Ramen in JAPAN vs. Ramen in NEW YORK: Ichiran Ramen Review

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Hey guys, it’s Mike chen. I’m in Brooklyn, New York [wow], I’m back in New [York]. This is my first video since moving [back] to New York This is a review video a lot of you wanted to see because obviously I loved my IChiran Ramen Experience in Japan and a lot of you wondered whether this place in Brooklyn tastes Just as good so let’s go inside and find out It’s definitely bigger than what I expected all this here All the way back towards that building that’s where they make the ramen and I heard one this place first open it was lying out the door I think two or three hours wait just to get inside right now Sunday lunch time nobody here going walking you have two selections. You can either eat in that setting or to the counter I’m of course going to do the counter. I’m in the bathroom right now, and I know this is kind of random It doesn’t really fit into a food video. [I’ve] got [to] show you this okay. [look] [it] up toilet paper I mean one two three four five six seven eight nine like 11 12 rolls of toilet paper and the explanation is the man behind each one Insist that we never run [out] of toilet paper. You know what I like that. I really do that’s very considerate This is kind of like what I experienced in Osaka and does the counter? Like I said much time [Sunday] most of it is empty, so let’s go go figure out one of these oh My goodness the magical Ramen window. We meet again [some] wonderful, Ramen Mr.. Eidman just on the other side [of] this window brought me the water and The menu and tell me to push that call button when I’m ready to order Let’s take a look at this menu here. The menu is extremely similar we’re almost the same as the Ones in Japan so one thing the difference between this place and the one in Japan is that there’s no vending machine at the entrance Of this restaurant everything it’s ordered once you get into the booth one thing that caught my attention right away is this Recommended set right here on top it includes a ramen they refill a tonkatsu egg Matcha almond pudding with green tea sauce this is the exact things that I had in Japan with a Glaring glaring difference, it’s almost twice as much I think and my memory is pretty bad But I believe a set in Japan was around 20 us [dollars] [and] this is [Thirty] five [sixty] I feel like that’s that’s a shocking price tag for a bowl of Ramen and even though you get a free refill and an egg and I’m putting and give her for A single Radek 1890 I don’t remember exactly how much above each ramen cost in Japan. I think it was around 13 maybe 14 Dollars Delta not 1890 wow joke [alright] There’s a business kind of crazy this dessert is nine to ten dollars. [I] mean that dessert was [not] working out well We already established a cost twice as much here. Maybe it tastes twice as good [I’m] gonna go ahead and do the sip menu here so [I] can try everything [assume] medium. I like my hamptons rich [oh] close, please the scallions of course which I show and spicy red sauce last time I got [ten] in Japan look keep it consistent. Let’s do ten here as well noodle texture I like my firm You know refill [I] recommend medium short, and I can ignore all that because I got the set menu push the Magic call buggy Thank you And you all speak Japanese to you here. Which is kind of cool I’m kind of nervous right now because I’ve been I’ve been dreaming about This bowl of Ramen ever since I left a panthers was by far the best [bull] Ramen I’ve ever had in my life It’s like a person run. You can’t ever forget And I’m just sitting here holding on to my delicious ramen memories hoping those plays will taste just as good Oh, my egg is here. This is a ton Katsu it now here They give it to you already peeled in Japan you had the peeler yourself But I’m kind of expecting when I open this up is to have a really runny yolk and that’s a trademark of this egg Let’s see what that is really disappointing and this is a [ta]. It’s not running at all. It’s a standing there I mean this [definitely] [did] not spring for the marathon. It’s just stationary Thank you. I love that part. That’s like my permission to stay again. Oh my goodness How I haven’t missed you I could see it. All my so much fat phony on the [taha] although It doesn’t look exactly the [same] like the one that I got in Japan but delicious very fatty delicate [Orcas] Gonna try some of the broth right now without the spice oh my God I feel like My memories are all associated with food and just a case of that brock although let me be completely honest I feel like it is a little notch below what I had in Japan, but go Fish [asst] that’s very gillis Rich creamy fatty never [look] [round] me back I feel like I could be sitting in Osaka right now and just living out [my] ramen standards he come to incorporate the Spice I Try the broth now. Oh man I’ve brought this pretty spot-on like I said just a minut the first I feel like that [Ratha] Japan puts a little more flavorful But cleaning fatty spicy and delicious my first bite of each you are ramen I’m sorry. I’m sorry dude transport us back in time and space [needle] quality is definitely the same as I had in Japan It’s firm yet soft and delicate it grabs on to the soup So well look at all the particles By just clinging on to those needles for dear life swimming and that your mixture of that fatty brock Remember that peppermint pattie commercial when they think of buying they’re like what I [put] into a peppermint pattie I’m transported well same thing here. We’re not bite into this mule I’m transported back to Japan Turn the happiest days of my life Spent with you, you can’t keep true. Love apart first tried the piece of pork. I’m already really disappointed with the eggs So I’m hoping the porks not naomi from the looks of it. It’s daddy. It’s [filly] sliced I think this gonna taste really good. I have high hopes for this It’s good. There’s a good piece of port but the biggest thing is I just don’t feel like it has a lot of flavor Let’s give this a try. I mean probably the most disappointing aspect in my knee or leg And this is a three dollar eight guys It’s [kinda] like [I] do it is very is very very dryer. This is by far The most disappointing [part] of my nails they said when I’m ready for my [noodle] [wreath], oh My noodle there. I put this here and push the coal But the Magic Ramen window do its thing Broth this is a medium texture Amelie felt ramen number two the noodles themselves [as] the best part of this dish that texture is so deliciously wonderful. This is so good I feel like the [harv’s] that the angels use in heaven are strong with these noodles Boy, she just give my little $10 tofu dessert Thank you for the soulful dessert And the Matcha sauce just that soft spoon went in just as easy as it did begged them that is sookie smooth There tastes about the same, but I mean it’s good really good. I’m glad I got it [because] I got really spicy Ramen And this does a really good job cooling all the heat on my tongues But I feel kinda bad that price wise does caught like have a bowl of Ramen floor over to Ramen refills I definitely would rather have that than this Alright, so in conclusion. Is this place good. Yes? This place is really good does it taste the same as IChiran Ramen in Japan [pretty] much? I would think like I said I felt that broth with us had less flavorful But overall I felt like I was eating this in Japan it definitely thought of all the great Ramen memories I had back then now go as far as to stay at least for me This is probably the best bowl Ramen I’ve ever had in the us And if you want to experience ramen in Japan without actually going to Japan this might be your best bet But the price is just shocking to me. I just paid $35.99 I mean without tax for Ramen Ramen refill and egg then I Could have got for 50 cents 30 cents anywhere in Chinatown and a [10] [dollar] put but I would Definitely recommend you if you ever had a really good a bowl ramen definitely come here and try it out I [don’t] make it a habit because this place is really expensive I mean like I said, it’s not just about it being expensive It’s so much more expensive than where you pay in Japan and probably all the other ramen shops in [New] York So in conclusion Ichi Ramen here in New York City tastes, really Good is really overpriced and stay away from that if you ever want to come here like always the location all that information is in my Description box. I hope you liked this review video and until we [eat] again. I’ll see you later


