Sarah Sanders: Serious Republicans can’t write-off Bernie Sanders

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  1. Sanders (socialism) supporters don't know anything about math, finances, government, civics, or common sense. Everybody take a trip to Venezuela to see where voting for socialism got everybody. It was gonna be so cool, enough money to pay for everything, everybody gets taken care of, now you wait in line 6 hours for some rotten fish heads to eat, that's what happens.

  2. Well people are not buying from China… or travelling as much….The economy is going to go any way. That has been on the table for a long time. .

  3. Crazy? We're going with "crazy socialist Bernie Sanders?! The only thing crazy is the angle of the felt tip pen you used to draw on your eyebrows Sarah.

  4. Jesus was the ORIGINAL Socialist or else he would have sold the bread and fish to feed the hungry masses that came to hear his words. Can't you hear Capitalist Jesus… "Step right up you hungry masses" I've got fish for 3 Roman Coins, bread for One" "But Jesus…we are hungry"… "Sorry about your luck, you should have held four jobs instead of only three"

  5. Should worry you lot more than a bit.
    Bernies movement will be way bigger than Trumps.
    Feel the Bern!!!
    Sarah you don’t work for Trump anymore so start telling the truth

  6. If history taught us one thing; Socialism was a failed and evil system. But Bernie the millionaire wants to try to perfect his bread lines at the expense of a nation! Fools!

  7. "Crazy" Bernie Sanders wants the policies they have in Scandinavia and Western Europe, where the standard of living is way better than the US. So crazy.

  8. Hold onto your wallets – democrat or republican! NOTHING IS FREE!!!! Don't take my tax credits and new higher paying job away from me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Vote TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  9. COMMEE bernie knows so much about inner workings of communist hold this should err every democrat to bail out on this fraud bernie

  10. How can you even call it the DNC. I think there needs to be an OFFICIAL political party change. Is Socialism an American political platform? Republican/ Socialist ticket???

  11. Get over it, Sarah! We in Sweden have had Social Democrats running our country for decades, on and off. And guess what? We live happier healthier lives than Americans.
    Just look at the World Happiness Index:
    The 5 Nordic countries (social democrats): all in the top 7.
    USA (capitalistic): No 19.
    Venezuela (socialists): No 109.
    Learn the difference between ”socialism” and ”social democrats”, and stop being so f***ing scared.

  12. Bernie can't be taken seriously sorry he might win the nomination but has no chance of beating Trump hell Hilary will vote Trump,,plus Bernie isn't the front runner you'll know when he is cuz the liberals will call him a racist,,fyi if anyone thinks Bernie can beat Trump you are delusional

  13. The only scary idea Bernie Sanders has is open borders. He brings out disenfranchised voters like Trump. I have many friends that didn’t vote for either party in the last election and will be voting for Bernie. It will be a closer race than republicans think.

  14. So a friggin' Socialist who spent his honeymoon in the Kremlin? Geez, this is really frightening. Rob from the rich (like Sanders) and give to the poor, like everyone else but the Sanders family. Very sad indeed. People have not been educated about history.

  15. The United States is already a democratically socialist country.  The police, hospitals, public schools, social security, firefighters, the armed forces, the highways system, federal waterways, prisons, and national parks are some examples of many socialized programs that we all pay into already through taxes.  What they are using is cold war era fear mongering about the word to scare people into believing democratic socialism = fascism or communism.  Also, none of his ideas are really that revolutionary and have been successfully implemented in many other developed nations around the world.

  16. Trump and Bernie supporters deserve health care. Insurance companies profit off of us. The economy "booms" by cutting wages or benefits so companies can report a profit. They take from you and give it to the wealthy. If you're a trump supporter remember how the media hated you. They are doing the same to us. We're in this fight together. Dont let the establishment divide us

  17. Don't let the establishment divide us. Trump and Bernie supporters are the working class. We need to fight them together. Sure we have differences but thats mostly media manufacturing a divide that just domt exist when you realize that the working class of every party is suffering because the establishment works against us

  18. I never thought a commie rat would win the Democrat nomination. Too many welfare leeches wanting free everything, and don't want to work for it. Heck, Bernie is adding new freebies all the time to con people into voting for him. He's now promising free dental, free eyeglasses and hearing aids. Next thing you know he'll be offering free condoms to hookers to get their vote.

