Results On London HIV Patient Raising Hopes For AIDS Patients | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

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  1. Hopefully, this is indeed a breakthrough. And hopefully, the drug/procedure will be affordable to the people who need it. Too often breakthroughs are highly touted, but no one but the very rich can afford them.

  2. This will allow people to live normal lives without a death sentence hanging over their heads, including babies. ???

  3. 3:24 I was hoping he'd state that obvious fact, balancing the credulous and breathless anchor's introduction.

  4. For the love of god listen to the whole thing…. This isn't the fantastic thing, the fantastic thing is that one pill per day treats HIV so effectively that infected people don't spread the virus.

  5. Why is the getting attention ? It’s just a happy side effect of the lymphoma transplant it was known that this could work. It’s completely too toxic and overkill for normal hiv infections

  6. In case anyone needs clarification:
    HIV: Human Immunodeficiency Virus
    AIDS: Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
    HIV attacks your body's phagocytes, or white blood cells, and uses them to produce more viruses. AIDS is the condition of having so few white blood cells that your body can't defend itself.

    This is pretty big news c:

  7. Lol, you can tell most of the commenters didn't actually watch the video, because the scientist actually debunks the claim pretty harshly.

  8. Amen… Was thinking how many friends I've lost to AIDS and this great news is bittersweet because had this possible cure came sooner, so many I miss would still be here… But so happy for young people knowing the worse of this disease is mostly over…

  9. Second case, that's BS. There are a slew of babies that have been born with AIDS, and somehow have miraculously cured themselves…no drugs or medications of any type. I know this is true, because I know personally of a family who adopted an AIDS baby. The child is a toddler now, and as of their last test, they're totally free of the virus.

  10. So, the idea of treating HIV with an allogenic immune system transplant isn't great because of the rejection drugs one must take. But, what about an autogenic transplant. Remove some bone marrow, and knock out the gene for the receptor site, then use chemo to destroy the patient's immune cells, and repopulate with the altered cells. The altered immune cells won't be susceptible to the HIV virus, and it won't attack the body as non-self.

  11. Probably the single best piece of Science journalism I have seen from a Mainstream media (non-trade) outlet. Clear, direct, explicit in its caveats.

  12. The two people known to be clear from the Aids Virus are Magic Johnson and Timothy Brown.

  13. Great News but the only people affording the cure will be the rich. Pharmaceutical companies will charge you an arm and both legs for it. It will cost a person’s whole life savings, and spend the rest of your life paying it back!

  14. If lighting struck in one place, it's a fluke.

    If it happens twice, it's a pattern. Gene therepy using stem cells to alter the HIV DNA that inactivates the virus.

  15. heaven knows the pharma companies would never make a 1 off drug for hiv. u have to take it all ur life so they make money.

  16. Guys wait this is not a cure but possible way of curing hiv by non resident ppls bone marrow. It can can be 0.8% of non resident ppl in 100%

  17. I’m in contact with hundreds of people who have HIV & have never ever taken any toxic ARV’s & are completely ok after many many years , these people get ignored, you should have listened to Peter Deusberg years ago

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  20. He took the deug gcmaf and did the bm transplant. The cure has been discovered, apparently the CDC is the only organization who cant solve these issues.

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