#RoadToAutonomy // 2028: Los Angeles’ Autonomous Summer Olympics

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Hi, I am Grayson Brulte and welcome to another episode of The Road To Autonomy With the 2028 Summer Olympics Games coming to Los Angeles, the City should take bold and decisive action by announcing that all
official Olympic sanctioned vehicles will be on-demand, electric and autonomous While this might sound like a bold idea today, the strategy is actually reminiscent of the very successful 1984 Olympic strategy The 1984 Olympics, while controversial at
the time, were the first privately funded Olympics That leveraged the strengths of the City by using public transportation and dorm housing, instead of incurring costs, which netted the Olympic Committee $250 million dollars Instead of building out rail, the City should
embrace autonomous vehicles and convert lanes during the Olympics into Autonomous Lanes, where individuals can go point-to-point on-demand from one Olympic stadium to another If the City does this, we can incur a seamless, frictionless, autonomous vehicle experience for everybody attending Los Angeles for the Olympic games If the 2028 Summer Olympics Autonomous Vehicle strategy is implemented correctly, you can all but guarantee the Summer Olympics will help usher in the future of autonomy.

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