  19. Sarah democrats and republicans are the same and people are starting to wake up. You all had your run for the last forty years people are tired of being given crumbs.

  20. I voted GOP for 20 years, starting in1994 when I turned 18. I remember how much I enjoyed the horror of the talking heads reporting the "Republican Revolution" that year. I'm a Democrat-voting democratic socialist now, and I'll be watching Faux News in November watching their sweet sweet tears when their fascist idol gets slaughtered by a socialist.

  21. I wish Trump, who's not a politician, could take the best ideas from both sides. What about a strong economy with basic free healthcare and affordable education? That works in other countries.

  22. It's fine to debate Bernie Sanders past. But there is NO debate on his future plans. The costs of his plans for Medicare for all, climate, job guarantees, college loan forgiveness, etc. are very clear. What Tio Bernie will NOT tell you is that these programs are IMPOSSIBLE from a numbers standpoint. The tax increases he espouses ($23 trillion over 10 years) will not even cover 25% of his proposed new spending. HIS numbers, not mine. Tax rates on EVERYONE (because no…the rich cannot make up the deficit – not even close – even if the rich foolishly decide to keep their assets in America – which they wouldn't) would be more like in the 90% range – and THAT is conservative. If you would like the actual numbers broken down – or put here – let me know. Again…it's BERNIE's numbers, not mine. He just hopes most of you won't bother to examine them closely.

  23. It's amazing that the treatment of Bernie on Fox is much better than on CNN and MSNBC… still not fair or balanced though.

  24. The moderate voices are voting for him….. and yea America should be scared of universal healthcare as a right…. rolls eyes.

  25. Irony: Two Angry White men are fighting for the highest position in the world. Both sides fear the other and claim to be the end of the other PLUS both sides are supported by the Russians. Anyone care to take a stab at what in the world is really going on? All ears so please enlighten me!

  26. Our broken media and our toxic Universities are the reason a Socialist is on his way to be an American Presidential nominee. Bernie's top demographic are college age and in debt because Bernie attracts everyone who wants freebies courtesy of people who work and courtesy of people who already paid off their own debt because we gave our word when signed for it. Lazy. Cowards.

  27. "Crazy socialist" Bernie Sanders is an enemy to us all!
    He wants to give us healthcare and tax those of you making $10,000,000+ at 52%, while the millions of americans in debt to the medical and insurance overlords will be able to afford groceries and pay rent.
    For shame!
    Us Jesus loving americans dont want nobody to feed the poor or heal the sick! That's communism!

  28. Democrats are acting like a run over dog. You try to help it but it will bite and snarl and just not understand you mean well and are just trying to help it. It sees nothing but more threat and pain. They have lost all reasoning and just HATE, HATE, HATE. Sometimes you have to take extreme measures to make sure it doesn't hurt anyone else.

  29. Vote for Bernie- he will actually improve your life. Name one thing Trump has done for you… Do you make more money? Are your paying less for healthcare? If you want a better life vote for Bernie. Trump doesn’t care about people making less than $200,000 a year

  30. Go bernie sanders he actually cares about people they are obviously scared to go on the news and talk about him. and yeah the economy is "booming"

  31. Bernie Sanders is the ONLY candidate who has EARNED my vote. The establishment Democrats and Republicans along with media pundits like these go can F themselves 😉

  32. Lady what prosperity??? National debt has passed the trillion mark!!! Every single day I see more and more homeless. I work in mortgage and people is struggling with health care bills, and just to survive. They refinance cash out more often than before and 30 year mortgage becomes a 40 or 50-year mortgage, who are you fooling???????? Middle Class is disappearing.

  33. Communist slash socialist maniac kook Bernie Slanders would win America would be back in a deep recession hole like it was with Obama the traitor to iran and then some.Trump 2020 & Jr 24.

  34. . EXODUS
    . How many professional athletes would leave their game when admission to the stadium or arena becomes free?
    . Professional sports in America will become a thing of the past.
    . The same will happen to education and healthcare when teachers and doctors are forced to provide their services at discount prices or to give their service away for free.
    . There will be no teachers, there will be no doctors and these brilliant students will have to find a way to finance their travels abroad for an education and or healthcare.
    . Not only is Bernie Sanders an idiot but so are the thousands of people who support him; and worse are those who might vote for him.

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