Random Jogger Follows Cenk In Los Angeles

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random story i’m john today in l_a_ exact your footsteps behind me guys
coming up companies from k cancer month again just pass me a videotape when he
is a slight problem with your final utility pulls up next to me uh… and it’s cpsc spare vietnamese
hamming it up musician but it something along those lines can he doesn’t have a
jogging clothes on like a t-shirt and judge was his regular shorts and a
regular sure on he’s got his body phone or whatever and right and he’s like idyllic put your name jiang with the org and i thought maybe
he knows because that’s happened before right uh… and his ipod amber but unlike ok favored nato thick andy’s ike judge on the long weekend a study was actually chasing i guess like if he knew we could actually would
make more sense a i watch the show that’s up on all the time but no big
deal a little happen i might i said okay but he doesn’t know me because that’s the teacher act okay by a number uneasily as set by did not
answer ought to be done with that said bycatch anything i’d like to begins once a free
country were waiting overnight dot over our coverage at all high and i couldn’t do it and then we said john dean and he’s right next to me up with a
can’t victory tonight i don’t have any city guide over
atrophic and then he says i also have you ever
get uh… like no that definitely not on this planet death without everyday campaign and then went right for a long time with
no one saying in a sort of feel walk we’re not going proposals on the operation dot so mike should i sort of covers issue bothers safely and unlike so check those same don’t say
anything becoz my instinct is remove all opposition rations a summit
meeting as a transition scope by others that wasn’t working out
for his instead of it uh… word that by the way we shot by a
jack-in-the-box is like lock if you are right straight nah you
palaces subtest i thinking visit twelve percent years this guy’s dinners that ok by got good
reviews he’s just a little bit behayelit cargo shorts it takes us on twitter
official optimistic do it right in front of the few and felt like there is half
forty eight percent chance he was asleep mhm defeat has a forty percent chance of
that is a strange vietnamese people below forty two percent chance of if
about your brother because there’s another possibility you know that i saw
that they can but unlike you know if i was working spirit or
others like a four percent chance he works for trapper from statement that you tried to get
slightly as they are you always hear on this path that cetera it looks pretty
easy i direct it is no is no chance like with strangers they
come up in talking for no reason the reality is the eighty percent chance
to us live with male or female update that’s coming with me is lord is because
i thought it looked like that’s right but anyway so what i do as a i got keswani i can do braunfels because i i think that yours this look
at this guy i_q_ with this guy right might wrong again bob’s ron again
burdened by cave so i said where quicker pace for like the significant dominantly
united newt abducted so spiraling who still lives in here getting that breathing louder
and louder and like the city removers fault euro two flats that app that the fed up with the when i arrived bridesburg but actually got something
out of that story ok if you were in some conservative party town where everyone has a gun he one of the
debt of the collective yes canada and that’s
the does not primarily concern about the police officer who went to key and i a m to that question i asked him
if you went to the rodeo any doubts about the random paranoid about getting
restraints got in real life should not have my gun that canada like backpack dot police officer it go
by the way i think is in michigan if you’re adding to hand you want a shot
you magid burned tracking info all those blocks for bird would not have a good bit you
read faster i would affect the jury outlets patrick i don’t know what you’re
talking about your ideas are you with us throughout you would favor that u_s_ senator was
there but yeah all my god are you all right jack i will wait for out yes i
will call for help but i will wait to hear about your cyber parties all of the picture is not that
over the ridge a rewrite where it has not been uh… reprimanded adopted his life uh… like by people who get yeah is bid
talking to people with other people that like yet but never the movie’s plot you’ve got to know
about that broke up with my family leveling at no september and i want to suck your app

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