place are you taking us now? This place I’m taking you is very special.
Do you know why? It’s where people prepare choreography,
learn how to fall. You need to know it. -You mean, like Hollywood.
-Yeah, I need to show you the set. People get ready here. Now I’ll introduce you to Ricardo. He’s an expert,
also known as a stunt double. -So I’ll learn to be a double.
-Yeah, sure. To be a good actor,
you gotta know how to do it. -You can do a bit of both.
-Got it. -Hello, Ricardo.
-Hello. Nice to meet you. -That’s Whindersson.
-Hello, how are you? How are you?
Nice to meet you. I’m Ricardo. -Could you explain how it works?
STUNT DOUBLE TEACHER I started training early,
since I was a child. I watched Power Rangers. I said I’d be one. Then I was a stunt double
for Power Rangers here. -Wow.
-I auditioned and got the role. Then I met Superman’s double,
who helped me a lot here. He gave me the first kick to start. Got the first job, then after that… My career launched,
and that’s what I’m doing since then. Which cool role have you already done?
A very cool movie. The last movies I’ve worked for were
Assassin’s Creed, John Wick, -with that guy…
-Keanu Reeves. Yeah, Keanu Reeves. I’ve worked with Tom Holland
in Spider-Man. -Wow, Spider-Man.
-Yeah, it was very good. And Doctor Strange.
More Marvel movies. -Wow, great.
-Because I got a lot of tattoos. Doctor Strange is
among my favorite movies. People think it’s easy to do it.
How many hours does training take? For the perfect choreography,
at least two months. -To get a perfect outcome.
-Star quality. Yeah, so you can see and say,
“Wow, they’re really fighting.” I’ll introduce you to my boss. -Tim.
-Hello. -This is Tim.
-Nice to meet you. -Nice to meet you. Pleasure.
-I’ve learned that. He taught me everything. -How are you? Good?
-Nice to meet you. I didn’t have full control of my body
until I started training with him. How did you start to be a stuntman? TIM STOMS
STUNT DOUBLE TEACHER I started choreographing fights
through tae kwon do for live shows and for local productions,
plays and things like that, when I was 14 years old,
and it just built, and I just kept choreographing,
so I studied from different teachers, and started choreographing for films.
It’s always been part of what I do. Is there someone really famous
he trained before? -Terry Crews.
-Terry Crews? -Terry Crews.
-Wow! Who else did you train together? I trained Tobey Maguire
for Spider-Man 2 and 3. And I was in Spider-Man 2.
I taught him the wire work. On Cradle 2 the Grave,
I trained Mark Dacascos. -I fought against Jet Li.
-Mark Dacascos. -The Crow?
-And… Yeah. And I trained Kelly Hu. Then let’s go. Give me some tips
so I can start… This is gonna be the hard part,
because you’re used to hitting people. -You don’t hit anyone here.
-Yeah, don’t worry. It’s against the rules. Another thing is you’re gonna be
much faster than we need for movies. It doesn’t look good if you’re too fast. Part of what we’re doing is we’re showing
that you’re actually hitting him but we’re way at a distance. So if the camera’s over here,
you can see that I’m not making contact. But if we bring the camera…
Bring him over here, it looks like I actually hit him. And you’re gonna throw a punch
at me first. You’re gonna hit him first. We’ll show it to the camera
that it’s not making contact. So if you put your hand out there
and just hold it there, it doesn’t make sense as a fighter
and it doesn’t look good. -It won’t look good.
-If you bounce it… It’ll bounce. …it’s gonna look good,
and I’m gonna sell it, okay? But safety first. Like I said,
I want you to punch right out here. -Stay safe.
-This far away. Yeah, exactly. Relax your shoulder.
Make it look good. And… Ready? Good. Now, we move the camera,
and we move me over here a bit, and I want you to punch right here. -Good. Faster.
-A bit faster. Good. That’s it.
It’s pretty easy. Let’s do a hook now.
So you’re gonna do this hand… How do you do a hook? Normally, if we’re boxing,
we’re pretty close. But for movies,
it doesn’t work to be that close. With your shoulder, yes? Big… Okay? Very nice. Good job. Cross… -And?
-Hook. Yep, exactly. Okay? We’re gonna speed that up a little bit… -It’ll be faster now.
