Puerto de Los Angeles

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Activate subtitles for your language You can find them in YouTube settings What happened my friends? Are you ready for
another adventure? Today we are in the port of Los Angeles We’re going to take a little boat ride
the port of Los Angeles Today it is cloudy and getting a bit cold But that’s not going to ruin our ride Well, the rain came friends And the birds are very happy Today we are in South Los Angeles In the city of San Pedro Finally something interesting In this little tour there is not much to see There is a prison Can you see the prisoners? Here are many boats that take you around the port of Los Angeles. There are also boats that take you to the sea to watch the whales You have to have a very strong stomach I have gone twice to see the whales Both times I got dizzy And I have been left with an empty stomach Watching the whales is a very nice experience But being dizzy for two or three hours It is a very unpleasant experience We are going to finish the tour Actually, this tour is not very good But at least We already take away the temptation To take a boat ride through the port of Los Angeles Finally it was time to eat The fish is very fresh We are going to choose something good Today we are going to eat tasty and listen to mariachi Eat the squid The squid is very tasty Missing the grilled fish It stopped raining One of the very nice things when it ends raining After lunch we will walk a little Today there are not many people It must be because of the rain Let’s walk around the other restaurants I’m going to show you something Here at the San Pedro fish market The food is very fresh Come with me to see this Here they keep the animals alive Before preparing them in the kitchen There is a large fish tank with live lobsters This is a well known and tourist place Since the end of the 60s The famous restaurants of The San Pedro fish market In the description of the video I’ll leave you an internet link of these
restaurants This for you to investigate on your own See you later Thanks for watching the video First person videos Exploring Los Angeles

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