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“Arthur Avenue e la mia vita”=Arthur Avenue is my life! I love that here the little Italy in the Bronx everyone is speaking Italian
everywhere I have this opportunity to actually practice my super rusty Italian: (breaks into Italian) ciao sono Jen, la tua guida locale di nueva york e benvenuto nella piccola
Italia del Bronx.=(I am Jen your local NY guide and welcome to the little Italy in the Bronx. This is the real little Italy a lot of people think the real
little Italy is actually in Manhattan down next to chinatown and that is
totally wrong the real little Italy is here in the bronx and I’ve got Diego,
@DandyintheBronx to come hang out with me we’re here in the Bronx really we
have some mozzarella and eat all day! I have had this mozzarella before and I like
didn’t even eat breakfast I’m just like so ready I gotta start my day with
mozzarella and we’re just gonna keep eating until we’re so full it hurt and
then we’re gonna continue eating and then we’re gonna eat more and then we’re
gonna go home. I’m so excited I told you to be hungry
you’re hungry yes I think for a couple of hours yesterday I’m ready I’m so
excited we’re gonna eat some of the best Italian food not just in New York City
honestly like it’s pretty close up like outside of Italy it’s hard to get really
good mozzarella and this spot knows what they’re doing, let’s go! okay great transition. Here at Casa della mozzarella they are
so sweet he’s like you only want one little piece of mozzarella oh please he
gave it to me for free two! He’s so nice very nice oh my god
I already know that this mozzarella is so good I’ve had it before but I can’t
wait oh my god so we do it cheers, cheers! the saltiness mmm hints of salt there
that really gives it a little kick Wow! When it pulls apart oh my goodness heaven it’s so good yes this is the
winner come to Casa della mozzarella hmm Wow Wow!
So one thing I really like about Little Italy here in the Bronx is that there’s
not really any tourist traps because they’re not trying to trick you to get
into these places they’re all legit places so I appreciate that! Arthur
avenue in the bronx around 187th Street Belmont is known as the real Little
Italy and has more 100 year old family businesses than any other area of New
York City if you are looking for a specific Italian brand or a dish like
your grandmother’s this is where people flock actually eighty-five percent of
its customers travel over five miles just to dine here there’s even a movie
and new musical a Bronx Tale that is all about an Italian boy growing up in this
area how do you get there you can take the D
subway line from midtown which is about an hour or the fastest way is to take a
slightly more expensive Metro North Harlem line to Fordham station which is
about 20 minutes from Grand Central to go. If you are visiting the Bronx Zoo, Fordham or the New York Botanical Garden this is where you make dinner
reservations or go early and spend the entire day eating and shopping so you
have time to wander around the market and stores before they close early if
you are going at a popular time like a weekend night you will need a
reservation for most places like the historic Mario’s where they filmed a
Sopranos scene, so call ahead! Fun fact because I love fun facts Arthur
Avenue was actually named after the 21st president! For the best burrata you must go to
Mike’s deli which is found in the Arthur Avenue Market what is burrata it is a
shell of fresh mozzarella surrounding a soft creamy stracciatella cheese it is
the best Arthur Avenue actually began as a pushcart market and this retail market was the first
enclosed market in the Bronx. Walk past the Bronx beer hall a fun spot later on
and past the groups of Italians who come from neighboring boroughs and states
just to pick up fresh ingredients for a family dinner Mike himself welcomed me
to try some of his homemade fresh burrata which was just made this morning
he put it in hot water to bring it to room temperature in Italian it is called
“el bagno” meaning the bath. Mike insisted on cutting the burrata and
plating it over a bed of greens fresh bread and radicchio, add a little shake of salt and pepper
and top it off with speck or the shoulder of the hog they grilled it on a
panini grill monitor this is something you taste and he tells me there’s no
such thing as bacon bits in an Italian deli. A pinch of extra-virgin olive oil
and their own special truffle oil – we call the burrata a love cheese he says,
and you cannot forget their own basalmic reduction. “Chi mangia bene viva bene”= who eats well, lives well. It’s all about the quality you could buy burrata from Italy
90% of those burratas could stay 65 days in a container how full of chemicals, mine stays two weeks and that’s it stays beautiful. Your first burrata. “My first burrata here in the real little Italy in the Bronx so much flavor it’s rich Wow
good job Italy. While walking around and going into all these adorable shops and
hearing Italian spoken everywhere which is so amazing I want to practice my
Italian and I’m constantly trying and it’s honestly just so refreshing to hear
that almost everyone working here is speaking Italian they know Italian they
think they treat with me with …. (noises) … they treat you with love
we’ve been to multiple places where they’ve given us free mozzarella they’ve
given us free things they’re like oh you’re doing this like you know like let
me let me plate this for you let me make this extra give me give me a second like
he comes back he gives us Prosecco he gives us the burrata it was amazing at
Mike’s deli it was the ultimate treatment and I think that it’s just
part of that Italian vibe that culture that love that like they treat everyone
like family and they welcome you like family they they want you to enjoy
yourself to love it as much as they do and I just feel so loved and like
everyone here is like welcoming me and everyone like family like you don’t even
have to be Italian I’m half Italian and I just like feel so loved but you don’t
even have to you can just be walking around and just appreciate it and
everyone just wants to give you a sample of their food their bread their cheese
because they want to share what their grandmother’s taught them their recipes
everything with you because that’s kind of their form of love and I just feel so
loved here it’s just amazing. This is a real Italian hot chocolate it
is super thick here and it’s basically like melted chocolate in a cup amazing
