Reasons to visit London: Buckingham Palace Tour

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It’s very nice to pretend you’re royal for
the day. Have a cup of tea with the Queen! It’s something that not a lot of people have
done; it’s only available two months out of the year. For summertime, Buckingham Palace is one place that people should visit. I never thought I’d get the chance to see
it from the inside. It’s wonderful. Rembrandt’s pictures The Mars and Venus statue – he did it in
one piece of marble and if he made one mistake, it was ruined. It made me learn to appreciate artwork much more. It’s nice to see the personal side. The architecture, the high ceilings. The corbels, the arches and the chandeliers. Just an absolutely magnificent place, just
beautiful. It’s treasured. That was really humbling for
me to see. Huge and amazing Enormous. Impressive. Majestic. Amazing. Awesome, fabulous, fantastic. Royal. Just majestic. Tips hmm.
The multi-media guide Look at everything that the audio guide describes. The audio book because it’s free. They’re very well done. You find out lots of interesting facts. Oh this is amazing, how does it flower and
when was it made? Hidden secrets as well, which the children
found really interesting. And there’s games. Keep a lot of time; it took us longer than
we thought it would take, there’s so much to see. Take time and enjoy. Come in August and September when it’s open,
otherwise you won’t get a chance to see it!


  1. Isn't it "Nice" that the Limeys open the palace a few days a year…..Maybe they can see what they are paying for….for the "Elite Royal family"  to live in while the majority of Brits live had to mouth …..real nice////

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  3. Be careful there are so many thieves there and AVOID BACKPACK. coz backpack are easy target for them

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