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Hello guys, Oficially the vacations are starting Right now is 9 am here in Monterrey We are driving a highway and right now we are going to start our roadtrip until today its gonna be my longest I have ever made We’re going by highway to Los Angeles What do you think? I’ve never made a roadtrip this long. This is gonna be my first The longest I’ve ever made were to Puebla It was about 12 hours. And to Mexico City Im used to do 10 hours roadtrips More or less But this roadtrip If you write down in google maps From Monterrey to Los Angeles Its a whole day. 24 hours We’re going to divide the roadtrip in two days We’re going to drive 12 hours Today Sunday I think its October 27th And tomorrow, Monday, October 28th too To be arriving tomorrow In the night Today… Considering we leave at 9 am Theoretically we’re going to be arriving there at 9 pm Plus the stops and all that stuff We like to think we are going to be there at 10, 10:30 pm At the middle of our way We dont know where we’ll stop This roadtrip is gonna be an adventure We’ll see how it turns out I’ll be sharing the stops and stuff we find in our way And share with you this grate adventure My longest roadtrip And I hope… I’m sure this is going to be the best So, come with me Right now, we are leaving Monterrey City We’re going to arrive to Laredo And I’ll be telling you What happens Well guys, We just ate Its 2 pm, 2:20 pm We went to Burger King We are in thrifty mode Because we have to save all we can For some surprises, and places we have planned to go this next days So 2 pm, Burger King I think I’m going to take a little nap Because im going to drive later Stop Guys, its 6 pm I didnt sleep at all, even though I tried a couple of times Because Im just thinking in all the things I want to do there And it’s my turn to drive I’ll get back to you in a while Hello Guys, The Roadtrip First Day has ended I’m torn apart, exhausted, very tired The two nights before the roadtrip I sleep very little Because of my anxieties My excitement I slept like 4 hourse or less But the goal was reached We’ve gone half the way 12 hours, more or less We did like 13 hours Right now I’m in Las Cruces We have to stop and rest And to get some energies for the second roadtrip day And if everything goes like planned, Tomorrow we’ll be arriving to Los Angeles And I’ll be sharing with you what happens Hello Guys, good morning, its Saturday at 7 am We’re going to start our second roadtrip day Today its going to be another 12 hours to our destiny: Los Angeles California This place reminded me a lot of the Rule #32 scene from Zombieland “Enjoy the little things” I actually looked for the real store from the movie but I never found it=( What it that? :O More of that misterious thing!!! :O Much much more!!! Hi Guys, after I dont know how many hours of seeing many many the thing signs We finally arrived to this misterious place We are going to discover what this is all about Even though, there are some little tours starting 5 pm, and right now is 10 am we wont be able to visit them But we are going to see what they got here as exhibit and for sale Let’s see if anything sticks. Come on!! Hola, terricolas. Soy José de Ravient Prime Escuchen con mucho cuidado Tienen una pluma? Les voy a dar un codigo muy importante Que abrirá todos los secretos del universo Estan listos? V-A-Y-A-N A-L M-U-S-E-O VAYAN AL MUSEO JAJA Espero hayan anotado todo Recuerden, soy José el alien inteligente de Ravien Prime What do you think? My fortune We made it to the musseum!!!! First L.A. sign!!! Hello Guys, the first day here in Los Angeles is starting And today we are going to be visiting some movie locations I wont tell you which ones As we are going forward you’ll be knowing Which locations we have planned to visit I’m spoiling you a little with my tshirt But stay tuned so we can together know Filming locations Hello Guys, we just arrived to the first location of our film location day I’m so excited!!! We must do it quickly Because obviously these houses or locations are actually inhabited And this first location as you can see behind me Its the house where Biff lives with his grandmother And we can see it in Back to the future 2 And then we can see In one or two houses down the place where Biff is bullying the kids This is the house where Biff takes away the soccer ball from the children and through it away to the second floor right in this house Guys, we just arrived to our second film location Of our film location day We can see behind me The house they used to make the Halloween movie, the first one, the original This was a little odd to me, because the house is on a principal-ish avenue a very busy avenue Its on a corner And it was a little difficult to park here Actually the house is an Insurance Agency Guys, we are arriving to our thrid location Ant just arriving and seeing this house it gave me the creeps Because its from a movie I just saw And Its from a scene that scares me a lot Its from Poltergeist 2 They used this house after their first home is destroyed in the first movie And where the old man (super super creepy) meets Carol Ann And he tried to go inside the house This is where they live in the second movie Super creepy just to imagine being here in the same place as that horrible old man XD Guys, we are arriving to our 4th location From our film location day I think this house doesnt need that much presentation This is Doc’s House Emmet Brown’s House from Back to the future Its huge Its the only public place, until now Currently Has the name of Gamble House And is used as an architecture and art exhibit There’re tours available Actually They have this flyers in the front gate Where they explain about the tours and the exhibit Its giant very beautiful and cool and I’ll show you a little bit more from Doc’s house of Back to the Future Are you ready? What did you think About that little trip this tinny but it was heavenly and incredible going through the Back to the Future Tunnel And the Roger Rabbit’s Tunnel what do you think? We didnt knew where it was going to be Because it was a curvy road to go to Griffith Park But we were expecting to see that marvelous tunnel and epic And we got it behind there I never thought I’ll going through there But we did it today Guys Well, that tunnel we just passed, its actually the entrance to the Griffith Observatory Its the one behind me And currently we are In the exact point where The Terminator appears for the first time in the first movie Hey Guys, we are currently Taking a break, a well deserved break In Hollywood Boulevard We actually came here because it was supposed to be a great place to see The Hollywood sign better The tiny one we saw just a moment ago in the Griffith Observatory But the moment we just got here we got distracted with all those things in the street It reminded me alot to Las Vegas boulevard Its full of lots of things. If oit looks that way during the day I cant imagine how it would look like during the night with all the lights and cool stuff From all the places out there We decided to came here Just because it was Snow White’s It supossed to be a 1946’s cafe I dont remember well but i think the movie is from the 30’s Honestly, It doesnt look that good from the outside But its cool in the inside Two pizza slices Well, It says 1 slice, but its actually 2 small slices and a beer, $7 dlls its super good So we can get more energies to go to the other locations awaiting for us today There are still a few more left And to conclude this day with a marvelous event I know I’ll love it and I know you we’ll love it too So, we are going to finish our little meals And continue our first day in Los Angeles Cool!! Give him something, a dollar or something This is the house This the location a wanted to visit the most You can tell This is the house from Nightmare on Elm Street. The first one It looks exactly the same as in the movie Its amazing how they kept it this way all this years I’m so so exhited Is currently inhabited Its personal use house Lets do this quickly I will give you a momment so you can appreciate it Hey guys, we are in the 6th location From our film location day We are in nothing less than Marty’s McFly’s house from Back to the Future There’s also the anthenna from behind the house that we can see in the movie too Something funny just happened A very cool person come up and told us, if we were looking for BTTF house we were in the wrong one It seems that’s very common to confused the house for some reason Which is a few houses down there But he told us which is the good one, This is the real one Is currently inhabited, so lets do this quickly and take a photo Hey Guys, we are finally in our last location Unfortunately, the night reached us And we weren’t able to take a proper video But let me tell you about this last location Is the house from Poltergeist And also this house it inhabited So lets do this quickly We wont be able to take a decent photo And we are trying to take a decent video But the important thing is that we arrived And this is our last location to conclude our Film Location Day


