Sandra is a young girl homeless on the streets of Chicago.

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  1. "Invisible People" have you given anything to any of the homeless that make your channel possible..? just curious, and thank you for your efforts to create more awareness of the homeless.. seek funding and maybe throw each homeless person that you interview a $100.. just an idea..

  2. Haha, I hope more females becomes homeless to close the gender gap, because there are disproportionately more men that are homeless.

  3. What right do any of you have to speculate why she is missing some teeth?? My God is there really so many callous individuals on this earth? Pray you do not find yourself one day on these videos. Karma is a b*tch!!!

  4. I lived in Venice and LongBeach— I had my challenges but I never into the streets…These are all weak women who grew up without a family and father ….thanks FEMINISM

  5. Panhandling is definitely a great way to get back on your feet. She can make a couple of hundred a day in the right spot. Why should she even work? I am positively sure no one is missing her back in Seattle.

  6. What they need is homeless and mentaltiy lill and poor are every one united nations check for obeying the law and not fighting or war and spousl are child are crimes committed pay check to help with everyday living and if you break contact you check gets held up are stop till you complete a program state are country designs like bible class anger mangement are drug alocohol abuse are crime sentences is complete are whatever if countrys gave a little out of national buget a peace un bill no bulling in school are kid loses good grades and behavior check for kids and school kids to college age

  7. Poor girl. She's very pretty. I hope she can get back on her feet. Life is so hard sometimes. We aren't promised anything and bad things happen to good people. I'll say a prayer for her.

  8. I didn’t see any teeth and was wondering if drugs had anything to do with her situation. Whatever the reason I hope she gets back home.

  9. I’m always so sad for the homeless or unemployed folks with serious dental issues. (AFAICT, she has missing teeth or no teeth?) ?? They are not likely to find gainful employment with that situation going on, sadly. Another barrier.

  10. Why are her teeth missing at such a young age? I mean, it's not like she has bad teeth. It appears like she doesn't have any teeth at all. Not one.

  11. I Just love how this man is doing an interview on this poor girl and at the very end, you say ”thank you for talking to you” and you just leave! How dumb is that?! Sir, you should have helped That poor girl! What good is an interview if you are not even going to help out? stupid to me! I would’ve interviewed her and got her some help, a place to stay, and got her back to Seattle! Dumb man?! ???

  12. Wow 2010 I’m just seeing this now Sandra I hope everything turned out well for you and your very well behaved kitty …let us know praying ?? for ya wherever you are !!!

  13. fuck Donald trump why does he not do anything about the homeless problem go on as a president he is a god damn joke  Donald trump you are a fucken bitch an you need to be homeless your self bitch

  14. Hope she made it home .
    It sux to be broke and stranded so far from home , it’s terrifying actually .
    Good luck ?

  15. poor girl , sorry . really hope she has a good place to stay , hope she has a good family a good job , hope she live happy , she is a kind warm heart girl , i can see it from her eyes

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