-Okay. Ready? And one, two… Yep. -Great. He’s getting good.
-Punch faster. He learns really fast. He learns really fast. You gotta control your hits. That’s it. Everything okay? You can touch. -Slow. Yes, like this.
-It’s hard. That’s it. Faster. Now we’ll show you how to use the feet. More kicks, right? Because the upper part
just needs training, you got that. Now, control your leg. Whenever you kick, turn your foot. One, now. That was good. -It was really good.
-Yeah! I’m an actor. He doesn’t know, but I am. Impressive. -He liked it…
-Now you’ll be Spider-Man. Now that you got the fighting part, let’s go to the part everybody likes,
which is flying. -That’s Olivia.
-Hello, Olivia. How are you? -Nice to meet you.
-Nice to meet you. Now they’ll show a scene from The Matrix. A basic scene using a cable. We’re gonna do what we call a backflip. Three, two, one… Go! -Very nice.
-Wow, man! Applause for her! It’s great. Go! Oh, my God! Very good! It’s like a diving jump. And three, two, one… Go! Wow, macho! Three, two, one… Go! Yeah, good. Yeah, very good. Every time you fall, bend your knees
so you won’t get hurt, understood? -No, hit him.
-Me neither. Explain it well. Three, two, one… Go! Yes. Look at his base. Looks like a frog, did you see it? Macho, I almost farted when I flipped. Three, two, one… Go! Good! Three, two, one… Go! Even Ricardo got sentimental. Wow, very good. You rock. Spider-Man. Guys, I guess I’m ready. -Hey, Dylan.
-Hey, Fred. I can’t believe it.
I guess I need to go to the bathroom. You’re always like that. My bladder is full. Right, Big Bladder? Oh, shit. Get out of my way, big bastard. Didn’t you see? Didn’t you see, man? What’s that? Didn’t you see my glass? You’re big, but you’re just one. Go! Go! Go! Go! Get him! Hit him! Get him! React, man! Hit him! That’s right! Go! Go, man! Cut! It’s over! It’s good. -It’s fine. Come on.
-What’s up? I’m starving, macho.
It’ll end by the morning. -You want to spend the night doing this?
-Let’s go, then. I’m starving. I mean it. -You better be.
-I mean it. -Did you see that punch I gave you?
-It really hit you, right? -One of them hit me hard.
-It’s fake. Don’t believe it. It’s fake. Are you crazy? It hit you. Are you crazy? It really hit you. -I was…
-This can’t kill anyone. Hi, guys. Good morning to you. I’m really sleepy. We are here in the LA airport
waiting for Luisa’s arrival. She asked to make a surprise
for Whindersson. I hope she arrives soon. You will soon watch me waiting for her
and him getting her. Luisa’s flight has arrived. I hope she has brought little luggage.
I guess I have no strength to… I can barely carry myself.
I won’t be able to take her bags. She’s there, guys. Hey! How was your trip? How are you? Wow, it’s really far. -It’s insane.
-Six hours travelling. Really? Hi, guys. We are here, daddy-o. LUISA SONZA
SINGER I didn’t have time to fix my makeup. One month without seeing me
and I’m busted. He’s not that great either. He’s not really that well. Shut up! I’m not saying he is always like this. -In one month…
-He became this. I’m also busted. We are using the same clothes
from day one. This is really like you guys. -Is he sleeping?
-Yes, he is. How are we going to make this surprise? I just go and come in? “Hello, how are you?” -“Room service?”
-Yeah, room service. I’ll just knock. If you just knock, he’ll think it’s me. In this case,
it’s okay if he thinks it’s you. -Yeah. And he’ll open the door.
-Yeah, it could be. -Will he wake up?
-Or maybe… Sure. Okay, then. He always wakes up, opens the door and… I’m anxious. We haven’t seen each other for a month. -I’m nervous.
-Me, too. -Why are we nervous?
-Looks like Gugu’s show. Yeah, because of the camera. My heart is racing. -I thought it was Whindersson.
-My God, it would end the surprise. My heart. Oh, my God, I’m nervous. I don’t want to. I won’t go. That’s how you really do it. Hi, honey. Are you sleepy? They are recording, honey. What? Would you like to sleep more, honey? Now it’s private. -Did you like the surprise?
