Ruzek’s Statement – Chicago PD (Episode Highlight)

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  1. Well this will come back to bite them. As usual Ruzek is all impulse no forethought or planning. Voight said to put him as the one who killed Rizzo because Voight is cunning enough to know how to maneuver around situations like this he had an IAD investigator who was willing to cover for them and all Ruzek had to do was say it was Voight not him you think a cop like Voight lasted this long if he didn’t plan or have connections in the right places. But instead Ruzek being Ruzek had to act like a bigger man than he actually was he always argues with senior officers who have more experience than him fist Al then Antonio and now Voight he needs to realize he is not as all that as he thinks he is and no doubt anything that goes from here on out will be on him and his ego.

  2. Gracias Chicago P. D. Espero que tengamos esta serie por mucho tiempo más. Felicidades para todos y mi reconocimiento para los talentosos actores. Saludos desde la Cd. de México 👋

  3. Is he could be any cutter than he already he was ? When he said what Al told him like he already knew he is his police. He was like a kid. So cute and innocence. He is loyal to the end. He want to help Voight because he think no one will believe Voight. But they may believe him.

  4. It was a great episode! And Voight is visiting Antonio in rehab or whatever it was. He needs support. Actually all of them need loyalty and support.

  5. The blood on the wall could show that somebody was intoxicated.
    Second of all, do y'all have a feeling that bringing Upton and Ruzek together, killing Al, and Sophia's farewall made show look weird. I mean, I have a feeling that this Chicago P.D. ain't the same show we all fell in love with 3-4 years ago

  6. Watching this video, been their on behalf of many cases and including my life experience's, they court's believe on facts and truth's too justice, but when it comes to killing people's No! Their children future is more important than being selfish and I see it all the time over still excuses that both Adults over rule each other without thinking about making wright decisions choices instead involving so many others No good to aboard their families and friends too, its not mature Adults! Kid's player's aboard…. Who to believe? My families, friends told me! I would ever become who I am today! My Nannies told me I would. I believe My Nannies… All I needed to do? Was have faith, persistence, courage and an indomitable spirit including building trust too anyone..and I will share this piece of knowledge learn in studies…
    There was a Coach from Tennessee state University, say.. The indomitable spirit of the girl, that she was a believer and that she had great nature talent. He trained her so that in 1960 she went to the Olympics Game's in Rome. There she was pitted against the greatest woman runner of the day's, a German girl named Jutta Heine. Nobody had ever beaten Jutta…
    Aotearoa Warrior Waihine Toa! 🇳🇿Reality the person should tell always the truth to people's… Everyone should worldwide.. People's with guilty Heart's will never find that peace within until they correct themselves to the people's that was true in the 1st place including the children's too.. their own families and childrens.. Just be yourself and tell the truth's always be faithful and STOP LYING AND BE true! Waste fund's in courts.. What about the kids future…

  7. Looks like CPD this season has now made the official transfer from the Lindsey show of the first few seasons to the Ruzek show now.  He has had the main storyline or a major  part in at least 6 of the 10 episodes so far.  And just like Erin, he repeatedly gets away with disobeying the direct orders of superior officers.  Annoying.  Come to think of it, Halstead, Burgess, and Upton have ignored Voight's commands as well.  Why does he put up with that??  Maybe that's why he is always hugging Antonio . . . lol.  They may butt heads and yeah, the addiction SL is bad, but I can't remember a single time that Antonio directly disobeyed Voight's orders.

  8. Al took the fall for Hank almost like this & that led to him getting killed. I think Adam shoulda trusted Hank to handle this situation

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