and we’ve got some panna cotta which is whip cream on top with shavings of
chocolate I am obsessed. This is at Prince coffee house I had to
double check yes I almost said Prince Street PIZZA that was a very different
thing! Prince coffeehouse here in Little Italy
the Bronx let’s take a sip. mmm oh it’s so good and warm up mm-hmm good I love it ah it’s just so good I just really appreciate the you know
passion that goes into creating these dishes whether it be the foods or drink
here you can really taste it you know that there’s love and the passion that’s
being used to create these things. So why dandy in the BRONX? So I’m born and raised in the Bronx – Hunts Point and when I started my blog
in 2014 all the other bloggers I saw at the time they’re all Manhattan this
Brooklyn that and I really wanted to showcase you know the Bronx and what it
was doing I didn’t feel it’s a lot of representation at the time so I wanted
to be you know so show people that I can be doing the exact same thing those
other bloggers are doing but in the Bronx. Since then the Bronx has been changing a lot there’s a lot more eyeballs now here
in the Bronx and I’m just happy to be able to show people all the cool things
are happening here from amazing places like Little Italy you know up-and-coming
places like Mott Haven awesome places that have an amazing you know Latino food, Dominican food, Dominican Chino food. What I got to show you that later for
that part part though! But yeah there’s a lot of places here and I think a lot of
people you know give it a bad rap or just have
their own assumptions about the Bronx you know people think about the Bronx
they’re like oh I’m gonna get jumped or something yes but no I you know it’s
like of any place there’s there’s safe places and then there’s there are more
shady places and you know I just so people just got to play be smart you
know don’t be an idiot, don’t take your iPad out to take
pictures you know I just want to show people all the cool things are happening
in the Bronx and you know just on your money here! (voiceover Jen again) Now if you have a sweet tooth like me you might want to do a pastry or cannoli crawl so here are the top seven
best dessert spots in the Bronx’s Little Italy. Number one Gino’s pastry
shop the best cannoli is filled with the cream right in front of you so that the
shell does not get soggy and here they do it right right in front of you here
you can get a fresh cannolis svogliatelle and cappuccino with great service yes
what do we have here it is I’m not willing really well versed with Italian
pastry so you’re actually gonna show me and so what do we have over here, wonderful flaky pastry that is filled
with cream it is so good they get that focus get close get even closer
and there it is it’s in it’s in focus taking a moment for that yep mmm hmmm
yep feel free to rotate it take your time you can come thank you so much and
now we can talk again oh so what do we have here again so this is this is the sfogliatelle not to be confused with the lobster-tail. Let’s try it out and this is your moment
my moment all right go for it Cheers oh my gosh so flaky. “you have it on your nose” Saving it for later… yeah we’re gonna
have so many more we have so many more ahead of us this is only the beginning
of the desert tour… it’s so good and I love like the softness in the center the
texture it changes from flaky to softer in the middle you understood on top of
it yeah you gotta get that powdered sugar on top you’re going all-in you’re eating it off
I mean he might as well it’s not like we’re on a food tour or anything you weren’t
gonna eat a lot more food… (he says) I’ll pay for it later. Number 2 Morroni pastry shop:
I love the cannoli shells with a hint of cinnamon. Number three DeLillo pastry
shop try the lobster tails that are extra flaky and crunchy on the outside
with soft cream on the inside. Number four Egidio pastry shop they’re saying
is life is uncertain so eat dessert first! Number five Addeo & Sons bakery,
here for amazing breads but also to satisfy your sweet tooth you must try
the chocolate bread. Number six Artuso pastry shop come for a variety of
cookies and pastries. Number seven Madonia bakery: Legend says that the
first owners son was born on the floor of the bakery the thing that makes the Bronx you know
really unique is that there’s so many different cultures lifestyles people
here you know we’re here in Little Italy here in the Bronx but there’s also a lot
of Albanians and the Bronx Dominicans, Puerto Ricans you know so you’ll get a
taste of almost everything here in the Bronx and they’re almost like the little
miniature versions of their countries are present here actually here in Little
Italy like we just walk in mind there’s a lot of cool Albanian places so you can
check out some food from there people as well so there’s a little bit of
everything here the best thing that I really love about the Bronx is just the
community aspect it’s all these like different people coming together and
just you know representing the best aspects of their country the best food
lifestyle everything you can find here whether it be Italian, Puerto Rican,
Albania and you can find it here in the Bronx and I think that’s what makes it
really unique. Jen: One of my biggest tips… CAR HONKING… I love it ok … one of my biggest tips is to
come here early I have been here to Little Italy in the Bronx this whole area of Arthur
Avenue and I come here at like 6 p.m. on a Saturday and I was like whoo yeah
plenty of time the Sun doesn’t set for like another hour and I was so wrong
everything was so crowded and so packed it was chaotic last time I was here it
was just it was you couldn’t get into any of the restaurants it was a mess we
ended up I think at like it was just it was just too much so my biggest tip is
to please come here early get here at 9:00 a.m. go to casa della mozzarella
make your way through all the pastry shops the coffee shops just like we did
go to the market take your time at 12 a lot of the restaurants open get in there
for lunch not dinner because especially on the
weekends they get packed you really need a reservation ahead of time unless and
if you don’t basically have a reservation get here early that is my biggest tip okay done with rant! Grazie per aver guardato come sempre d’i si ala nueva aventura e ci vediamo la
prossima Volta Ciao!=(thank you for watching, as always, say yes to new adventures and I’ll see you next time, bye!) I love that okay that was good that was really good.


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