Senator Bernie Sanders on Ariana Grande’s Endorsement and Growing Up Brooklyn

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-Welcome back, Senator.
-Good to be with you. -I’m so happy you’re here.
Let’s get right to it. There was some big news
over the weekend that everyone is talking about. We were following the race. Ariana Grande is endorsing you. -[ Laughs ] -So this is a big deal.
[ Cheers and applause ] Why is a 78-year-old politician connecting with
all these younger voters? -That is a good question. I’m still trying
to figure it out. Ariana is not only a great
entertainer, which she is. -Yeah. -We were at a concert
with her in Atlanta. Just a zillion people there.
Gave a great show. But she’s doing more than that. She is a very
socially conscious, politically conscious person, and she’s doing exactly
what has to be done. She is reaching out
to young people, getting them involved
in the political process. And I think
at her concerts alone, she has registered
20,000 people to vote. -That’s amazing. [ Cheers and applause ] -And that’s a big deal.
-That is a big deal, yeah. I know you’re from Brooklyn.
I am from Brooklyn, as well. But I have a photo of you
and your mom and your brother. And there’s little Bernie
right there. [ Audience awws ] [ Laughs ] What memories do you have
from Brooklyn that kind of made you
who you are? Because we’re from
New York City. Very local show. -Well, I grew up
in a rent-controlled apartment in the Flatbush area
of Brooklyn. Our family did not have
a whole lot of money. And, you know,
I think my politics came from the fact that our
family struggled economically, you know,
kind of every single day, so I got a sense of what
that struggle was about. -Like, give me an example. You would want to buy something
but you couldn’t afford it? -The memories, you know —
When you’re a little kid, you feel these things
very strongly. My parents would argue
about money. My mother, for example,
who died very young, her dream was
to own her own home and move out of the apartment. And that was a dream
that she never fulfilled. So, you know, the conflicts that
take place between your parents, you know, when you
don’t have enough money is something that impacts kids
pretty, pretty harshly. That’s what’s going on
all over the country today. -Yeah, you were like that. So, when holidays would come,
would you have a big holiday — Would you have a big
Thanksgiving? Would you have — -Yeah, I mean,
it’s not like we were poor, but it’s just that
we were pretty solidly lower middle-class,
and money was always an issue. My other memory
of growing up in Brooklyn is just being out on the streets
all the time playing punch ball
and football and basketball. -What is punch ball? -Punch ball is, you throw
the ball up and you hit it. It was a Spaldeen, remember? Remember Spaldeen?
-I know Spaldeen. -Yeah, we lived
with the Spaldeens. -You play stoop ball?
-We played stoop ball, too. We played every game
that you can think of. We spent, you know,
our entire lives out on the school yard
or out on the streets, and we’d just choose up games,
and everybody knew how good everybody else was,
and it was pretty good. -My dad has a bunch of stories
of growing up in Brooklyn, and he was — he used to sing
doo-wop on the corners. -That, I did not do. -Just saying,
we have a microphone. -For reasons that
you would soon find out. But, no, we didn’t.
We played ball. -My dad,
he was in a doo-wop group, and he was also in a gang
at the same time. And so he would sing
with these guys and then fight them
later that night. It was so Brooklyn.
-That’s growing up Brooklyn. -That’s growing up Brooklyn,
yeah. Can we talk about
the impeachment? Because now we’ve made it
through the House. The Trump impeachment. If it goes to the next level,
it goes through the Senate, which means
you have to get involved. -Yep.
-Which means that you’re gonna miss — you’re going to have to
get off the campaign trail a little bit.
-Yep. -How are you going to do that? -Well, look, I have a
Constitutional responsibility. I swore an oath of office,
and I’ll do my job. I think this is a sad moment
in American history because we have a president who
is not only a pathological liar, not only a racist and so forth, but I think is running
the most corrupt administration in the modern history
of this country, and the House will do its duty, and I suspect they will
impeach him, as you indicate. The trial is going to
come to the Senate. And I’ll do my duty.
I’ll listen to the evidence. But as of now, I mean,
I think you have a president who has committed a number
of impeachable offenses. -After what you’ve seen,
the evidence, do you have a yes or no? -I’m going to listen. My job is in a sense
a juror in the Senate to listen to the evidence. But if you ask me today,
I think he has probably obstructed justice, in terms
of the Mueller investigation. I think he is probably guilty of
violating the emoluments clause, which prevents a president
from enriching himself through the use
of his own office. I think he has used the office to enrich himself
and his family. And lastly, of course,
I think the evidence seems to be pretty clear
that he has used hundreds of millions of dollars
of military aid to the Ukraine as leverage to get political
dirt on an opponent, which is also
an impeachable offense.


  1. Bernie Sanders is the most consistent candidate, and the country needs him. Medicare for all, Unionizing workers for stable jobs, Free colleges just like European countries, teachers getting paid 60k+, cancel 3 trillion student debt instead of 6.4 trillion for wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and so much more. Bernie is the ONLY person fighting for the people, not like corporate democrats or Trump.

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