San Francisco 49ers vs LA Rams Prediction Week 6 (2019)

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Ayo! It’s Bryan here. Today. going to be
talking about the San Francisco 49ers as always. Going to be predicting the game
between the Niners and the Rams happening this Sunday at the LA Coliseum. This is
our first divisional matchup against a division opponent. This should be a fun
one. I think this is going to be more of a home game for the 49ers just because
Niner fans they’ve been traveling very well. I’ve seen some of the games like
the Bengals they were saying defense a lot when the Niners were playing defense.
Last year against the LA Chargers; yes it’s a different team, but same locale in LA.
49er fans, they were just swarming the whole I don’t know what you call it, the
StubHub Center in Carson, California and it was a good time to watch. I know we
didn’t win the game, but still. Niner fans still coming despite losing and Jimmy Garoppolo wasn’t even playing that game. I’ll have a link in the description if
you guys want to take a look at it. It was a cool time to watch I’m pretty sure
most of you guys if you were following the season last year, you guys do
remember being a red wave of fans in the game against the LA Chargers in LA. Should
expect the same thing. Rams fans I mean I don’t know if they’ve been shown. They
probably have been but a lot of the games; a lot of the other teams have been
showing like the Cowboys in the playoffs last year, the Packers in the regular
season game. All fans of other teams going to LA. So I don’t know if LA has
real fans. Do they? I mean most of my edge to edge videos and all that, I don’t
see a lot of LA fans. I see a lot of Brown, Tampa, Cincinnati fans on YouTube,
but LA fans? I don’t know. It is what it is. Maybe if it was St. Louis that’d be
different but Los Angeles it’s not really a football town as much as like
Green Bay or like New York area or something like that. Going to be talking
about that. Should be a fun time as I said just now. Let’s just get this
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amazing. Let’s just get this video started. 49ers
vs Rams prediction. Who is going to win this game this Sunday? Okay so prediction,
prediction, prediction. Who am I going to go with for this game? Well before I do, want
to do a quick tale of the tape. First up the San Francisco 49ers last week. They
defeated the Cleveland Browns on Monday Night Football. Ended that Cleveland
Browns hype. I was tired of hearing it. It was a great time to watch. 31-3. The Niners defense they just harassed Baker all day. The Niners offense, they
were just clicking really well, although we had some significant injuries that is
going to affect this game definitely against the Rams and I will be talking about
that in a second. Overall just a dominating performance and who would’ve thought 3-1, San Francisco over Cleveland Browns? That was crazy. The
LA Rams on Thursday night last week they are coming off the loss
the Seattle Seahawks. A very close one. 29-30. Greg Zuerlein missed the
game-winning field goal. That’s going to be a big loss for the Rams eventually if it
does come down to a three-way tie or three-way race for the NFC West title
and playoff implications. It does suck to lose a divisional matchup and hoping the
Niners when they’re playing this game, they do win this game because this will
be a very pivotal match them in terms of tie breakers and seeding in the NFC.
There you have it right there. Quick tale of the tape for each team. Who
am I going to go with for this game officially? First off as always, I like to
do some matchups that I think that are very important for this game before I
make my predictions. I think one for the 49ers is our D-line versus their o-line. I keep saying this in every single prediction video. You can look for the
past 4 prediction videos from Tampa all the way to now in Cleveland. I talked
about our d-line. It’s been amazing. The pinnacle, everyone on national television
were able to see how just dominant the 49ers defensive line is. Nick Bosa, Dee Ford and company, they all just were just amazing. I don’t know what else to say. DeForest Buckner as well. I can just go on and on about that d-line for like 30
minutes, but I probably won’t do that. I’m pretty sure everyone knows by now how
good this D-line is and also every one of the defensive side of the ball, they’ve
been showing up. The linebacking core, the secondary is still great even Ahkello Witherspoon being out. Emmanuel Mosley definitely stepped up. It was a great
performance on the defensive side of the ball. It always starts on the trenches. Always starts with the D-line and I think this is going to take the Niners to a victory if
they do win this game is that defensive line. Another matchup for the
offensive side, I would say our running backs versus the d-line. That’s going to be a
very important matchup. Kyle Juszczyk will not be available for this game. He’s
going to be out four to six weeks due to an ankle or leg injury. I forgot what it was
exactly, but he’s going to be out for a while. Mike McGlinchey right tackle,
that’s a big loss as well. He’s going to be out for a while as well. Daniel Brunskill, he’s going to be the guy starting for McGlinchey. So we have two
different tackles from our starting lineup from week one. Those two guys
meaning Joe Staley and Mike McGlinchey, they will be out for this game and for a
while. I think these two guys, they’re going to step up. Justin Skule in place of