-Yes. I only understood it later. Good morning. Are we coming to day 3? -Let’s go?
-Whindersson talked to me -30 minutes after I got there.
-I was really sleepy. I was really tired. And it’s a terrifying opening, right? -We’re going to the haunted house.
-I don’t wanna think about it. I’m afraid of the Malaman. -Let’s see who will run away first.
-Macho… -I’m already nervous.
-I’m really afraid of it. I wanna end the show so we can go there. I’m really afraid of it. Go! Good evening! Good evening, y’all! Good evening! Thank you very much for coming today. A round of applauses to you
for coming here today. Guys, we’re at the LA show. Whindersson is on stage now. And the producers told me there’s
a haunted house here in LA. They want us to go there, and I said,
“Guys, this is not a good idea.” But, because I like my friends, I thought of taking our photographer Beto. He’s really afraid of everything:
airplanes, roller coasters, pools. He won’t even go to shallow pools
because he’s scared. I mean it. Then I thought it would be good
to play a prank on him. Are you ready for today? BETO MORAES
PHOTOGRAPHER Today you’ll meet someone
whose job is kind of brutal. -What job?
-What? Do you like ghosts? Adamastor wanted it. Don’t you know Adamastor?
He’s waiting for you there. -Adamastor lives in the haunted house.
-Yeah, he does. -He’s gone. We’ll try to talk to him.
-He lived there. I don’t like to play with these things. Who is playing here? -Nobody is gonna play there. I won’t play.
-I’m serious. -Are you serious?
-Yes. I’m serious. Look who’s coming with us, too. Yes, you are. What will happen there? In sickness and in health,
in haunting and… There’s no haunting in the vows. No, but we’re going… -There’s no haunting.
-We’ll visit… We’ll visit a guy who knows everything
about LA. He’ll tell us. What’s going to happen?
What are you talking about? It’s the house we’ll visit. -But what is it?
-We’ll visit Adamastor. He’s a guy that lived here…
I mean it! He knows a lot about LA. He’ll recommend the best restaurants. -Because he’s gone.
-Be serious, guys. -But it will be fine.
-Hey, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health… There’s no ghost in the vows. What if I get sick in the house? -True.
-You’re not sick! -Then I go.
-Take care of me. -I’ll go later.
-But I’m sick now. He’s feeling ill. -Did you get a fever?
-I’ll get sick if I go there. -It will be fine.
-I will scream in shock and die. No, you won’t. No, stop! Get into the mood. -No! Don’t do that to me.
-Calm down, honey. -Don’t take her.
-I’m already tired. Let’s go, chickens. Ghosts will make you heavy. -Yeah. You’ll be…
-Stop that. Ghosts will be all around you. That’s why I won’t go. I’m afraid. Come on. That’s what I say.
“If you go, go. If not, you stay.” Let’s go. There’s no return now. I’ll really s… myself. -No, you won’t.
-I won’t? But I already did. -You’ll go, too.
-I swear I feel dirty. Let’s go. -No, honey, I won’t go.
-Why? -Come on.
-No, I won’t go, guys. -Someone stay with me here.
-I’ll stay. -No, you’re going.
-No. I won’t go. Okay, security will stay here
taking care of… No, honey. I’ll go alone. -Look, honey, I’m a good spirit.
-Yes, honey. Honey, only good energies can get near me
because I’m here to evolve. And help people. -Yeah, honey.
-Is that right? I gotta think this way, right? Amen, Lord. Protect this guy. Oh, my God. -Nothing will get you.
-Nothing. Stop, macho! Please, God, protect me. Amen! Macho! Welcome to the Hollywood Tower, where days become weeks
and weeks turn into hours, hours become years… I’m here to see Mayra. I’m Mayra. -Hello Mayra, how are you?
-Nice to meet you. -Hello, how are you?
-How are you? -How are you?
-How are you? Welcome to the Hollywood Tower. MAYRA DIAS GOMES
WRITER I’ve lived here for seven years,
and this building is considered one of the most haunted buildings
in the US. We needed to know that about this place. It was built in 1929. It was home to several people
from the film industry. So a lot of actors
working on silent films lived here, like Marilyn Monroe,
Charlie Chaplin and Humphrey Bogart. Carmen Miranda got married in this lobby. Carmen Miranda got married here,
and Marilyn lived here. -Marilyn Monroe also lived here.
