S1:E4| Sailing Into the San Francisco Bay

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All I want to do is grill some tri-tip right now In this episode we start out cruising up the winding narrow and beautiful, Georgiana slough We hail a drawbridge for the first time Explore Walnut Grove and learn some cool history about the Chinese settlement of Locke, California We totally mess up stern anchoring again and see just how easy it would be to lose a finger or worse. A little uh, war wound. Uuohh, is that a nice rope burn? We see some Cowboy sailors on Decker Island then set sail back into an absolutely gorgeous day on the San Francisco Bay Cheers b…ches! After exploring a few different locations on the San Joaquin River we decided on heading up to Walnut Grove Via the Georgiana slough then down the Sacramento river to get back to the San Francisco Bay Georgiana slough looks narrow and winding on the chart And it was there were some waterfront houses along the way, but for the most part we had the whole place to ourselves. Walnut Grove Bridge, Walnut Grove Bridge, this is sailing vessels Gone Tomorrow. Hello Gone Tomorrow, this is the Walnut Grove Bridge. Hi could you please open for two sailboats? I’d be happy to.Standby. How do you feel? Ehh, like I’m sucking in a little bit. Looks good. You made it! [Laughter] We took a quick walk from the public dock at Walnut Grove to the historic town of Locke. This was a Chinese settlement that was established in 1915 Definitely worth a look and really quirky. We enjoyed our time here. We found our way to a legendary tavern called Al’s Place that’s been serving up food since 1934 to tourists and locals alike. [Squeeky door. Country Music] What is up there!? Dollar Bills! After a few tacos and beers at Al’s place we called it a night and walked back to the public dock at Walnut Grove. The next morning we wanted to poke around town a little bit and I’d heard there was a parts store nearby, where I could pick up some supplies to change the oil in the boat. Ice cream for breakfast! I went with mint chocolate chip, and the girls went with black raspberry swirl. That’s where the bridge opens up. Ohhh! Crazy, huh? Ready??? It was time to head back to the boat, load up and head down the Sacramento River. And what if the trees were blue and the sky was green and the clouds were pink? Ruby: And what if the river was purple? Jen: And the rubber was purple?! JD: Ha!! She said the river mommy, not the rubber! [Laughter] Oh, we got a fish on! Hey, hey! What are you thinking about Jen? Travelling around the World Via tractor. Tight Little Tribe part two. Tight Little Tractor. We got to good tips from some friends at Owl Harbor Marina, that we need to go back out through the San Pablo Bay and the Suisun Bay, with a flood tide coming in because the wind is also going to be coming in. So if we were going out on an ebb tide, that tide would cause big standing waves and that the wind would just be pushing those steep waves right at us and we’d get wet, we get soaked the whole way. Even with our fancy dodger. So we’re going to take that advice. It’s the warmest day we’ve had yet. Feels like summertime! Our adventures in stern anchoring continue. We’re at Decker Island, where there are cows on the island. We’re anchored in a nice spot, but we’re worried about the current switching us so we could bang into the Island at night. So we threw a stern anchor and the stern anchor’s underneath now. And so we’re worried about it being wrapped around the prop. So JD is going to go check it out. All I want to do is grill some tr-tip right now. So it [the line] got under and in front of the rudder, but I haven’t checked to see if it actually got wrapped on the prop yet. Oh check out that bottom paint on your hand. What? Bottom paint, on your hand, don’t lick that Ha ha, I thought you said bottle cap?! The stern anchor is now off the port side, which is the correct side, due to the currents. That was kinda scary. Yeah? A little war would right here. Whoa, is that a nice rope burn? Yup. From right here. Letting it go over there was scary. I don’t know if you were yanking on it, or if it was drifting because I thought I was going to lose my hand. Those horses are ready. They sure are. Those Cowboys are sailors too aren’t they. They’re both. What are you eating? I don’t know. Momma, what is this called? Amarillo. Amarillo. Azule. Azule. Verde Verde Morado. Morado. Blanco. Blanco. Negro. Negro. Anaranjado. Anaranjado. The girls are picking up some trash that they found on the beach Good to leave stuff better than the way you found it, huh? Mmm, hmm. Now you see me? I’m going to go check the zincs. So our zincs look good, so I’m just going to go and clean each side. Great! Okay bye-bye! I almost feel like you need a line to hold on to? He’s going towards the back. To Port. That’s good! Did you hit that wheel? Yeah. UMMSHABALABALABALABA! [Laughter] How’s your morning going? This is fabulous. This is what I want from boat life with a little wind and no engine. But this weather is… So me, and Jen we’re just sitting here wondering how long we’ve been up in the Delta. We counted it. We’re on Day 8 right now. About four knots of wind. And 4 knots of wind is novel in our neck of the woods. Yeah, it’s usually about 20 knots. Yeah, so… Sunshine and four knots of wind, I’m happy. The Deltas been amazing. We’ve had really windy nights We drug anchor We saw a rain and lightning and thunder. We saw beautiful sunsets, and we had owls land on our top spreader of our boat. Birds flying into our cabin. Yeah, two birds. Ruby saw two birds fly into the cabin this morning? Yesterday morning? Yesterday morning. We were anchored at Decker island. That’s what I’m talking about. Jen: That’s what I’m talking about! My kind of life. Come here and let the air out of Mr. Orca. [giggles] What’s this whales name? Uh, Cupcake. It’s cupcake? Yeah. That’s a good name. So Jen and I were just approached by a guy at the dock at Walnut Grove. Wait, you have like a booger on your face literally. I think that’s a booger on your forehead there. [Laughter] It’s not. It was a piece of dried, um apricot. Mmmm hmm.


  1. Loved the video guys! Awesome editing! what kind of bridge is it that raised straight up and down instead of splitting in the middle like a traditional drawbridge?

  2. LOVE this!! Great local knowledge and stellar stewards of the Keep It Salty Tribe!! Looking forward to seeing more of your adventures!!

  3. As always guys, very entertaining and informative.
    Ruby is getting a great education and we can see that you guys are loving every minute of the family journey.
    Sound quality is fabulous on my desk top and picture clarity is perfect.
    Keep on posting your adventures – love them.


    Kim & Clive

  4. This is great guys! I did the Delta Ditch Run this year and wish I had time to explore like you folks are doing! BTW, San Pablo Bay can be quite an experience coming back south as you have a relatively narrow channel to work with because of depth and because of prevailing wind and waves you're in a lee shore situation until you clear the Richmond bridge. I know that the hard way… the Sunday after the DDR, we hit San Pablo Bay during a Small Craft Advisory. Winds were gusting 40+ knots, waves were super high. Storm coming in from the north as well. Was in bad shape because the weather changed so quickly and was starting to get really cold from the spray and wind. Fortunately made it back to safer weather before anything serious occurred.

  5. Definitely a sea family. When will you be competing in the America's Cup guys – lol.
    Both very talented craftspeople – wish I could do more than tell people what I want Grrrr.
    Keep the vids coming guys, we really enjoy them.
    Kim & Clive

  6. This is what I am talking about. Sailing up the SF Bay to the Delta with those beautiful hills everywhere you look, this was a great series to watch. Then Clipper Cove and Drakes Bay, this is what I've been dreaming about doing to. 🙂 BTW, SV Rad Mode has been doing these trips too. See their channel on https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCK949pg38HrzpTKyjCWgFMw Cheers, and Happy New Year.

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