Joe Staley the most important side of the offensive line. He’s definitely
showing up. He’s definitely doing a very good job right now in our line. Brunskill, I expect him to do well in this game. The biggest difference between this year and
last year for the 49ers is just the depth. Next man up mentality. I think that’s
very important. Kyle Shanahan did stress that before the season started was the
difference between these two years is that we have a lot of better depth,
coaching is better, whoever gets injured and we have to
have a replacement, we won’t be panicking. We won’t be doing anything too crazy
like that. We’ll keep playing. So far it has been great.
You see Skule and Moseley those two guys they’re backups, but they’re
definitely doing a very good job filling in for our starters right now and I
expect Brunskill the right tackle to do a good job replacing Mike McGlinchey for a little bit. I think those are two very important matchups. The running
game, it will suffer a little bit, but I think with Bobby Turner, Kyle Shanahan,
they’ll find a way to use somebody else. also Shanahan has stated that they’re
going to tryout some other fallback for a little bit. This have a replacement for Juszczyk. That should be very beneficial. I think if they get anybody, they’ll be
helpful to the team because the coaching staff is just amazing. I mean when you
have the best offensive mind in the NFL in Kyle Shanahan, I think that’s amazing
to have, although Sean McVay in LA, that’s a very good combination as well.
Some other players to mention. I think Aaron Donald, he’s the most important
guy on the Rams team. Both offense and defense. He can take over games like
crazy. He might not show up in the sack sheets, but he would definitely show up
and other things like pressures, double teams, getting opportunity for the other
defensive players to take advantage of and that’s the most important player to
watch out for. Rams just as a team, they’ve been
struggling for whatever reason. I don’t know what’s going on. Are they Super Bowl hungover? Are they just not themselves? Maybe they’ll find their way eventually,
but just for right now, they’ve been not having the best games of their lives
although the game against the Seattle Seahawks, it was very close but still. They
lost that game. That’s not a good way to lose in a last second. To have a loss.
So see what happens then. Talking about all that. Talking about everything. If I
had to go with a team, I would probably pick the San Francisco 49ers to win
this game. Yes I’m really picking them to win this game not because I’m a fan.
Not because I’m being biased or anything. I just think the 49ers right now, they’re
really high. They’re being very careful not to fall into the hype train like the
Cleveland Browns or anything like that. They’re taking one game at a time.
They’re taking every team seriously and the Rams, you definitely have to take them
seriously because they’re a division rival. They’ve had our numbers for the past
couple of years now, although Jimmy Garoppolo, this will be his first time
playing for the 49ers against the Rams with their starters. He did play in 2017,
but all the guys, they were resting for the playoffs. So this will be the first
Jared Goff versus Jimmy Garoppolo matchup. I can’t wait to see for that for
this game to happen. Picking the 49ers because of our defensive line. I think our
running game will still be great. Garoppolo and the wide receivers, they’re
going to have to step up big-time, although you have George Kittle to help you a
lot in the passing game as well. I expect everyone to step up in the offensive
side of the ball. Defensively I think they’re going to do well. As long as they can stop Todd Gurley. As long they can put pressure on
Jared Goff which Goff is not good under pressure. If you just pressure him just a
little bit. Make him uncomfortable, he will not show up definitely and we
saw that this year so far and in the Super Bowl it’s the Patriots. You could do
that then, I think this can be a win for the 49ers. Going with the Niners. If I had to pick a score, I would probably pick San Francisco about 30, Los Angeles 24.
I think it’s going to be a you know kind of a close game, but I think the 49ers with
that defense, they can create a turnover or two. The 49ers can take advantage of
that, although the one thing they need to work on is scoring points after
getting a great turnover from the defense. You don’t want to be like the Pittsburgh
Steelers that had five total turnovers against us and we’re only to score six
points in the whole totality of the game. You don’t want that. You want to
score as many touchdowns as possible after getting great plays from your
defense. Getting a nice field position and take advantage of that.
San Francisco 30-24. Think it’s going to be a great game. Hopefully it is. I mean every game I said that, the 49ers end up almost
blowing every team out, but I think with a division matchup in the Rams. The Rams are motivated to win this game. This is going to be a very good one in
my opinion. That’s it guys. Wanted to talk about this real quick. Please let me know
what you guys got for predictions. I’d like to hear what you guys have to say in the comments below. If you guys like this,
please “Like” and Subscribe. That’s going to help out a lot. I’ll be catching you guys
up tomorrow on a Thursday or possibly Friday. I’ll let y’all know when. I’ll see
y’all then. Bye guys. Love y’all. Y’all have a great rest of your night. Go Niners all day!