-She lived here. Yeah, she lived here, exactly. And I’d like you to take a tour
of the Hollywood Tower. -Okay, let’s go.
-Isn’t it late? Yes, it is. Hope you’re ready. I don’t wanna bother.
I already liked this entrance. This is a beautiful and cool place. -Don’t be afraid, it’s just spirits.
-Just good spirits. If you get afraid, they’ll feel it. -We’re not afraid.
-I’m all right, guys. Maybe someone is watching TV? I guess so. If it’s not… Do you hear something? Why is it taking so long? Are you okay? Yes, we are. -Hey! How are you?
-Hi! How are you? It’s so good to see you.
I’m so happy you came. This is my friend Lainey. -Hello, how are you?
-Welcome. Welcome. Come in. -Hey!
-Hi. This is my friend Patti. -Hello, how are you?
-Hi. Nice to meet you. She’s one of the most famous psychics
in the world. Nice to meet you. She has a great perception. And she’s able to evoke spirits
and talk to them. She’s a world-famous psychic.
Many TV shows about ghosts call her. Today we are holding a seance
specially for you. We’re gonna evoke some spirits
living here in the Hollywood Tower. They will come.
Do you agree with that? They do. -They do. Let’s go?
-Let’s go, then. So we can talk to spirits many ways. PATTI NEGRI
MEDIUM These are dowsing rods. -What is it?
-A tool we can use to talk to spirits. They cross on “yes”
and they don’t cross on “no.” You make a question. When the answer is yes,
it’s going to cross. When it’s no, they separate. They can point to ghosts
and spirits and portals. Like right now,
we are in Hollywood, California, in the Hollywood Tower.
Cross for “yes.” Right now, we are in Brazil. Are we in Brazil? -No.
-No. All evening, before we even started,
there’s a spirit right behind Mayra. Before we started, there were some spirits
here. One of them was behind me. Where is the spirit? Oh, my God! He’s there. Ask them if they want to ask
for somebody in particular. She’d like to know if you want
to evoke any specific spirit, someone from your family
or a famous person. Do you want to, João? -I’d like to evoke my grandfather.
-All right. -Call him, then.
-How do I do it? -What’s your grandpa’s name?
-João. -Juan?
-João. Okay. In love and light,
we want to call on the spirit of João. In love and light… He is with you a lot. -Do you feel him sometimes?
-He is always there. Do you feel it? Do you ever feel something on your head? -Yes.
-Do you feel anything in your head? He touches your head. He touches your head. -Do you feel that?
-I’m feeling it, like this… -His head is throbbing.
-Yes. He’s touching your head right now. Did he have trouble speaking at the end? Did he have any speech difficulties
in the end of his life? -Yes.
-Yeah. He’s good now, no more trouble… -But that was hard for him.
-He’s good. He doesn’t have it anymore. Would someone else like to ask
anything to a relative? I’ll do it, then. My grandmother. -His grandmother.
-Your grandmother? What’s her first name? -What’s her name?
-Valdenilde. Valdenilde? Okay. Calling the spirit of your grandmother,
Valdenilde. Flowers. Something with flowers. -Flowers, did she use floral clothes?
-Yes. Do you remember something
with her fingers? Did she do anything with her fingers? She used to do that. She used to eat with her hands. She used to eat with her hands like this. Okay. That’s what she’s doing right now. She’s doing that right now. She loves you very much. She loves you. She… Thank you, grandma,
if you’re listening. And let’s hold hands.
Left palm up, right palm down. We are going to chant now. It’s a mantra.
We’re gonna start with a low… Low, and go slowly. Feel the energy. -Feel the energy.
-Here we go. Can we go? Never again. -How was it, honey?
-How was it? -You’re really silent, honey.
-No, I’m not. Did you like it? I am a bit shocked. Whindersson, your energy is heavy. Come on, man. Now we’re heading to Orlando to enjoy it,
even though it’s gonna be quick. We’re going there now. Let’s go? Let’s go? Now she’s the one waking up. Let’s go, baby.


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