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When someone is looking for a Chicago realtor,
they might feel, ah, anxiety. �Most of our clients feel that way when they are buying
their first home or even when they are looking to sell. Hi my name is Dominic Irpino, owner and managing
realtor of Irpino Real Estate. �We serve the Chicagoland area and surrounding suburbs,
and we�ve been doing so for 15 years. �We pride ourselves in our level of experience,
competency, and trust. A few years ago, a client of ours told us,
you know this has been a great experience. �You remind me of a sherpa. �And I didn�t
know what that meant. �So I looked it up and after looking it up I said you know what?
�That makes sense. �Someone guiding someone through a process that is normally scary but
it doesn�t have to be. �So when you are with the right team, like Irpino Real Estate,
it�s a smooth and seamless transaction so we�re kind of like sherpas in real estate. It seems like yesterday when I was buying
my first house. �I will never forget that experience because I had a lot of the same
anxiety our clients have. �I had uncertainty, was nervous, and I really felt I could have
been better taken care of by the agent I was working with. �Along the way that process
inspired me to say how could I do this better if I were to do this? The benefit of working with a family brokerage
is that we don�t have to necessarily follow any franchise guidelines or rules. �It�s
all about the customer and our client. �It�s a relationship. �It�s not about buying
or selling homes. �It�s about starting and fostering relationships with our clients,
which often times become good friends of ours. � We�re ready to help. �Feel free to contact
me directly on my cell phone at 773-965-1871, and visit us at our website,
�Give us a call, and we�re text friendly as well.


  1. I highly recommend Dominic to anyone looking for a home.  I have dealt with him as a tenant and will be as a buyer very soon.  I have 100% trust and confidence that he will find the perfect home for me!

  2. I wholeheartedly endorse the notion that Dominic doesn't just "work for" his clients; he enters into real relationships of mutual trust and friendship. This just doesn't happen in the real world anymore. To call it refreshing is a gross understatement.

  3. Not only did Dominic help us buy our first home but he kept us going when we were afraid and ready to give up on home buying. Not ten minutes after we arrived to look at our house for the first time he was speaking with the seller's broker like they had grown up together. Dom has grown to be a great friend who still helps out when we need advise.

  4. Dominic is honest and professional. I wouldn't think of working with anyone else to help me purchase a new home and to handle the rental of the condo.

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