  1. Which team would you pick to win? REMEMBER BOTH Niner and Ram fans, these are just MY opinions! No harm in this video. Have some fun and give your picks. See you this week!

  2. oh bryan trust there's a shitload of niners in socal including myself , I'll be there. especially now that were winning, 100000% promise it's gona be blooded out

  3. If the Rams struggles to run the ball, this will be over quick. You cant put the ball in Goff hands with them blood hounds on the Niners defensive line. 35-14 Niners!!

  4. This is gonna be a good game between our niners nd rams I'll take niners over the Rams 34-13 Our defense prevails for us again nd our star qb in Jimmy G racks up 353 yards nd 3 tds nd our George kittle nd Deebo Samuel, nd marquise Goodwin will show flashes of dominance nd Nick Bosa will get more sacks against Jared goff as we roll pass the Rams nd advancing to 5-0 remaining unbeaten still let's go ninerss! whoohoo!! #Ques4six#

  5. Its know Secret now that the D LINE is ELITE and JARED is going to be Under pressure all afternoon I'm sticking with that as the Most important part of the GAME NINER NATION

  6. We have backups at both tackle spots and the most important piece to our run game Juice is out as well. That’s 3 starters out on the Run game and I see people predicting a blowout. Common guys stay humble smh. If we win its gonna be a close game.

  7. It’s gnna be a tight game Rams are mad couse of those two back to back losses I’m still picking the Niners by 6 points. Go Niners!!!!

  8. I want a win here so bad I can taste it ,but really worried about our o line being hurt bad and juice being out,this will make a difference, thank god for defense!! Go niners!!!!

  9. I‘m a niner faithful but you gotta be realistic. The running game won‘t be dominant with glinch, staley and juice out. And i dont have faith in brunskil when jimmy drops back. I think this game is 50/50. The x-factor will again be our d-line and this time also whether jimmy can put the offense on his back

  10. They've also mentioned using Sheldon Day at FB, which would be perfect since we need to run up the gut to avoid the edge rushers…

  11. Bill Walsh Third year i just wanted our team to have some respect in the national football league because we didn't. We began to demonstrate offensively that we could be interesting , We played more intensely and more fiercely than anyone in the game . Because 49ers have been embarrassed and humiliated for number of years by virtually everyone in football so whenever we had a game it was vendetta it was the last game we will ever can play and we play that way

  12. It's definitely gonna be a battle with or without Gurley. Our D-line and pass rush will once again define this game. If we win upfront, we win this game easily.

  13. Skule has done a good job filling in for Staley and from what I remember, Brunskill is pretty good himself. My only concern is how well whoever replaces Juszchyk. Barring that, beatdown city.

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