  1. Apenas empezó el video pero ya dejo mi like porque ya deseaba ver el video de tus vacacionales Ale 😊😊💜💜

  2. Me encanta verte Ale Kat, gracias por compartirnos tus vacaciones, #HailKatzillas #ILoveAleKat♡ #AzpeytiaBrothers Adoro tus ocurrencias! Hasta manejando te ves divina! #RoadTripConAleKat

  3. Wow me encanto el video que buenos recuerdos trae a mi memoria ver esas casas y paisajes iconicos de las peliculas , sin duda mi parte favorita fue la casa del Dr. Emmett Brown, ya espero con ancias que salga las segunda parte

  4. Verte tan feliz me llena de felicidad también, ver como te emocionas al ver todo hace que me des ternura!!! No tengo palabras para describir lo contento que estoy en estos momento por ti, solo me queda decirte que te seguiré apoyando y seguiré compartiendo tus estados, historias, publicaciones, videos y todo lo que pueda. Te amo Alecita, siempre seré tu fan.

  5. Hola ale soy gil de Guadalajara sabe soy instragram pegaso ramirez saludos volver futuro vi cine cumplió 30 lo raro día que la vi fue llegaron al futuro es favoritas películas neta waoow me encato túnel no sabia que fue escena quien engaño Roger rabitt waooow te recomiendo peli de mundo cool con bratt print jjajaja algo hacy saludos buen pichi video y genial locación cirre de oro casa de Martín mcflyer

  6. Increíble ver todas las locaciones y que sigan virtualmente igual! El túnel de Roger Rabbit me emociono muchísimo! 😆

  7. Megusto mucho.. solo que tu voz casi no se olle le subi todo el volumen a mi cell.. y cuando metes las escenas de las peliculas es demasiados volumen.. no se si usas micro. Concejo de un fan. Usa uno 😁 o otro mejor. 😅😘 saludos.

  8. 8 nov 2019 9:07 pm soy nueva en su canal,trasmite una energía muy bonita y que chido que fue a todas esas locaciones

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