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If you’re in a big city and find yourself among a group of Santas in the midst of an orgy of drunken debauchery, you’re at SantaCon In New York City, the naughty band of Kris Kringles appeared to behave itself this year, as the New York Police Department said that nothing unusual was reported On social media, however, one drunken reveler was seen falling over on a Manhattan sidewalk and tripping another woman as she walked by   Share this article Share The man lost his balance and appeared to be on the verge of passing out  As he landed face first on the pavement, a passerby’s foot got caught underneath his head, sending her flying into the concrete The annual pub crawl usually results in revelers being flagged for public urination, littering, and the usual disorder that results from mass drunkenness But the authorities in New York have managed to contain the fallout in recent years after mass transit banned carrying alcohol and police beefed up their presence while getting advance notice of the pub crawl route, according to Newsday Hundreds of Santas and his helpers hit more than five dozen bars, pubs, strip clubs, and karaoke spots beginning Saturday morning .Connor Keeler said he started drinking at around 8:30am. The alcohol ban on mass transit went into effect at noon, so that gave Keeler time to get ready ‘First official beer, but I pre-gamed on the train on the way over,’ the 22-year-old biotechnologist from Fort Salonga, Long Island told Newsday He said he bought a Santa costume on Amazon for $38.’Long Island represent!’ he yelled Keeler and his friends were at a Manhattan beer garden on West 33rd Street. By 10:30am, they were belting out versions of Last Christmas by Wham!  He still had the entire day ahead of him ‘It’s a marathon, not a sprint,’ said Keeler. ‘No matter what religion, we’re all here, celebrating SantaCon!’ The annual, often inebriated gatherings of people dressed as Santa Claus as they go barhopping will be held in more than 120 cities in the United States and abroad, according to SantaCon info. The website, which bills itself as the established authority on the event, lists details of festivities around the globe, discounts on Santa Claus costumes and advice on how to avoid ticket scams for the events which are mostly free  On SantaCon’s New York City event page on Facebook, more than 3,000 people said they would be going   

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