San Francisco Travel Guide: Top Things To See, Do & Eat

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Hey, everyone, I’m Gunnarolla. Today we’re exploring San Francisco on a sightseeing scavenger hunt with a little help from Voxer to communicate with our local guide. Hey, Amanda, it’s Gunnarolla. I’m here here today with
An, Montreal Food Snob. We’re ready for our first clue. – [Amanda] All right, guys. Walk through this arch
and enter a special zone where chop suey and dim sum become a part of the western world. – [Gunnarolla] (laughing)
This place is pretty hilly. We are in Chinatown, looking for our first destination. We’re really excited. There’s a gate! Gate, gate, dragon gate. It’s the Stargate. Okay, let’s get our next clue. – [Amanda] Big journeys
begin with a single step. I cannot help you, for I am just a cookie. Oh, Golden Gate Fortune Cookie. (upbeat music) Thank you.
Mmm. (laughing) Regular, adult, x-rated cookies. (machine clanking and squeaking) All right, so I’m gonna,
oh my God. (laughing) Look at that. – [An] I don’t know, what’s that? Let’s just, uh, I’m gonna (laughing), there’s a naughty photo in there. – [Amanda] Stop over at pier
39 and eat your fish with wine. Calamari is like on my
top three things I love. I might need to wear this as a bib. Is that not, that’s not classy. No, do it. This is the first time in my life, in my adult life, someone
has put a bib on me. – [An] How gigantic is that thing! You should wear it on your
head like Lady Gaga would. I’m a chef, ooo. (trilling tongue) That was amazing, Fog Harbor Fish House. Let’s see what our next clue is. – [Amanda] This adventure has no wheels and puts winds in your hair. You have to be a cool cat not to care. Time to set sail. Dun da da da! – [Ship’s Captain] And most importantly, on behalf of the crew, thank you so much for sailing on Adventure Cat. And hopefully we can do it again soon. Have a great afternoon. Okay, ready for our next clue. – [Amanda] Step right up
and step back in time. A pocket full of coins,
entertainment for just a dime. Okay, Musee Mecanique is, like, the most disturbing thing
I have ever witnessed. Chicken-cat porn. I’m gonna send you a photo. We need our next clue. – [Amanda] Put your head
next to this pipe on the bay and you’ll hear the sound of the sea played on a kind of organ. – [Gunnarolla] Okay, do
you wanna listen to it? – [An] Can you actually hear anything? Well, you tell me. ♪ Cali sands is the
best ones in the world ♪ That was beautiful. I could’ve spent, like,
the whole afternoon there. (both yelling playfully) – [Amanda] Explore night and day where old and young come to play just head over to pier 15
at Embarcadero and Green. This is like that Snapchat
filter that I hate. It’s so cool! My feet are vibrating. It looks like a bad 80s music video. Ready? (yelling in mock fear)
(An laughing) This is a song I wrote for San Francisco. (machine vibrating and whirring) – [Amanda] This stately hall holds art of an Asian persuasion. Okay, this is our next clue. (upbeat music) Dirty habit. Hello! Did a lot today, saw a lot
today, ate a lot today. So excited for tonight,
but before we do that, I thought I’d give you a tour
of my beautiful hotel room. This is the bed. (low-key music) These are two chairs for observing
what happens in this bed. Mainly sleeping. This is the bathroom. Beautiful selfie lighting. Bath products. Let me tell you, when I travel,
I usually bring my own stuff because Gunnarolla’s gotta
smell some type of way. But this stuff smells pretty awesome. Full-body mirror, very rare to see this. (low-key music) And ooh, oh, it turns, oh my God. Some urns. In case you decide… I don’t wanna know what you’re
gonna do with those urns. Thank you so much to Hotel
Zillas for hooking us up. I’m gonna freshen up. And if I were desperate enough for views, I would take you all in
with me, but I’m not. So I’m gonna leave you right here. Make yourself comfortable while I shower. See ya in a bit. Drinks are amazing,
the food is very tasty, and I am in love with this place. (many people talking in background) Food blogger! (laughing) It’s not my birthday, but it
definitely feels like it today. (An singing happy birthday in background) – [An] Happy birthday, yay! Okay, we need to get to the Voxer office for our last clue. [Woman Through Speaker] Voxer, who is it? It’s Gunnarolla and An. [Woman Through Speaker] Sorry,
could you say that again? (Gunnarolla laughing) – [An] Andrew, how are
you feeling about this? A little nervous. (elevator rattling) – [An] Whoa! Hello.
Hi. Welcome to Voxer.
Thank you. Okay, hi everybody. Are you ready for your next clue? – [Gunnarolla] We are
ready for our next clue. The islands after which this
place is named are close and inhabited solely by birds. Oh, the stench. – [An] We’re going to Farallon. I don’t know where it is more than you do. – [GPS] You have reached your destination. – [An] Okay, then, let’s get out. – [Gunnarolla] Farallon,
fine dining under the sea. – [An] Torchon foie gras. Okay, that was an amazing meal. An amazing day. Tiring, but we saw so much,
we got to eat so much, we got to do so much, we
got to meet new people. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. (upbeat music) I’ll see you next time. A la prochaine!


  1. I saw that uniqlo bag in your hotel room ;D This is so awesome!!! I'm from the Bay Area and I always feel like there's just never ending stuff to do in San Francisco. Seeing the fortune cookie factory was nostalgic; I went there on a school field trip in 6th grade lol.

  2. i think of all of your travel videos this one has got me the most "i want to do that" and i don't even like seafood

  3. I feel like you've visited more parts of SF than I have and I live near the area, haha. Awesome video! The food looks absolutely delicious, I'm salivating.

  4. Y'know I live in SF and I'm absolutely floored by how much stuff you managed to do in /one/ day. like this is near impossible, serious props

  5. This video was delicious…. and now I'm hungry. I feel a rice krispy treat is not going to cut it. 😛

  6. One of the best machines at musée mécanique is this wild west scene where, when you put a coin in, all that happens is air blows to simulate wind. Pure entertainment!

  7. This looked so exciting and fun! The riddles were a brilliant touch. Can that actually become a travel package? Mystery Whirlwind Escapade?

  8. I kind of wish some of these sponsored videos were longer. I know the point is to make it "easily digestible" (rather than like a 20-30min video), but in this short format it seems like we only got to see about 10 seconds from each of the great places you got to visit in San Francisco.

    Also, this made me crave Dim Sum, and we don't have any in my city. 🙁

  9. what the – how did you FIT this into one day?! I would spend like HOURS at one place and just not leave.

  10. I also love calamari, in any form! I order it every time it is on a restaurant menu. This video was a great production! I liked how you combined the shots with the audio from voxer. Also, I am jealous that you always get to be in some really nice hotels. I think 100% of my stays have been in La Quinta.

  11. I absolutely LOVE San Francisco. When I visited, I ate seafood all the time. Like you, I love calamari. Your video made me want to go again!

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