  1. If I had a time wish, an infinite bowl of that, imagine just an infinite bowl of that and one endless bunch of noodles

  2. Just imagine sitting next to him and just hearing a grown man moan and praise food and being very descriptive about how the food tastes oh and complaining about an egg

  3. i think the reason why the broth had less flavor is because you chose medium instead of strong. When you ate the ramen in japan you chose strong flavor.


  5. 1200 yen for a bowl and a refill if I remember right, that egg looked gross as well. Sad doesn't do the real ichiran justice 😭

  6. Ramen in New York is expensive and overrated. The ramen is way too greasy. The broth is too fatty so that the first bite is not bad but it gets to be too much after that. I haven't tried authentic Japanese ramen so I'll withhold judgement but most ramen places in the US is overrated.

  7. I went to the one in Brooklyn yesterday and I had to peel my own egg and it was soft boiled.
    Looks like they changed it a bit in the 2 years since you went there.

  8. It’s not a minute difference. Presentation alone, the attention to detail isn’t there in the US version. And the broth is more oily or fattier, probably wasn’t prepared right or not as hot when served. It’s unacceptable the egg is hard boiled, it should be soft boiled. Mikey is being too nice coz he likes the brand.

  9. The $$ is right . I was just in Japan and found $$ to be very low as compared to a lot of places in the states. I think most people in the US think Japan is so expensive but I really didn’t find that to be so. Food I thought was very moderately priced.

  10. i want to eat japan


  11. I feel like the egg is just us Americans…I didn’t know what a soft boiled egg was before your vids but the price is inexcusable foreshore

  12. 1000% I would send that egg back… and ask for a runny yolk. I've had to do that in two different places. In one restaurant I had to send back the egg 3 times until they got one from a new batch. They screwed up the egg… they over cooked it. And its the best part of the ramen… so get it done right.

  13. Mikey..have you ever been to Chinatown downtown Toronto..also please tell us where we can but these ingredients..we have a fairly new international students staying in glace bay, hs and I believe they deserve some noodles.. I would learn and run it

  14. この人いつも秘伝のタレ10倍にしてるけど、これ観て引っ掛かる人居るだろうな

  15. its not just ichiran ramen that's expensive, almost all japanese restaurants are more expensive compared to say chinese, indian, vietnamese or jamaican restaurants. i really don't understand why americans perceive japanese cuisine (even something as pedestrian as ramen) as something snobbish.

  16. I had tried Ichiran in Osaka. I think the Oreshiki Jun Ramen in Tokyo street is better, and much cheaper.

  17. Lol when you have to watch someone alse eating athuentic ramen because there isn't any places that sells it where you live 😐 still looks tasy though good job on the description 👍

  18. The reason it's so expensive is because you're paying for the privilege to have that ramen in Brooklyn. The owners took the risk to open up a restaurant there so this is there way to ensure it was worth it.

  19. Ramen Tei has the best ramen I've ever had. Even when I was in Japan, Ramen Tei in Manchester, Missouri. Phenomenal ramen.

  20. So i live in Michigan and japan is a dream trip of mine but I got excited that there was an ichiran in new York so in the mean time next time I come to New York I could try some good ramen. But man 35.00 for a meal set is crazy it’s gonna be close to 100 if my wife and I come to get some ramen. I mean if I get a chance I might still do it but I won’t like spending the money though!

  21. 2 yrs later after watching this it still wants to make me eat the the osaka ramen and makes me mouth water

  22. Sorry, price does matter. I personally would not spend $35 for a bowl of Ramen 🍜 with little slice of pork and hard boiled egg.

  23. @strictlydumpling the ramen is a lot better now, they’ve fixed basically all the problems you outlined in the video

  24. Oh my god Same! That was also my first love of ramen! 😭😍😍😍 and can’t wait to eat it again 😭😭 I miss ichiran ramen at japan ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  25. Hubby and I really complained about the egg. We told them went to the original in Japan. The egg isn’t the quality as there.
    Price was shocking. Very shocking. Asked why. No answer. We think it’s because it’s the US.

  26. Go to tarakawa ramen in Philadelphia if youre ever there. You will NOT regret it. Also very affordable. 11$ for big bowl and 1.50 for extra noodle. and i think 2 for eggs but i dont eat eggs, but they look very good and runny

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