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Well good morning everyone! I am now
woken up in my hostel. Looks like everyone else has left me and it’s only
eight in the morning. There’s a lot of cool stuff I can do today. I wonder what I’ll do? I actually don’t know. Ok now I’m all ready to go. I still have no clue what to do in this city. So I might as well Google something
and then find something out. Ok so I am now back in my car.
It’s kind of confusing to figure out what to do only because parking in San Francisco is so expensive that I have to find out where to put my car at all times and if it’s
worth the wait if it’s worth the money and the time and the– Augh, anyway I did look up some things to do today. I’m hoping to definitely visit the Golden Gate
Bridge, the “wiggly street,” Lombard Street. Maybe some seals on a
wharf and then I don’t know flying my drone around a lot. Let’s see what happens. Now I have not actually eaten today but, I’m having one of those “secret” YouTube meetings
meetings. I feel like I just need to do those because every other daily
vlogger’s like “oh man can tell you about this.” I’m going to be eating next to the, ugh, peer here. Next to the wharf. That’s pretty cool. [UPBEAT MUSIC] So at long last I’ve found
parking. It was expensive. It was in Union Square area. But found parking. Now I’m
gonna go shopping around with a friend. The next hour before, the next part of my
adventure. Ugh. Also, might I just say I don’t know where I’d be without that Google Maps like, “Help Me Out” feature. Where it just tells you over the intercom where
to go. I would be-I would be in many accidents. [UPBEAT MUSIC] The Westfield in San Francisco is six floors big–WOW! [UPBEAT MUSIC] This is so STEEP! (auuuuugh) I think, yah. The hillside is at the top of the hill. That makes sense. I could’ve used that below the hill. This-is- absolutely terrifying San Francisco!
Oh, I can park here! [UPBEAT MUSIC] Good luck! So I climbed to the top of the hill. Just the hill, you know, the one hill in San Francisco. This-is-just this one hill. You can see the the
bridgety-bridge over there, We got Alcatraz Island happening up over
here and that they want to test my drone out. There’s like four different locations
I wanna fly the drone around. Let’s just test it right now, right here. [UPBEAT MUSIC] So we’ve now finally walked, up the hill to
Lombard Street. The curvey street. I was going to fly the drone around but
there are so-many wires and cords all across this area. I would not get a good shot. I would have
a broken drone. So I’m just gonna walk up it right now and try and get the best I can get. [UPBEAT MUSIC] So, I walked about two and a half blocks
away from Lombard Street to get a cool shot of it. And I almost got there and
then I lost a bit of signal, and it was this close to clipping the top of a hotel. So I was like “nope, cut the losses, take the drone back. Not messing around with Lombard today.
Again, ugh. [UPBEAT MUSIC] We have now made it to Pier 39, and it “appears,” that there’s only one seal out
there. Just one big’old seal. And, to be honest that really “seals” the deal for the worst attractions in San Francisco. Maybe if there were more seals I would have
enjoyed it a bit more. Oh, there’s sick seals? Are they sick? Why are they sick? [UPBEAT MUSIC] With two hours left til sunset,
now made it to the Golden Gate Park. Just a really pretty looking park! Very symmetrical. Don’t know what type of trees these are, but they look pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty. And there’s lots of Palm Trees. On my way
here, I found this really, really cool building with lots of Palm Trees and I liked
the landscape architecture. So I’m going to find that. Taking an Instanta Op. [UPBEAT MUSIC] Look at this cool clock! Telling the time–
Actually, it’d be cooler if i showed you this clock with a drone. I’m just trying to pull this out at any
moment now. [UPBEAT MUSIC] Well, I’m really happy with the shots I ended up getting. That was really lovely. It turns out that Uber is down or
something I was ordering one and everything signed out and now just spinning.
Very upset, because I found free parking in this park. Coincidentaly enough, and I heard
free parking is so hard to come by in the city, that I just want to stay here and
guard it with my life. Get Ubers everywhere else. Jus-just live here in this park. Turns out, can’t do that cuz site’s down. So
gonna drive to Golden Gate Bridge get my final shot of the day. It’s been a full, fun,
action-packed San Francisco. Let’s go see the bridge. So at long last
Noel and I have made it! To the Golden Gate Bridge, at the golden hour! About to take a golden
shot-no we’re not going to do that. Not going to that part but, isn’t it
beautiful?! I’d like to walk over it at sunset and get all the way to the other
side and see if there’s a cooler vantage point. But right here, Wow! [UPBEAT MUSIC] In order to get to the bridge, you have to go through “Tunnel of Nightmares.” Alright. They made it. Also, the ceiling was not made for me.
(laughs) (whoah) Ok. There we go! [UPBEAT MUSIC] Walking across Golden Gate Bridge. Bucket List ticked. So now that we’ve hiked all the way across the
Golden Gate Bridge, gonna get an Uber back to my car. This is like a-almost a two mile walk.
I think I’ve been walking on this thing for like a half hour. (whoah!) The little sail boat out here, tryin’ his best but that wind is too strong. You can do it buddy! [UPBEAT MUSIC] Bye Noel! After searching for well over 15 minutes
to find a parking spot, finally found one. One hour parking. Better than nothing.
And now i’m going to join another friend that I have in San Francisco, that I made
via tumblr. At a place called 20 Spot. Hi! (hello) You guys have enough wine? Guy: Not nearly. E: Yeah! [UPBEAT MUSIC] So after a lovely, fancy meal, we are now in Castro. The gay district of San Francisco and we’re going to a place that’s called “Hot Cookies.” Which, supposedly,
serves, penis cookies. Oh. I mean that’s-wow. I probably should get the dick cookie, the dickie. (laughing, the dickie! I’ve never hear anyone call it that.) I’m going to be going for the Snicker Doodle because I don’t think I’ve had a Snicker Doodle for a very very long time. I don’t actually think they have them in London. There is the BGF. Also known in San Fran as, The
Big Gift Flag. It’s been a fun night. Thanks for the fun times, in Castro! B-bye! I am now back at my hostel. Hope you enjoyed my Super San Frantastic day. It was really fun for me and when i first started the morning I didn’t know what I was gonna do, but end up being a lot of cool stuff. So thanks for watching! If you did like it, you know what to do. All the fun stuff.
Tomorrow gonna do some cool stuff like, to meet- up with all the San Fran viewers. Hopefully you’re there. Thanks for watching, a lot. Said three
times cause I mean it. See you guys later. Goodbye. These trees remind me of the
Great Totoro Tree just a little bit. Just in how massive they are. So we’ve now rocked
up to Berkeley, where everyone is really attractive and everything else is really
attractive. It’s a beautiful area. It’s not that interesting shot of a shot Evan. It’s not that interesting a shot.


