San Francisco Homeless Woman Disabled From Bullet in Her Back

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– Heather? – Yes. – We’re here in San Francisco. – Yes. – You’re homeless.
– Yeah. – And who’s with ya? – This is Louie. This is Louie, and my puppy. – Tell me about homelessness
in San Francisco. – It sucks, really. We get harassed constantly by
the cops, and by DPW workers almost on a daily basis. – Yeah? – Yeah. – How’d you end up here? – I just… I was doing a little
traveling and (mumbles) wanted to come out west. So I wasn’t sure that I
was coming here, exactly. But I got a ride, here,
with a friend, and just got kind of stuck. – Yeah. Now, obviously, you have a neck brace. – Yeah. – I know that because
we bought it (laughs) for you the other day.
– Yes. Thank you.
– And you have a neck problem because you
have a bullet in your back? – Yeah. – Tell me about that. Tell me about, I mean, that’s
how you ended up homeless. – Yeah. I was riding on a Greyhound
bus when I was 18, and there was another passenger on the bus that was the prime suspect
in an armed robbery that happened two days before. And the cops came to question him. And, when they pulled the bus over, they said nobody could get off the bus. And when they went to question him, he got spooked, and pulled out a gun and started shooting. And, then, the cops started shooting. And I got hit in the crossfire. I’m the only other person that got hit in the crossfire. – Oh my gosh.
– Yeah. – I’m so sorry. And then you tried to work
for a while, you told me. – Yeah, yeah. I did, I worked full
time for quite a while. And, then, as the years have gone by, the back problems have gotten worse, so. – Yeah, and then you
ended up on the streets. – Yeah. – How did that feel? – Horrible, horrible. When you have so much and you
lose it all, you know? Especially when you’re at this age where you’re supposed to be
moving forward, you know? It’s very humbling to say the least. – And that’s your home behind you? Your tent, you set it up?
– Yes. Yes, when it’s allowed to be up which is–
– When it’s allowed to be up? It’s no way for people to live. – No. I agree. Being out here if, there’s a huge waiting
list for the shelters. If those aren’t available,
this is as comfortable as we can get. They should let us be as
comfortable as we can be out here. – Well, people don’t know
there’s a waiting list of 1,200 people to get in to a shelter. And, then you get in, they’re only for 90 days (laughs). And then you come back out. – Yes. – It doesn’t make any sense to me. – No, it doesn’t. It doesn’t make any sense at all.
– No. What would you want people to know about homelessness
that they probably don’t know? – Just that we’re not monsters out here. We’re regular people. Most of us had normal jobs, and lives. And most people that you
talk to, if you just listen to their story, they
probably had something, some unfortunate event happened. It was out of their control that led them out here (horn honks). And there’s still people
who (mumbles), you know? They’re not all bad. – Now, you were telling me
you don’t get disability, but you survive by tent sitting? – Yeah, I kinda just watch my other homeless friends’
camps or positions while they go do what they need to do. And that, kinda, they pay me a little bit, and trade me food, or whatever,
it kinda works out, so. – If you had three wishes,
what would they be? – The entire world would cut single-use plastic use (laughs), and housing for all the homeless, and that everybody would be more empathetic. – All great wishes. Well, thank you very
much for talkin’ to me. – No problem. Bye. – You’ll get a–

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