Race in Manhattan, “Van” (Cap’s 4×4) in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 – Winter Soldier character token!

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Hi! Brickette here to show you how to get I’m in Manhattan in front of the Avengers’ Mansion and the nearest Kang-o-Rail
station is right over here. But you can start at any Kang-o-Rail
station in Chronopolis. Go to all the stations and you will get
Cap’s 4×4, which, oddly, counts as a van. So you can do the race that requires a van
to unlock the Winter Soldier character token. At the end of the race I’ll show
you Winter Soldier’s abilities. This is a nice way to see a lot of Chronopolis. And this is the last station before I
get back to Manhattan, so I get the vehicle token here. To bring up the vehicle grid,
hold down the top button and then hit the left button. It should
tell you in the top left corner. Captain America’s 4×4 is 25,000 studs. The race for Winter Soldier, which requires a van, is over here on the corner in Manhattan These taxis and cars will probably line up and block your way while
you’re trying to get your vehicle. But luckily you can blast them once you
get into the van. We hold the top button, then press the left button to bring up the vehicle grid. Once we select the vehicle, we need to
move it until it turns green and then press the select button again
to build it. Then we jump in with the top button and blast any cars that are blocking us. If you’re playing solo, your other character
might get in your way. I had to back up and then drive over him. I guess I should have let him drive.
After all, it is HIS 4×4. Just making sure there’s no one blocking me. A little bump there. Blast those guys in the way –
anything that’s in the way, just blast it. Can’t even see that one. I just blasted it. That’s a tough corner. So is this one. There’s something in the sand right there that will block you. I tried to avoid it and messed myself up. You have like 7 seconds to get
between two checkpoints. There’s all kinds of junk in this tunnel too. See? Why do they do that?! And there he is! Less than 10 seconds to spare! The thumbnails at the end might not
work as links on mobile. But they might be listed below
this video. Here are his abilities, or core attributes: Target, grapple lift, silver LEGO blow-up, acrobat, technology, and single-rope handle pull. Thank you so much for watching! Please subscribe to my youtube channel to help keep it going and to see when I upload new videos. See you next time!


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