Riding 1930’s NYC Subway Cars ! – FREE Holiday Activity in New York

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What’s up Members of the Barrio Jon coming to you from Manhattan, where we are at the 2nd Avenue Subway Station Where Today, they’re giving Holiday Nostalgia Rides They are putting trains from the 1930’s back into service And wer’e going to step back in time For the cost of a subway swipe Adriana looking very 1930’s today.. What do you think? Okay, I tried guys I hope I did well I’m really excited I want to see it And I really hope I see more people dressing up We are hoping that we’re not the only two people dressed up But I got a feeling there’s going to be others Very important note Come here 30 minutes before it’s scheduled Because the train is just chilling right now You can take pictures Walk around There’s a bunch of people dressed up So apparently these trains were in service from 1932 to 1976 Guys this is ridiculous The whole thing is open We’re just walking through This feels like i’m in a movie right now No joke Look at the advertising on the subway Want some soup? Look at the texture of these seats This feels like something straight out of a museum I love that camera, that’s so cool Is that from the 1930’s? This is 1950, this particuluar one To develop it.. you need an old fashioned.. Dark room Yeah, that’s right And I have a dark room And I can shoot negative film with this But today.. i’m shooting polaroid film Another cool note and why you need to come early Is that each of the rooms is a little bit different Each of the subway cars It feels like stepping into a different design Here it’s a little bit more blue and yellow on the ground And the advertisements are also different on every single one Bet you do better in a hat Every single car we walk between It’s just a new adventure Different photographers Different people dressed up We’re having an amazing time And we haven’t even left yet I can’t even imagine how much fun this thing is going to be Until it actually starts to move What i’m really curious about Is people’s reaction When they step on the train And they don’t know about this Because this train is actually about to leave I can not wait to see thos reactions Doors have closed, everyones cameras are out I don’t know if we’re going uptown, downtown, or back intime But we’re going somewhere Nah i’m just kidding guys we’re going uptown The lights are flickering Everybody is coming in with a camera In hand Everyone has their cell phone out.. what did I just step into? They’re yelling out the subway stops Because the intercom’s aren’t working I don’t know if they had intercoms in 1932.. I don’t believe they did. We’re getting off at Rockefeller Center right now You can ride this all the way to 125th But this is about as far as we wanted to go today Amazing, absolutely freaking amazing Adriana how does it feel? Stepping back into the real world? It’s pretty sad guys
I wish I could stay there forever If you’re going to do it You have to dress up Definitley, it’s funner Alright members of the Barrio Hope you enjoyed, all of that 1930’s footage If you want to take the Holiday Nostalgia rides I’m putting all the information down below in the description Remember, whatever time I put down there Arrive 30 minutes early, that way you have the time to run around Take photos Mingle with people dressed up Such a cool experience and all it costs you.. is one subway swipe Something you’ve got to do This holiday season Guys make sure to subscribe if you’re new to this channel Thank you so much for watching As always.. until next time Trains from the 1930’s.. we’re going to step in time.. It actually feels like the 19… 1930’s. thirties..


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  2. What a cool experience to step back in time! I bet there were a lot of shocked faces as they boarded the train haha

  3. Love the period dress. That is pretty cool. Okay on a sadder note, I remember those cars from the mid(ish) 70s and the lights did flicker frequently. How often does NY Metro run those trains ( like all of Dec)?

  4. Thank you a lot for sharing !

    Very brilliant idea, it's really super beautiful and interesting.
    All the capitals of the world should do the same thing in their subway.

  5. Looks like so much fun: you and Adriana definitely embody the word “dapper”! The vintage advertisements were great.

  6. Jon, when I moved to NYC, I rode on these cars! They were still in use. Be glad you didn’t ride them in the summer. No air conditioning!

  7. The things we take for granted change so gradually over time that we hardly notice while it's happening……I hadn't been in a train for many many years until recently…..It was nothing like I remembered….It was clean,quiet and comfortable…..sometimes change is for the better……great vlog…you both looked fantastic.

  8. It’s happening every year in summer on the B/Q line. And the trains date back even to an earlier period, like 1920s. Duh.

  9. They did NOT have a Public Announcement system in the '30's. My dad worked on building and installing the very first one in the mid-50's. I THINK that it was on the A line, but I'm not sure.

    One of the things that I noticed was that when the trains were moving, the doors between the cars were still open. That's the way things were until much later, you could walk the entire length of the train (or even ride between the cars (which was definitely frowned upon)) if you could squeeze between the crowd.

  10. I rode that train from W. 4 to Rockafeller Center. It was so awesome. Yep, get there early for sure!! I waited a full half hour letting all the regular trains ride by. Totally worth it. I want to try to catch it again this time from 2nd ave. Side note: You should check out the New York Transit Museum in Brooklyn. They have really cool vintage trains you can check out. Yep, no intercoms back in those days. Don't forget the nostalgic bus rides too. They have a vintage bus at 34th Street/Herald Square you can check out. 😉

  11. We used to have trains in Sydney that were in service from the 1920s until the 80s they were the best trains the old red rattlers. You both looked real cool and great video there

  12. In 1932 they had pushers working on the cars yelling for people to move back so they could put as many people on board as possible.

  13. You left out something, the conductor had to ride between the cars in order to open and close the doors, you also left out what time you had to show up.

  14. i hear this sun there will be the most people dressed up.. been on it ever week.. 😀 been riding ever since the 1990s when it left queens plaza…

  15. That is one beautiful train! Love how everyone is dressing up for this, so awesome! Great to see new york preserve these things and do this for the public!

    I wish they did that here in toronto ! They scrap all the old subways but to be fair we do have our streetcars. Every summer they bring out a PCC every sunday between like 1-5 or something and let the public ride it free of charge. Also they just finally rebuily a GM Fishbowl bus. (the ones from Speed) We used them up until about 2011. Loved those buses, miss em everyday.

    Thanks for the video.

  16. Just talked to some friends about this. They’re all weaboos (American teenagers who love all Japanese pop culture, specifically the anime genre of television), so they really want to go on this subway train as anime characters.

  17. When I graduated HS and started working in Manhattan, this was the style of the subway car I took from 179th Street to midtown. A 'token' was 15 cents then. Video bought a smile.

  18. I remember those trains as kid in the late 1950s-early 1960s when guys named Eisenhower & Kennedy where in the White House. When I came back when Nixon was in the White House as a teenager, they were gone. And new ones all full of graffity.

  19. ok people do to me being nice… this year the hoilday train is to run starteding dec 1 to dec 29th from 10am to 5pm right now.. route is unknown.. but for it for sure going to 2 ave on the f line….

  20. Great video as always Jon & Adriana 🙂 You both looked very dapper in your 1930's style and I love Adriana's hat! This is such a great festive NYC tradition especially when family comes to stay over Christmas, we did this last year and it's fun, it really gives you that lovely festive feeling. I love the Christmas wreaths on the outside of the trains. We're definitely going to do this one Sunday before Christmas this year 🚆🎄☃️🗽

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