  1. Literally first as upload 1 minute ago! You would also do well in Pokemon Go walking this much.

  2. If you don't mind me asking, what do you use to film your videos? P.s. you're my favourite YouTuber, keep it up mate!

  3. Come back to San Fran! I didn't get to meet you last time! Also, the seals come and go when they please. Sometimes there's 4 and sometimes there's 40. When there's 40, THEY BARK LIKE HELL.

  4. I live in SF, and I'm pretty sure that super steep hill is where my friend lives. I absolutely love SF and I'm really glad you got to visit! 😀

  5. Loved this! SF has been on my travel list for bloody ages, my boyfriend is holiday'ing there atm and I'm so jealous – sadly the trip was booked before we even knew each other or I'd be there!

  6. SEA LIONS, not seals. The docks used to be absolutely covered with them all the time. Now there are hardly any because there food supply has drastically decreased so many have left

  7. Do you usually plan out your trips beforehand, or do you just go and figure out what to do when you get there?

  8. DUDE I was in San Francisco the same week you were, but I didn't know how or if I should try to contact you or something, because I would looooove to meet you irl. But anyways just want to say hi! (Hi)

  9. The sea lions often migrate away in June and July to bread, that's probably why there were only a few

  10. In the white building where the clock is is the botanical gardens and its gorgeous in there. Also, how did you like the driving did you encounter the crazy ones?

  11. im crying i lived in san francisco for 9 months and i miss it so much and you literALLY stayed at the hostel i lived in for almost a year?????? you probably saw a lot of my friends who still live there????

  12. Evan you had so much energy in this vlog and I think it makes you even cuter (didn't even know that was possible)

  13. San Francisco owns a place of my heart. Saw California on my honeymoon and managed to vlog the whole thing. I'll always love Cali!!!

  14. That was amazing drone footage of the city and most especially the conservatory of flowers in Golden Gate Park. Did you by chance see Shakespeare Gardens while in Golden Gate Park? And The CASTRO!!! Absolutely love the Castro! You made a very wise choice going to Hot Cookie! Aww This made us real homesick! We're originally from SF, but the tech industry explosion pushed us out of our native city, and are now living on Maui. Yes, Hawaii housing is actually much cheaper than San Francisco, go figure. Feel free to check out our island adventures DaMauiLife on our channel. We also did an SF Favorites video a while back that basically gives you a tour of some of the best places to go and eat while in SF. We'd appreciate the support! So wish we were there for the meet up! Have a great time in San Francisco! – Scott & James

  15. "I lost my head in San Fransisco, waiting for the fog to roll out, but I found it in a raincloud it was shining down…."

  16. Hey Evan one day whether it be in 2 months or 2 years you should come to Oklahoma if you google it there are plenty of cool things to do also I want to fucking meet you

  17. Evan come to Oregon. We have everything. We have mountains, a beach, a desert place, and so much more awesome things like the painted hills, OMSI, waterfalls, crater lake, tillamook cheese factory, voodoo donuts, powells books, basically everything you would want!

  18. I've been wanting to travel to San Francisco for so many years… I'll make it happen one day. Until then, I'll just be living vicariously through this video. Thank you^^

  19. honestly, to me the golden gate bridge is sort of sad to me because of the amount of people who have ended their lives (or tried to) there, but it's still such a beautiful place.

  20. I can't believe you went with 'Dickie' when you could have had 'Cockie'… I'm almost disapointed in you 😛

  21. 20 years ago it was easier driving around San Francisco, no GPS, no google maps, no smart phones, just a paper map and my common sense and I was fine

  22. Man I love San Fran. Biked across the bridge with my friend that i hadn’t seen in 7 years and it was amazing I love your California vlogs they remind me so much of home

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